500 Words of Ghosts

So Sunday would have been the big day to complete my short story writing week in my happiness project.  But as I was madly typing away, I came across an idea to take my characters to a new place and elongate the story.  So I’m giving myself a second week to write the story.  I’m going to continue the story of Lydia and ghostly friends 500 words a day until it seems fitting to complete their tale.  And if I do, I’ll start another story for the remaining week.  It’s funny writing a story with word count being the main goal.  I find myself describing things in great detail, and referencing a thesaurus more than I typically would.  In fact, I’ve just started my Christmas list:  a new thesaurus.  My 1978 version is no longer cutting it.

Tonight wrapped up Joe’s and my official week of not eating out.  I think we did rather well and made some great dishes.  And I don’t feel in a rush to go to any restaurants as we successfully grocery shopped together this week too.  Normally, that isn’t the case.  But we sat down together and agreed on some recipes.  I’ve been craving comfort food soups, so last night we made an asian inspired chicken noodle soup with vegetable and fresh herbs and chili garlic sauce which added a great kick.  We also made little mediteranean pizzas out of bagels with pesto, tomatos, and feta cheese.  One morning, Joe surprised me and made breakfast of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.

Tomorrow, after work, I’m going to the library for my first ever not school related book discussion.  I’m so excited!  I picked up the book, Population: 485, from the library’s memoir discussion series and the talk is tomorrow.  The book is written by a Wisconsin Author, Michael Perry, about his life in a small town as a volunteer firefighter.  It is a mix of horrific traffic accidents and quirky townspeople.  If you want to learn more about him or the book, click on the book cover and visit his site.


2 responses

  1. I went to perry’s reading for this book many years ago. A friend of mine went to high school with him so I tagged along.

  2. There seems to be a connection between writing and food. Do your dinners of Cheetos correspond to struggling and drudgery, while pizza bagels with pesto and feta signal a creative breakthrough? I’d never thought of it, but you could be onto something, Jess. Keep cooking and keep writing!

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