Minor Setbacks

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  To be frankly honest, Joe’s and my “weekly commitments to projects” zest has faltered and been abandoned like one of the many old appliances my high school friends and I use to dump and conceal on Black Hawk Island in our old hometown.  Our “passion quest” is now growing weeds again and beginning to rust under the snow.  I’m blaming it on Christmas.  Because of long lines at checkout counters and six day work weeks that leave one literally unable to move one’s legs after you finally sit down, my protagonist, Lydia, is having nightmares and missing two of her ghostly friends with no clear end in sight.

So, I’m starting up again.  300 words a day.  Beginning today, until Lydia’s story is finished.  Word Count Toolbox, it’s you and me by the Christmas tree!


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