Resolution Making=Clumps of Hair Pulled From Head

So the new year is upon us, which means everyone is putting their lives under a microscope on the 3x lens.  It’s time for introspection and resolution making.  More than ever I find myself evaluating my writing, or lack of, and have been stressing out trying to find an achievable way to reintroduce that passion back in my life.  My intention in starting a blog this fall was to consistently work on my writing.  I got that glint you get in your eye when a new idea sparks and you move the first week in hyperdrive, running on pure creative adrenaline.  But after awhile, you inevitably lose some of your drive.  But, with some more experienced blogger’s advice I’m reassessing my blog content and making a more manageable writing plan.  Something long term and for the new year.

I’m glad I did my own moderated version of NaNoWriMo this November.  If any of you are aspiring writers, I highly recommend giving NaNoWriMo or your own version of it a try.  NaNoWriMo is about writing purely for word count.  It doesn’t matter if your novel is written chronologically, if you suddenly introduce a new character or give one of them a tail we never knew about, you can change the genre mid story, as long as you meet the word count quota.  The reason I believe this was helpful is that it just forces you to write, get the words out of you and edit it later.  I did this for 3 weeks, the first two writing 500 words a day, and the third week writing 300.  After that, the task of writing to achieve word count felt daunting.  I hadn’t planned enough content for my short story that was only supposed to take me a week to write.  So now week four has rolled around and Lydia is still on a paranormal rescue mission and I’m not sure where to take her.  Voila!  Resolution solution!

Resolutions for 2011: Just WRITE every day.  Even if it’s only 10 words.  Using word count as your goal can be great when it comes to making a deadline or to push you through writer’s block, or the more likely procrastination by web surfing, but getting yourself into a manageable habit of writing something each day will be more beneficial in the long term.

Read books on writing.  Read books.  I vow to study the craft this year and learn from other authors.  I’ve picked up a few from the library already on writing memoirs, journals, and novels.  I hope to keep a steady blog about the practices I learn in the books and use a writer’s group to test out some of the suggestions they give on writing.  What are the books you plan to read in 2011?  Fiction or otherwise.

Meet with other writers.  Professional or amateur.  Best-seller or barista.  Discussing books and writing gives me joy.  Why did I wait so long to realize this and seek other writers out?  If possible, I’d like to attend some writing workshops this year too.

What are the resolutions you most want to achieve in 2011?  Are you making big or small changes and why do you feel that’s the best way to go?  How does blogging fit into your resolution world?

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  1. […] And since it is the Christmas season, I am offering you all the gift of a link to a wonderful and uplifting blog by a beginning writer.  I hope you will all get as much enjoyment out of her writing as I have.  The Happiness Project. […]

  2. I love you’re blog and I’m happy to hear you’ll go on writing next year.
    I love New Years because it give me a time not only to consider the time ahead of me, but also to consider all I’ve accomplished in the previous year.
    As for next year, I’ve got some specific things I want to accomplish as a writer, as well as finishing polishing a manuscript I’ve been working on for some time.
    I eagerly await the outcome of your own writing journey. You’ve been talking about the story you’ve been writing, and now I want to read it. I know it can take some time to get these things right, but I really hope you’re able to release your writing into the wild some day.

    1. Thank you for the pingback! I’ll have to add some of these new blogging terms to my vocabulary now. *gulp*

      I completely agree about loving new years. It’s a time when most people go out with friends and dance the night away, but I’ve always adored the one night I’m guaranteed to get the house to myself and spend the night staying up late watching guilty pleasure movies, reading books, and writing reflectively. Happy new year!

      P.S. I’d love to post my story when it’s finished, but I have to figure out how to get little Lydia back from the dead. OnePageADay you say?

  3. As a new writer, I truly appreciate your insight. Inspiration is not a problem, but discipline and confusion run my writing life. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    1. I agree. Discipline sucks. Any advice for a fellow writer?

      1. I did NaNo, and that was good for my discipline. But to keep that up on a daily basis is just not possible for me. I find that things like OnePageADay really does work cause I can write a page without too much problem. I also use an email reminder service (yes!!) to give myself a little extra push. Good Luck!

  4. Lowering word count goals is a good way to go. I’ll be doing the same thing. If goals are more reachable, hopefully we’ll be encouraged to write more once we’ve reached them.

    Good luck with your year of writing!

  5. […] cannot be my Christmas writing future!  I won’t allow it!  Just look at my previous blog post and you’ll see that I plan to follow through and work on my writing!  I do, I do, I do!  […]

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