Pitching and Mooning!

Anne tells Gilbert the "what's what" when it concerns her writing.

Happy New Year!  Being the sentimental schlub that I am, I spent the afternoon watching a favorite film that tells the story of another redheaded writer.  When I was young, I wanted to be Anne Shirley, the title character of the films Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea.  You would have often heard me making up new names for myself (“You can call me Cordelia”), reciting dramatic readings of poetry in the living room, and living up to the full potential of the stereotyped misgivings of a redhead.  Anne, with an E, just may be my writing heroine.  She is an extremely bright and witty young woman who can talk people into giving her the benefit of the doubt, just enough time to dazzle them with her talents.  This film is one of my favorite guilty pleasures to remind myself that it’s ok to fail.  Anne makes mistakes, but she also makes the best apologies.  She writes terrible over the top romance stories before she finds her own and writes about the people she truly loves.  A very happy six hours spent.

And along with so many others out there reexamining their lives, I too, dug out my bin of old journals to review resolutions and stories from new years of the past.  To my surprise, my resolutions hadn’t changed a bit.  Every year it looked like this.

  1. Act healthier.  Excercise, eat better.
  2. Save more money.
  3. Take a vacation.
  4. Write more everything.

So, if anything, this blogging community and all the writer’s in the craft books I’ve been reading have said you’ve got to give yourself realistic set goals.  So I’m making plans.

  1. Act healthier.  3 times a week, at least 10 minutes, excercise.  Or take a walk outside.
  2. Make a specific dollar amount to save for the month.  Deposit said amount in savings each month.
  3. Take a vacation.  Joe and I are already thinking of going to Canada.  I know, why?  But why not?
  4. Write more everything.  This is where I’m really focusing my time.  I am enrolling in a writer’s workshop this April.  I am going to write everyday.  And am actively reading up on the craft of writing and seeking out writer’s groups, book discussions, etc.

What are your new year’s resolutions?  And what guilty pleasures did you celebrate on new year’s eve?

8 responses

  1. My resolutions: Write one blog post per day; write one thousand words per day; finish editing The Mulch Pile.
    As far as guilty pleasures go, I came home from work at eleven PM, cooked some of those cocktail smokies sausages, and argued with my wife.
    That’s right, I am a party animal.

    1. LOL. I don’t think I argued with anyone, but I ate cocktail weenies too! Sooo American. Good luck with the 1000 words; I know you said it was a rough goal for you this past year, but I hope you do it!

  2. Yay Anne Shirley! Hahaha, growing up, everyone always told me I was Anne Shirley because of my red hair and imagination. I never appreciated it until after my teens. Anyway, great goals and wonderful that you have plans to go with them. Best of luck and wishes!

  3. Good luck with your resolutions! Where in Canada are you planning on going…it is a big and beautiful country! Why not indeed?!

    1. I have no idea! Any suggestions?

      1. Where in Canada? The answer is so obvious: Prince Edward Island. That’s where I live. You and Joe would have a great time, especially from June to early October. And you can drown yourself in Anne of Green Gables, including the musical. There are even a few alleged ghosts here. We’d love to show you around. Email me if you want to talk about it. mail@mostlybrightideas.com

        1. I would love to go to Prince Edward Island, but I’m not so sure I can convince Joe of going there. He’s not as into Anne Shirley as I am; I know WHAT??? I’ll have to investigate your home online and see if I can lure him in with promises of great music venues or sandwich shops. That’s more his style.

  4. […] movies I want to watch.  Last year, it was Anne of Green Gables, you can read an old post about it here.  I also journal and look back at the past year and use the time to reflect on what things I want […]

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