I Like You

More memoirs for monday.  My writing resolution this week came to me from my sister who asked if I would write a birthday prayer or poem for her daughter’s birthday this next weekend.  I have no idea how to recount the life of a two year old, but I’ll give it my best go.

I’ve said before that I don’t remember that far back into my childhood.  My mother saved a letter I once wrote to the Eater Bunny in which I made him a friendship bracelet out of sewing floss.  In exchange, I asked him for tomato soup.  My sister tells me, my niece, Sonja, is fond of asking for apples and butter.  To her relief, she learned Sonja meant peanut butter and not just straight up margarine mayhem!

For her birthday, I suggested a simple, dramatic reading of I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg.

But if that won’t do, I guess I’m back to Butt-in-the-Chair Approach and making lists about my crazy family.

Things About Sonja That Make Her Unique

  1. Say the word ‘bath’ and she’ll run to the bathroom, fill the tub with toys, and begin undressing.
  2. Applesauce is definitely a hair product.
  3. The television is meant for toddler’s reflections so they can see themselves dancing in the screen.
  4. Eat with old people, they love her schtick.
  5. Singing and shopping go hand in hand.
  6. Xylophones are to be played with greatest zeal.
  7. BFF = giraffe head, named Rafi
  8. Avacado smoothies are delicious.
  9. When mad, shake your whole body like a maraca
  10. When happy, smile like a total cheese

I think I could manage a haiku, but a sestina???

9 responses

  1. I can’t help but wonder, if the easter bunny even knows what tomato soup is?

    1. Do you subscribe to his blog? Tell me!!

      1. Well, no. I didn’t even suspect the easter bunny would have a blog. I assumed it would be hard for a bunny to type with bunny paws.

  2. I absolutely loved reading this tangent of yours! Making friendship bracelets for the Easter Bunny? Yes, that sounds familiar. When I was that age I enjoyed making crazy plastic bead necklaces and forcing them on everyone I met

  3. Happy Birthday to your niece! Blessings to you, Jess…

  4. I hope your niece has a wonderful birthday! She sounds like a gem – with a gem of an auntie, too! (I noticed you’re reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – great book!)

    1. I am LOVING Snow Flower! Such a great read, I don’t want to go in to work, and then when I’m there I can’t wait for my break to read more! Did you know they’re making a movie?

  5. “Applesauce is definitely a hair product. ” This cracked me up!

    1. I think it gives her hair a real nice shine. 🙂

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