Hello Chip, we need to talk.

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know I am making this year a year of writing.  And each week, I take on a new assignment or resolution to see how it will impact my writing.  Many posts I’ve recently read have talked about living a healthy lifestyle to be able to have more focus and energy while we writers combat day jobs and novel writing, household upkeep, and family.  You can read two very interesting blogs about that process by Kristen Lamb and Joy E. Held.

This week, I accept that challenge.  I am boldly going where I’ve not gone before, and leaving the bag of potato chips untouched, for at least one more hour, meal, day.  I vow for one week to make healthy living choices, and   substitute chips for fruits and veggies at least once a day.  And meals in general.  I have been running on “fly by the seat of my pants” meals to be packed for work: String cheese, lean cuisine, a bag of chips, applesauce – I may or may not eat.  Time to make time for cooking again.  I know I’ll have fun making the grocery list!  So many tasty words like garlic, chicken, pesto, and provolone.  Mmmmm.  Ok, definitely cooking again!  Better not get too crazy with the list, add more green things.

But it’s not enough to change my diet and wallow over savory smells in the household again. I must also write.  And what better way to keep me on track with my dietary discipline than to blog about my meals.  So, sit back and relax, grab a bag of chips and transition with me for one week while I change the way I eat and see what it does to my writing for the next 3 posts.

*Writer’s Note*  If any of you notice me pulling a Jane Eyre and describing something totally delicious on a plate right in front of me, using like 500 words to tell you about that delectable dish, and I don’t eat it, feel free to break said dish over my head.  I cannot abide by oppressive dietary rules, nor make my readers deal with it either.

Happy writing!  See you in the produce aisle!

4 responses

  1. Good for you for making healthier choices. I am trying to do the same, and trying to eat less. Blessings to you, Jess…

  2. Writing and cooking: two of my favorite pastimes. But I do have a soft spot for string cheese (particularly Frigo…yes, there is a difference). Good luck with your challenges – both of them!

  3. That’s great! I notice a big difference in my energy level when my eating habits change.

  4. Good luck on the changes. My downfall is sugar, and I’m working on that right now, too. Is it just me, or as soon as you make a decision to eat less of something, you want it more?

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