Dear God, Writing is Hard. Love, Writer

Don’t you wish writing was as easy as talking to God?  No matter where you are, it will find you.  Blessed is she who writes, for she shall inherit a publisher.  Do not covet thy neighbor’s writing.  Do unto other’s writing as you would have them do unto yours.

Example Letter to God

When I was little, I believed I had a direct line to God, or at least to my priest.  When I was around 7 or 8, I used to write letters to the parish priest, Father Duane, and “mail them” by dropping them off in the collection basket.  They never failed to get to him, and I always received a most prized piece of mail in return answering all my weird questions like “Don’t you get sick of singing These 40 Days of Lent, Oh Lord?  I do.  Did you happen to watch the Barbara Walters special last night?  It was captivating.  I hate squash and my family loves it, do you think God put me in the wrong family?”

It would be great if good writing was as simple as talking to God, or writing your priest a letter, but it takes a lot more hard work, and often it won’t receive as kind and accommodating a letter in reply.  But good writing, like religion, can speak to your soul.

Thank God for the weekend!  My awful cold has put my resolutions to shame and I’ve felt guilty for not getting to them all, but most nights I passed out at eight with my clothes still on and kleenex in my nose.  It wasn’t until last night when I dreamed I was at the grocery store and I filled my cart full of tubs of cheese spread and cake that I new my appetite was back, and I was getting better.  Of course, then I dreamed I got lost in St. Louis, and I have no idea what that means!

So it’s time for Resolution Weekend Madness!  (man, I wish I had some WordArt to make that sound cool.  ha!) I’ll have to blog ahead, clean my room, and journal for my own enjoyment.  Not part of my resolutions, but important nonetheless, I’m also shopping for a superbowl party, Go Packers!, and catching up on some of the Oscar nominations before I host that party in a few weeks.

What are all you up to this weekend, writing or otherwise?  I need motivators to basically start over the story I was working on.  Yikes!

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  1. First: The letters to your priest with all the strange questions are completely adorable! Second: I, too, have failed in much I had planned for the week due to a cold. I’ve been sniffling and coughing and moaning and groaning for several days, and it pretty much sucks. Unlike you, however, I have little hope of catching up over the weekend. My weekends belong to my family, so my resolutions will have to wait ’til next week now.

    Good luck with the catch-up! And go Packers! (not that I actually care much about football, I just root for whoever my brother tells me to root for. ^_^ )

    1. Time with your family is well spent as long as you don’t intoxicate them with your cold…unless they’re the ones who gave it to you, and then I’m all for reciprocation! Good luck on your resolutions, I know you’ll do them when you’re able. You know, football and party dips are great for getting over colds! 😉

  2. The Griswold’s got lost in St. Louis right after crossing the Mighty Mississippi. Had their hubcaps stolen right off the ol’ Family Truckster. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

    Too much Chevy Chase on the brain tonight, I guess.

    I have a bunch of articles I need to write tomorrow in order to meet a deadline – but Sunday I am not even going to think about putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be.

    Go, Packers!

    1. Thanks for cheering on my team!

  3. My weekend?

    Work, Sleep, Blog.

    (I wonder if I’ll ever see my weekend on the big screen,staring Julia Roberts? Though she would look funny with my beard.)

    1. You’re better off choosing Cate Blanchett.

  4. Letters to your priest dropped in the collection plate–love it! Our pastor actually did this one year to spur new sermon topics. I don’t think anyone asked about squash affinity and family dynamics, though.

    This weekend–I will write! I’ve promised myself it’s my own little retreat. Finish this bagel, drop a few more blog comments…and off I go!

    1. Sounds delightful!

  5. Weekend… Oh, it’s started already. I had planned to watch the snow melt so we could get out of our frozen parking lot and drive to the grocery store. Well. The temperature that was supposed to rise, fell! Duh. The snow is not melting. I am changing my plans. I get to read the rest of the novel I started, Jody Hedlund’s, The Preacher’s Bride, a historical romance.

    1. Weekends spent reading are always well spent. I listened to Emma on cd while I cleaned my room. Audio books have become my new best friends of multitasking.

  6. I love those letters to God. Maybe I should write one now that says, “please, God, help me start my story!” A divine revelation, even in the form of a dream, would be great.

    It sounds like you’ve got a busy weekend. I’m glad you’re getting over your cold – you know you’re getting better when you start dreaming about food, right? I hope you get much accomplished and have fun doing it 🙂

    My weekend is going to be spent doing laundry, cleaning house, getting rid of clutter & playing with the kids. I’m also chairman of the Super Bowl snack committee (my older son has a long list of items he wants to eat, but they won’t all be approved :). Writing may or may not happen, but that’s okay because life always comes first!

    1. We should combine forces! I’ve got the laundry started, can I give you my list of groceries? I’m on side dish duty. Cheesy potatoes, broccoli salad, herb dinner rolls…

  7. I’m going junk store shopping so I ca n be prepared for an italian-mafia-murder-myster-baby-shower. ^^ I’m also working…but hey! Working is awesome!

    1. An italian mafia murder mystery baby shower?? I hope you blog about that.

  8. I love your letters to your priest. I bet each one he received made his day.

    I had that direct line with God thing going on, too, when I was a kid. Did you read the book “Are you there God, it’s me Margaret” by Judy Blume? That was a favorite when I was a kid. In fact, I think that book did more to encourage me to talk directly to God than any religion classes I ever took. Funny, huh?

    1. Not funny at all, religion class, from my past education are full of textbooks and bibles and nuns who lock you in the classroom and force feed you old Mr. Goodbars. No joke, this happened to my sister. I’m all for finding God in whatever medium makes sense to you. And why not Judy Blume?

  9. Oh my gosh, that was too cute! I love the thought of the letters. I still talk to God in my head like that all the time. I keep waiting for him to peverbially (sp?) duct tape my mental mouth. 😉

    You’re adorable. Keep writing!

    1. It’s nice to know I’ll never have to pay for actual therapy just write out my childhood and family memoirs here for others’ enjoyment. You are laughing WITH me, right?

      1. Yes, we are definitely laughing WITH you. I think it’s just nice to know none of us are alone in our oddness.

  10. No…… I already spent almost weekend! lol
    It was national holiday just before weekend, and my family went to my grandparents’ home and had a good time. My grandfather talked about Korean War, some stories…I hope it motivates you.
    And I should say, nice letter 🙂

    1. Aww, your weekend sounds really nice and I’m glad you were able to listen to your grandfather share his stories.

  11. I love your writing bible verses. Then I think of Leviticus. “God loves the smell of a burning manuscript.” Hmm. I think I’ll stick to Ecclesiastes. “To everything, there is a season. A time to write, and a time to be published.” Great post!

    1. Honestly, Leviticus! That would’ve been a quote one of my catholic school teachers told me for writing during math class or something. By the by, it’s cheesy potato time at my place, bring your green and gold jersey!

  12. I love that you used to write letters and put them in the collection basket. So cute! And I love this post. Completely agree. Makes sense.


    PS I hope you recover quickly and completley from the cold!

    1. I am more hopeful that you’ll receive some answers of your own on your health status! Best wishes to you and thank you for stopping by!

  13. Wow, you really did dream of “tubs of cheese spread and cake ” lol.
    The letters your wrote as a child are very sweet, and came easy because you were a child. Go to God as a child.
    I do you get to feeling better very soon. And thank your for you kind comment.

    1. Cheese spread and I are like this! *crosses fingers* I like that phrase you used, “go to god as a child,” it’s a beautiful thought and one I’ll want to remember when I’m freaking out. Thanks for visiting!

  14. “No matter where you are, it will find you. Blessed is she who writes, for she shall inherit a publisher. Do not covet thy neighbor’s writing. Do unto other’s writing as you would have them do unto yours.” LOVE it.

    1. See, I’m not the only one who thinks the translation was skewed a little. I’m sure this is what the prophets meant to say!

  15. I shall get this done in needlepoint and hang it over my PC: “Blessed is he who writes, for he shall inherit a publisher. Do not covet thy neighbor’s writing. Do unto other’s writing as you would have them do unto yours.” Beautiful!

    I think writers are naturally religious people. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the following exchange: “Hey, how’s your book going?” “Oh, God!”….

    1. Excellent idea, I shall submit it to the writers of subversive cross-stitch!

  16. My goodness, Jess, this post has had a lot of comments. I’m not surprised though; I had to come back and read it again.

    1. I think it has to do with the fact that I wrote about the Big Guy in the Sky this time, none of my other posts have this many comments. All are very much appreciated!!!

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