44¢ to Mail out Your Soul

It doesn’t seem right that all it costs to send your work in is 44¢.  I spent a few months pounding out my ideas, a few weeks ignoring my characters and telling them to get out of my head (We’re through!), and two very arduous days starting over and crafting a whole new first page which resulted in a whole new setting, character voice, and possibly plot.  Yes I’d say 44¢ is too cheap.  Maybe, I should have sent my work in for the contest by stage coach, or submarine, or a bicycle delivery man.  He looks nice.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Tweedy

Alas, I would not have made the deadline.  Nothing like a looming deadline to kick your toucas into gear!  At least I’m making good on the resolutions I said I’d do.

I am:

  1. Enrolled in a Writing Conference this April.
  2. Submitting work for various contests.
  3. Writing, reading, and editing again.
  4. Not eating cheetos for dinner anymore.  I’ve upgraded, to bologna…with wine.
  5. Ashamed for mentioning the aforementioned yet again.

I have to go now.  *nervous shifty eyes*

How are you all doing on your writing journey?  How do you feel after you’ve just mailed out your soul?  Who is going to drag me out of bed and out of pajamas if this all goes miserably?  *Breathing, breathing*  One day, one word at a time.


23 responses

  1. You go, girl!

    Re #4: Blech…wine good, bologna BAD!

    Good luck with the contest!


    1. It was a moment of weakness! I ate salmon for dinner last night! I am improving!

  2. You’re doing so well! That’s awesome! I have my fingers and toes crossed for your contest entries. And I hope you have fun at the writing conference. Keept it up!

    1. Oh, thanks, Amanda. I’m just happy to be writing again. I know I can do it even more consistently, but this was a good step in the right direction. I couldn’t have done it without my blogging buddies! You guys keep me going! Thanks!

  3. unabridgedgirl | Reply

    Yay! Good for you! You must keep us updated and tell us how it goes.

    1. Oh dear, I almost didn’t write about it cause most likely I’ll lose. lol. But honestly, just the fact that I finished something and sent it in for review is rewarding enough right now, it’s a good step forward. Thanks, Mackenzie!

  4. I’ve always wanted to attend a writing conference – there’s a big one locally every year. I’m going to have to look into going this year, if I can swing the cost.

    More and more agents are focusing on e-mail queries these days, I’ve found. Which means you can actually mail out your soul for FREE. Not sure how I feel about that…

    1. Well, paper cuts will go down lower on the list of job injuries in our world.

  5. How am I doing on my writing journey? Would you mind asking me another question? I’d like to pass on this one.

    Your resolution list looks good! Congrats on keeping up. Blessings to you, Jess…

    1. I have no worries about you. I know you’ll keep writing. You share very lovely poems on your blog and always send support to fellow writers. Spend some of that time on yourself and you’ll be writing again!

  6. In response to your question, I’ve always felt really good after mailing out queries, a manuscript, or a partial. After all that creative effort, I go into administrative task mode and am perfectly happy slapping stamps on envelopes. (Postage is not 44 cents on manuscripts, unfortunately.)

    I was never too bothered by rejections. Some actually contain helpful information. I prefer getting a rejection than not getting anything at all and then wondering “did they receive it?”, “are they going to get back to me?”, “when?”, “should I resubmit it?”

    If it all goes miserably, I’ll drag your butt out of bed and make you a bologna sandwich. How’s that?

    1. I hope Wendy sees that you’re one of my instigators! I plead “Bologna by force! Blame the spare rib baby!”

      1. The spare rib baby…ROFL. You’re hysterical.

  7. I was always on top of the world after mailing out a piece of work. This was IT, this was really going to be THE BIG ONE and it would all be gravy and jam from this moment on…. Sometimes I miss the physical posting out of short stories to real addresses. Then I remember that I had a coffee table completely wallpapered with rejected stories. I wrote nearly forty and had two accepted. Got paid for one of those. I still think it was one of the worst. My favourite has never earned me a cent.

    1. You forgot a word. “yet”

      1. Ha! Thanks for that. You can read it if you’re willing to pile through my back posts: “Smoke”

        1. I have off tomorrow and will do just that!

  8. This is my first visit to your blog, but I love that you’re getting back to writing. I started my blog so I could write more. And because whenever I try to write stories, I never seem to finish them. But a blog post a day? I can finish that.

    1. Woohoo! Yay for achieving resolutions! And thanks for stopping by!

  9. I haven’t mailed out my soul. I use email. 😉 Anyway, I don’t think 44¢ is cheap, considering that you get rejected in a lot of those. It seems like 4 out of 5 gives you a heartache and the other one doesn’t. The one that doesn’t give you a heartache would make up for those that do but still, mailing out your soul to others means that you’re giving them the chance to either rip it apart or praise it.

  10. I’m glad you’ve saved part of your soul for this wonderful blog. And I’m equally glad you’re following through on those resolutions; I really think the secret is to just not give up.

    (The problem with Cheetos is that they’re mostly air, so it’s too easy to eat an entire bag and still go looking for something to eat. Or is that just me?)

    1. Cheetos, croutons, pringles…anything salty. I’m in.

  11. realanonymousgirl2011 | Reply

    OMG! I haven’t had bologna in forever! I kind of banned it along with lunch meat from my diet. Although, I have been known to fall at the mercy of a hotdog or two (especially, at the movies). Good luck!!!

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