Wisconsin Rapture?

Could it be that Wisconsin is the starting point of the Rapture?  My day started out sunny with birds chirping.  I decided to check out a new cemetery and take some photos.  The radio stated a tornado watch until the early evening.  But the sky was clear, and I wouldn’t be that long.

I had only taken 8 pictures in the graveyard when it started to rain.  I walked back to the car and no sooner put my seatbelt on when two elderly women wearing capri pants and striped polos came walking around the mausoleum.  “Do you need a ride?” I asked.  “We were praying for someone to drive us!”  Um, ok, get in. 

So I drove the Salt and Pepper Twins a few blocks down and over past the graveyard.  They were really nice and asked what I did.  I even told them I’m a writer.

Anyway, I made it safely home and the weather seemed to clear.  About 4 pm, it was storming again.  I was in my room watching The Vampire Diaries (don’t judge) when my boyfriend came to get me.  “The sirens are going off, we gotta go downstairs.”

Instantly, the lights were flashing.  Darkness.  No power.  We spent a half hour in the basement with flashlights and then my other roommate and I came upstairs and watched the remainder of the storm through the picture window.  Hail!

The storm stopped.  And just like in the movies, the sun was out again.  While that light was a sign it was over, and we were safe, when we walked around the neighborhood, others were not so lucky.

Tomorrow they’ll be able to say for sure if our town had an actual tornado touch down.  We obviously had severe winds and hail and the southside of the city was without power for five hours.  The news reported many trees being uprooted and flown 20 feet down the road.  Thankfully, there were no major injuries, but several building and apartment roofs were ripped completely off.  Two schools have opened their doors for citizens whose homes are unsafe at this time.  As we walked down the street, firefighters were clearing the roads due a known gas leak.

It is a miracle we are safe, and that no one was injured.  I am so sorry to the families who have suffered damage to their homes, vehicles and yards.


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  1. Not sure “like” is the appropriate response, except that you’re ok…. I will not complain about regular rain again!

    1. My family and friends are all safe. Thank you. Definitely don’t mind rain.

  2. It’s so sad to see your pictures. My goodness, what a dangerous situation! It might have been a good idea to stay at the cemetery to stay safe, eh?

    1. I don’t think there was much damage there, but there also wasn’t any shelter. My basement was much more comforting.

  3. I’m glad to hear you are safe, Jess. There’s been so much disastrous weather recently that I don’t feel the cheerful excitement that storms used to bring. Now there is a dread associated with the sounds of thunder. I pray when I hear it now, and I pray for all those whose lives have been forever changed by storms. Blessings to you…

    1. There is lots of home damage and down power lines, but as of today, no serious injuries. There are people who have nowhere to live, some buildings and apartments had their roofs ripped completely off. There are two shelters open now with supplies and volunteers to help repair the damage. I am more worried for the citizens of Missouri. They seem to have been hit even harder than us. A town the same size, and it’s been completely destroyed. We were lucky.

  4. Glad you are safe. Felt like rapture in Minnesota too. Yesterday’sMinneapolis Twister started just a couple miles from our house. It was so scary. No damage on our block, but just heartbreaking images and stories from neighborhoods so close to us.

    1. That’s exactly like here. Our house is ok, but across the street there were blocks and blocks with severe damage. Glad you’re ok. Stay safe.

  5. Glad you are all okay, awesome pictures, wow! We had a similar storm last night. Tornado sirens, major downblast of air with torrential rain and two bursts of hails. Twelve schools closed today, one because it’s roof went on vacation through a neighborhood. No injuries that I am aware of but plenty of devastation.

    Yet before the storm you admitted to strangers you were a writer, congratulations. You also helped two very nice people which just makes you a stellar person in my book.

    1. Glad you’re safe too, Gene. That’s very scary about the school roof, I hope no one was injured.

      Those women were really nice, and were VERY happy to see me. LOL

  6. Wow! Impressive shots…the grass looks like Astroturf or green shag carpeting. I’m happy to hear you are okay and none the worse for wear.

    1. Yah, aren’t they insane?! The sidewalk was just flipped up. Car doors were open from being picked up and dropped. Scary.

  7. Wow, those are some photos. Glad you’re okay.

    1. Thanks Margaret! I’m glad everyone is safe too.

  8. Glad you’re okay, Jess! I agree with Mark about the grass…it’s a bit surreal to see it just pulled up like that!


    1. Whole tree stumps and roots ripped out and flown across the lawn. Very surreal!

  9. Like everyone else, I’m glad you and those in your household are OK. The pictures are amazing. It’s as if it went straight down the road. And the grass? Yes, quite unusual. Nice of you to give the Salt and Pepper twins a ride, who knows what could have happened to them if you had not …

    ~ Lenore

    1. Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. I’m glad I could help those ladies, they would’ve been at the least very wet had I not been there at that exact moment. It’s funny, I circled the place twice before pulling up at that spot to park. Meant to be?

  10. Wow. Those pictures are wild. I’m so glad you and your roommates are safe. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. I told you. Proof is in the pictures. When should I expect you and Holmes to do an on location apocalyptic report?

  11. Those giants hills of grass pulled up by the roots of trees almost seem photoshopped because they look so massive and bizarrely out of place next to the houses and people.

    1. You give me WAY too much technical credit! ha! Nope, they are just as is. Freak au natural!

  12. Sara (sarasexpletives) | Reply

    Those are craziest pictures I’ve ever seen! You would never see that in California. You would also never pick up elderly hitch-hikers because you just never know here. I guess the rapture is supposed to happen in October now?…

    1. Yah, Camping bought himself a 5 month timeframe. Smart and lenient.

  13. Glad to hear you’re safe, Jess. Not so sure about the trees and the lamp posts though but I’m glad you’re living, breathing and smiling. 🙂

    1. Thanks Marilag! I am very fortunate no damage occurred to my house or car, and happy that my family and friends are all safe, although some still have no power.

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  15. I’m glad you were safe, Jess, but I feel for all of your neighbors whose trees were uprooted and homes were damaged. Keep writing – we are thoroughly enjoying your journey. Congrats on your 6-months-anniversary for blogging!

    1. Thanks Mindi! I continue to think of the families in Joplin, Missouri, and I know there are some here too that are still staying in a school gymnasium. Excel energy has been busy trying to restore power to the south side of town and lots of crews working on repairing roofs.

  16. I hate to say this, but these are some amazing pictures. I’m glad you and your family are safe.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. The photos are crazy.

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