Operation Write Space

Mission:  Unearth the desk that once was.

There's a desk under there?

The thing about fracturing your nose is you have a lot of time to spend at home.  And since I spent the whole holiday weekend watching marathons of Arrested Development, Sex in the City, and Four Weddings while icing my face, things needed to change.

My first day back at work was embarrassing, to be sure.  I refused to tell anyone how I fractured my nose, and then thought better and used it as a sales tactic.  Ok, everyone, if we make our credit goal by 4pm, I’ll tell you how I injured myself.  It worked.  Who knew public humiliation could make a successful business ploy?  I guess it’s simple supply and demand economics.  I supply the shiny cut across my nose, partial black eye and look of shame, they demand a story.  I demand 7 credit cards by 4, they supply the accounts.  Nice work team.  Happy to have made this arrangement.

So, after a semi-humiliating day at work, I needed to do something that felt like progress could once again take place in my life.  I did all my laundry, got it folded in the dresser and hung in the closet.  I organized my make up drawer, mostly out of procrastination.  And finally decided, I’m going to tackle my out of control desk.

One full garbage bag later, desktops were cleared, bills were filed, library books found, grocery lists moved to the kitchen, nail polish put away, and 12¢ was recovered.

Much more inviting, eh?

*sigh*  I feel better already.  Operation Write Space is successful and I’m off to write right now!

What missions are you working on in life this week?

25 responses

  1. Wow! You got time to come and sort MY desk out? I love seeing people’s writing spaces. I have some pictures saved of my favourite comic writer’s office (which sounds creepy) because he has such a neat writing space, with a drawing board, and a guitar and VIEW…Sigh. Maybe I should run a series on getting people to send in pictures of their spaces?

    1. That sounds really fun, Damian! I like that idea! I want to make mine cooler now. lol

  2. Oh, man! I wish my work area could look as nice. You’ve given me the nudge I need to do something about my “area” – as I so fondly refer to it. My “area” is a mess but it’s not that big – a small table three feet by two feet. I could clean it off in maybe ten minutes. Procrastinate, procrastinate…

    1. Yah, I had just had enough. Couldn’t work like that any longer. At least I don’t leave food on my desk, then again, I didn’t show any pictures of my kitchen. *shifty eyes*

  3. Katie Ganshert | Reply

    So cool!

    Hey – loved your comments on my blog today. Especially the VD one! If you loved season one, you will be absolutely, totally blown away by season two. It was like watching season finale after season finale. Especially the final six episodes. No joke! You’ll have to email me when you watch them. 🙂

    1. But the dvd won’t be out until August!!! What will I do? I wanted to watch them on the cw site, but the full episodes start at like 19, and I know I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on. I so want to know what happens. Have you read the book series? I’m wondering what they’re like if the show writing is so good.

  4. I don’t really have a desk. I’m a kitchen table worker or an in-my-library writer. Which means I have papers and books stuffed in every room! Some day I’ll have an office.

    PS. Loved peering at your bookshelves. I think we should all post a pic of our bookshelves some day.

    1. Yah, the only books up there are hardcovers or ones that are too tall for my other bookshelf, which is next to my desk and mostly consumed with dvds. ha! The right side is 3/4 cookbooks and cooking magazines. Most of my books are in boxes still from moving. We’re remodeling the upstairs of our house and supposedly I’ll get more space for an additional bookshelf when that’s finished. But it’s a slow moving process.

  5. Ever since I started writing often and a lot, I’ve kept my various desk spaces neater than I’d ever done before. It’s incredible, the way a messy space gets into your head when you’re writing, isn’t it? So I’m definitely cheering on for this mission you’ve accomplished, Jess!

    1. Thank you Emily! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks “enough is enough!” I always feel better when it’s clean, it’s the getting clean part that comes and goes with minimal enthusiasm.

  6. Jess– great post.

    VD: You might not want to do this, but I think you can buy them on iTunes immediately after they air on TV. You could get yourself up to episode 19 and watch the rest for free. If the DVDs were out, I’d tell you to get them from your library. I did that on Justified.

    The clean writing space: That looks so nice! I need to get mine done.

    My mission this week has been to keep my blog going and to make the changes my beta reader suggested on my WIP.

    1. I thought about buying Vampire Diaries on I-tunes, but I tried to do that with an episode of Damages, and for some reason I got sound and no picture, so it was a waste of money. Makes me nervous to buy TV shows again. Perhaps I’ll give it one more go, but only because I HAVE to know what happens in the Elena, Damon, Stephan saga!

      Good luck with your blogging, I think you’re off to a great start and you’re smarter than I was because you’re already on twitter which is helping you gather more readers. I was a twitter feet dragger, so I missed that ship a few times. Now I kinda like it!

  7. Ohhhh, so sorry about your nose! Ouch! Hope it feels better soon. But great job with your organization! If only I had such motivation…

    1. Don’t praise too highly, this was a small surface. The real test will be either my bedroom floor or the bathroom. LOL

  8. Ow! You didn’t do it cleaning that space did you? 😉

    I just did the same thing (cleaned my desk!) and got distracted by the glare of clean desktop.

    Hmmm… Hope the nose feels better soon. Try a cool compress of lavender flowers…

    1. Oh your remedy sounds so much more relaxing than walking around with Neosporin on my face and an ice pack covered in paper towel!

  9. My desk is always in an organized state of clutter, plus several side tables, a niche and three bookshelves. Now I have to clean, thanks Witkins! You are a great motivator.

    Hope your recovery goes smoothly 🙂

    1. I’m lookin’ better each day. And I was feeling better, until one of my brutally honest team members said, “Well don’t you look attractive.” And it was said with sarcasm. I think I’m off to the stockroom now.

  10. I see you read Shape magazine…fun one for us “fit gals.” I’m a fan of Oxygen, especially…lots of training/eating tips.

    Good work on clearing up that desk – whew! You’ve got me inspired to organize. 🙂

    1. I like Shape and Self! They’re full of recipes and motivating articles. And, yah, there’s workout tips too. I’m not as good with those. But I love the food ideas!

  11. I’m like Leanne…I have a desk, but it’s currently so cluttered I tend to use the kitchen table or the coffee table as my workspace. Which, technically, is not allowed by the IRS when claiming a home office, but what are they going to do – send Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in to make sure I’m adhering to their precious guidelines?

    1. How would you know if they did? They’d just flash that mind eraser light at you. You’ll never know…

  12. That’s my desk right there (the messy one)! Are you sure you cleaned them and didn’t just magically teleport it to where I was? 😉

    1. Muahahaha!

  13. I love that you have the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook too, and that you keep it at your desk!

    Hope your nose is better by now!


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