A Wicked Party

Last week I shared with you my Wicked review about the story of the Wicked Witch of the West.  Today I wanted to share some ideas for throwing a Wicked party!

Party Option Number 1:  A Wicked Party

     I’m a little behind this year with my Halloween decorating, but last year Joe and I went all out.  It all started when we helped my brother and sister in law decorate their house for a Wicked theme party.  The whole family and several friends were coming over for brunch and then we were all headed to see the musical.

They had tombstones in their yard.  We cobwebbed the house, set skulls and crows and bugs around the tables, and draped the entryway with Halloween streamers.

     Everyone was already so excited to be getting together and attending the show, but we didn’t tell anyone we were getting all spooked out!  We wore witch hats and invited everyone in the haunted house.  The most creative decoration was made by my brother, courtesy his wife’s closet.  Can you guess what it is?

Me and Tammye, my sister in law, trying to get our hands on the ruby slippers!

Oh no, she's dead! Anyone else notice the super creepy shadow we somehow arranged on the wall? *shudder*

This party was so much fun, and even if you didn’t plan to attend the show, you could still throw a Wicked party because who isn’t familiar with the story of The Wizard of Oz or the Wicked Witch of the West?!  You could jazz it up more than us and all come as the characters if you wanted.  Maybe you could make theme foods like a Yellow Brick cheese road, and a fun lime-flavored drink to go with the Emerald City.  The key is to make it YOUR kind of party.  If you’re having fun planning it, then your guests will certainly enjoy themselves to.


Party Option Number 2:  A Make Your Own Scissorhands Theme

Our Spider Victim


I told you Joe and I got excited after helping my brother.  So, we came back and decorated our own house and planned another Halloween party.

We cobwebbed the house, making sure to drape all the paintings and posters, put plastic bugs all over, and made a spooky music mix cd to play as guests arrived and even had a fog machine!

     We plan to bust out our decorations really soon this year.  Set up the haunted houses, turn on the jack-o-lantern lights, light the candles. We even put in scary movies while we decorate to get us in the mood.

As guests arrived we did a simple soup (vegetable tortellini), salad, bread dinner with fun orange-colored appetizers (cheez balls, chips and salsa, pumpkin bars, etc.).

So here’s where things got fun.  While eating, we were all watching the film Edward Scissorhands, which is actually a nice Halloween/Christmas movie about a man with scissors for hands who changes the lives of a small town community forever.

After dinner, Joe and I announced we were going to play a game.  I dumped boxes of plastic picnic ware on the table along with some straws and toothpicks and a couple rolls of tape.  The contest was who could make the best scissorhand…but what they didn’t know was they also had to prove its functional ability by eating one more dish with their scissorhand!

Party Guests Displaying their Scissorhand

We timed out the contest and everybody had fun “bragging” over who’s scissorhand was the best.  One guest even decided to eat the rest of their meal with their invention!

The ideas for Halloween parties are endless.  Look to your favorite films and stories of the season and base your party around that idea.  I’m sure many of you have thrown some dazzlingly wicked parties, now do share!  What kind of Halloween parties have you hosted or attended?  What made them so fun?

20 responses

  1. Oh, Jess, this was really a fun post to read this morning. I absolutely loved the wicked witch under the garage door! That was great. And the idea of making your own scissorhands and using them! What fun!

    1. I bet you have some fun ideas to share about throwing spooky parties! Do tell!

  2. Back when I owned a house in the ‘burbs, the wife and I would go all out every year for Halloween. Between the tombstones, flying ghosts, black lights and fog machine, we gained quite a reputation and were called “The Halloween House” by all the trick-or-treaters. That was loads of fun…if/when I ever own a house again, I’d love to decorate it just as elaborately, even if my kids are grown and moved out by then.

    1. I intend to. We hardly get any trick or treaters, but I plan to go wickedly wild!

  3. Cool decorations! Take pics this Halloween and show us what you’ve done! we haven’t been home on Halloween last couple of years…we go trick or treating with the grandchildren. But we’re home this year. My house won’t look nearly as scary as yours will! have fun planning it!

    1. I think it’d be so much fun to have all the Life Listers over for a Halloween party! I know you all love spookies. How soon can you get to Wisconsin and what kind of chocolate will you bring? 😛

  4. So much fun! I wish I had the time and space to do something fun like that.

    1. Just do as much or as little as you like. Even a little nook with some spooky candles can be fun. Or pumpkins. I’m a firm believer in pumpkins!

  5. What fun and unique ideas! I LOVE the Scissorhands idea especially! We do most of our Halloweening at the family pub, where there’s always a costume contest with the prize being a gift certificate to the bar. The bum part is that I’m not eligible to win since I’m family, but I still always have fun dressing up and sometimes judging. I also have a buddy who has a theme costume party every year – he leaves it general enough for people to be creative, like a particular time period or “outer space” or “magical stuff” and everyone has a blast!

    1. I LOVE THEME PARTIES! My favorite one I ever went to was a Beatles themed party where they played all Beatles music and everyone dressed up as either a Beatle member or something from one of their songs. I was a Strawberry Field.

  6. Wow…this is so much fun! Thanks for sharing the party ideas. I’ve never hosted or attended a halloween party, this sounds really good.


    1. Maybe this is the year?!! Don a pointy hat and stock up on candy!

  7. You’re having way too much fun over there. 😀 Sounds great!

    1. BTW, Madge, we’re planning on turning your room into a corn maze. I’m gonna need you to clear your books out of the way so there’s room for the cornstalks. Any problem with that?

      1. Why go to all the trouble of schlepping in the corn? Just use the book maze instead. 😉

        1. I was going to offer you the star role of Child of the Corn, you’ll have to settle for Book Troll now.

  8. I really like that Wicked Witch of the West. Cool idea.

    1. You should try it out!

  9. Not much into Halloween. I loved the movies but that’s all (my favorite is Halloweentown–a classic). For some reason, I prefer our reunion type of Halloween, which we haven’t celebrated here since none of my relatives are buried here. We visit the graves of the people that passed and bring a lot of food for us, and candles and flowers for the grave. Since it’s a Pilipino tradition (Nov. 1 and 2), we get to meet relatives who are also visiting other relatives’ graves. It’s fun since it’s one of those times when I get to see my cousins who are my age. 🙂

    1. I think that’s a beautiful tradition, Marilag. I can see why you enjoy it. I have a friend who does the same thing and it is a reunion or party. They go and eat and visit each other to show those that have passed how well they are doing, so not to worry. I love that tradition.

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