This is Why I Won’t Touch a Ouija Board

There’s a reason all movies with ouija boards are in the horror section.  Why didn’t I pay attention?!

Sam, Roberta, Teeny, and Chrissy

Have any of you watched the movie Now and Then?  It was a 90’s film about four friends who grew up together in a small town and the one summer that changed their lives, making their bond last forever.  There’s a lot of familiar faces in the film:  Gaby Hoffman, Christina Ricci, and Thora Birch playing the young girls and Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Melanie Griffith, and Rita Wilson playing them as adults.  Bonnie Hunt, Janeane Garofalo, Hank Azaria, Brendan Fraser, and Cloris Leachman all support as well.  If you were a tween like me who grew up with this film, you probably watched it cause of him…

Devon Sawa - Hearthrob of tween girls in the 90's everywhere. See this film and Casper.

Anyway, you stock up on Mambas (which are better than Starburst) and watch the story unfold with your sister or best girl friend in tow.  One of the main adventures the girls have is a night reading with the ouija board in the graveyard.  After numerous failed attempts to conjure up Marilyn Monroe – “she didn’t cooperate last time,” they decide to speak with someone buried in the graveyard, a boy called Dear Johnny, who died the same age as they are.  What happens next is the unfolding of how Dear Johnny died and what will help him to rest again.

Now and Then isn’t a scary movie, it’s a movie about friendship.  Friendship and a little paranormal mystery.  I blame all my willingness to “ouija” on this film.  If I had only watched something along the lines of What Lies Beneath or Paranormal Activity instead, I might not have been so enthusiastic.

I will share with you my first experience with a ouija board later this month, and trust me, it’s a creepy one.  For today, I’ll share with you a few snippets of experiences and why I will no longer use a ouija board.  In case you’re unfamiliar with ouija boards, Catie Rhodes wrote an AWESOME historical post about their creation, the various forms they’ve taken on, and how they’ve been used in film.  You really should check out her post!  I’ll wait for you…

Hello again!  So briefly, the ouija board is a talking board meant to be an inbetween medium for spirits to connect with us.  Sounds cool right?  Well, it can be.  Let me take a minute and explain some of my opinions on how ouija boards work.  I emphasize this is just my experience I’m basing this on.

  • Ouija boards will not work for everyone.  An openness is required and the more connected you are to an individual who is also touching the pointer piece will impact how well the board works.
  • Ouija boards let in anything you give energy to.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, expect to get messed with.
  • Blessing the area helps.  Invite only kind spirits into your communication circle.  I’ve had positive experiences with this which I will share.
  • Do not be disappointed if a loved one doesn’t communicate with you through the board; it means they are happy and healthy on the Other Side.

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Ok, when I said that it depends on who’s using the board with you, that’s been my history with the process.  I’ve tried to use a ouija board with different friends and gotten gibberish responses that make no sense.  But when I attempted to communicate to spirits with my high school best friend we always got full word responses.  I accredit this to our ability of finishing each others’ sentences and knowing what the other was thinking without saying a word.  We were very close, and I would be so bold to say kindred spirits/soul mates at that time.  The energy we channeled was probably better equipped to receive messages.

Prime example, once we used the board to try to communicate with a friend’s family member who had passed.  We didn’t get anything when she tried to use the board, but when my friend and I did we believe we made contact with her Aunt and talked enough that the whole experience was so moving and emotional our friend cried.

Remember when I said you can’t control what comes in, but blessings help.  That was one instance where it did help.  We lit a circle of candles around us and said a little prayer.  We asked that only spirits who would bring forth light and goodness enter our circle and that any spirits intending harm be banished from it.  We let our friend ask the questions and we read the responses.  This was a very powerful experience for her, and even myself to witness it.

I feel I learned the hard way about blessing the circle first.  I gave up using the talking board after a spirit we’d been successful talking to several times started mocking me through the board.  It was scary and cruel and I wanted no part of it anymore.

That ended the weird paranormal pranks for awhile.  I had a few odd occurrences while living in the dorms in college that friends teased was “my ghost” following me to school.  I never used a ouija board again, but it could’ve been him moving stuff IN BETWEEN dorm rooms.  Our residence hall was set up in what we called “cubes,” which consisted of 3 different squared arrangements of rooms on each floor, so students lived in the A, B, or C cube of their prospective floor.  In my cube, objects would mysteriously disappear from one room and end up in others.  Since it occurred most often amongst my “cube friends” it was blamed on my ghost.

I’m thankful there hasn’t been any recent activity of that nature in my life.  I’m still open to paranormal interaction, but I don’t want them following me around everywhere.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for those that can see and communicate with the dead on a regular basis.  I would think their lives are very difficult and scary at times.  It’s an unknown world to us, but one that will forever intrigue us.

What do you think?  Have you ever used a ouija board?  What was your experience?  Have you ever felt a spirit was communicating with you?  How did you handle it?

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  1. Scary stuff…I was always warned against Ouija Boards, since I grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home. We believed that one could become harassed by demons – even possessed – after using one. My step-brother had a pretty freaky experience after messing with one behind closed doors. He still hesitates to talk about what really happened.

    1. Well, I do believe they can let in spirits we don’t want contact with. I wouldn’t touch one again, MAYBE I’d consider it if there was a medium to do a blessing, but I’d have to be seeking someone very particular to talk to.

  2. I would think people who feel spirits and can commune with the dead lead pretty unusual lives. If you can communicate with the dead on “your” terms it might be okay; but if the dead are communicating with you when they feel like it, THAT could be disturbing. I’ve never experienced anything with the spirit world but I believe in it. And one of my favorite shows on television is the Haunting. I find it fascinating. All of those people can NOT be lying.

    1. I’ve watched lots of that show too. It’s addicting, and I agree with you, they can’t all be made up. What is scary is how many of those cases have family members experience physical symptoms after the spirit contact. That’s powerful stuff.

  3. Loved reading this, Jess. I can’t wait to read what else you have to say about Ouija. I have probably mentioned this, but one of my favorite shows is Celebrity Ghost Stories (in fact, I’ll probably talk about it next Wednesday on my blog).

    One of the creepiest episodes had to with an actor I did not know much about, so I don’t remember his name. Anyway, this actor was living in New York City with a female roommate. He had some friends over and they were playing with an Ouija board. The female roommate wanted nothing to do with it.

    Something very weird happened, and the actor and his female roommate started being haunted by the ghost of this little boy. Let’s call him Johnny. Turns out, the female roommate had known Johnny when she was a kid. Johnny either committed suicide or died in a tragic accident. Ever since, he’d been haunting the female roommate…and she’d been running from him. Using the Ouija board had just helped him find her again. Creepy, huh?

    I’ve used an Ouija board. I got nothing but gibberish…except for the time it told me I’d be dead by the time I was 21. Obviously it was wrong. Sometimes, though, I think maybe something inside me had died by that time. Maybe that’s what it meant?

    Great post. 😀

    1. Ok, you’ve solidified my decision to never touch the board again. I don’t want anything coming back to find me. That is one of the creepiest stories I could think of. Would make for a great book though, eh?

  4. Ouija boards fascinate me. I own one, and have used it on numerous occasions (yes, sometimes even by myself…and no, I did not become possessed). I haven’t had much luck communicating with anybody over the years, but back in high school my brother and I had a conversation with the spirit of a boy who had died. Fascinating stuff, and something I’ve never forgotten!

    I’m tempted to break mine out tonight now…

    1. It’s weird how many people contacted young male spirits. Maybe it’s a sign, men, stop penting up those feelings! Express, don’t repress! LOL

  5. Scary post, Jess. I had a Ouija board when I was a kid. Never had any contact with any spirits and eventually gave it up for other “toys”. I had no fear of the supernatural when I was young. I read the Exorcist and loved it. Read Rosaemary’s Baby and thought it was fantastic. I couldn’t sit all the way through either movie…scared the crap out of me! I had nghtmares for years. These days, my kids tell me that the house that I rent to my daughter is haunted. They say I’m just not open to paranormal actvity, which is why, according to them, I’m the only one who hasn’t seen or felt this ghost. Truth is, if i let myself think about it too much or become ‘open’ to it, I won’t be able to step foot in that house.

    1. Oh I get that. I play the worst mind games with myself in the dark. I should check out those books though. I’ve read Psycho and Misery, I think those are the scariest books I’ve ever read.

  6. Brett James Irvine | Reply

    I’ve heard it said that the spirits closest to the Earth (and thus ouija boards) are the ones that haven’t moved on yet, and a lot of those are evil (or at least not good), since if they were good they’d more than likely have moved on. I’m not sure how much of that I believe, but it has made me think twice about even attempting to mess around with a ouija board.

    1. That makes sense to me, in a paranormal kind of way. LOL. A few years back I read a ton of Sylvia Browne books. She a renowned psychic. She says that The Other Side is only a few inches above us, and so it’s easy to catch glimpses of spirits. Both are interesting ideas.

  7. I used one as a kid- me and my friends were home alone- I think we were 10 or 11 and we tried to talk to a spirit. We scared each other pretty good, but I don’t remember anything actually paranormal happening.

    1. Creepy. Sounds like your friends were just like the gang in Now and Then. Was Devon Sawa with you?! *swoon* I mean, gross, boys!

  8. Jess, I’ve never had an experience that convinced me it was possible to communicate with the dead. Like most people, I want it to be true, and I know a lot of very smart people who believe it is, so my mind remains unconvinced but wide open. I’ll admit that it’s fun to think about, and your writing makes it even more so. I’ve missed reading your posts and promise to visit more often.

    1. Congrats again on getting Freshly Pressed, Charles! Something tells me you and I might get a good response from a ouija board, but you’d better promise me a year’s supply of night lights and deadbolt locks before I’d agree to touching one again!

  9. […] Jess Witkins shares a spooky experience with a Ouija board.. *shivers* […]

  10. You know, I’d like to experience messing with Ouija boards when I was younger–third grade. I was into supernatural back then (some things never change) and spearheaded that in my class. Sadly, we didn’t have an actual experience of spirit moving in there but I was excited. It’s one of those things that we try to do but it’s a taboo in my former school (I was at a Catholic school except for 3 years in high school). Now, I realized that spirits should be left alone, especially if we are going to be reincarnated in a few years or so (usually it takes a few generations but still).

    Still, those would be fun times. I mean, how weird is that? A person who’s afraid of horror stories would want to experience ghosts. I just don’t like the nightmares. 😉

    1. I attended Catholic school as well. We never monkeyed with the ouija board there, but I know we tried some other legends: Bloody Mary, the Candyman. The older kids would get us get us younger kids totally freaked out and to show we weren’t scared we had to complete the game. Still creeps me out! Which is why I can’t wait to see Paranormal Activity 3!

  11. […] My friends at the time were obsessed with ghost stories.  One night when I was closing, and it was quiet in the store, my two best friends and a coworker came over with a ouija board.  If you asked me today would I mess around with a ouija board, the answer is no. […]

  12. My friend played a oujia board with her cousin in the same room as j but I didn’t touch the board or try to show any interest I mostly tried to keep my mind off of it and play on my phone …. Am I safe ?

    1. Probably, but one can never quite tell. 😉

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