I’ll Be Seeing You

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday, and the final installment of my ghost stories…for now anyway.  I’m going to cheat a little bit, cause this a re-post, but it’s from my third month in at blogging so only 3 people read it.  And it is a scary story.  Also a true one.  So enjoy!  Hope you chatter with me in the comments.

I’ll Be Seeing You

When I was in high school, I worked in a video store for several years.  I had my suspicions that the place was haunted.  I would hear the sound of tapes (it was all VHS then)  being picked off the shelves and put back down down when no one was in there besides me.  The other clerks I worked with said they heard the same noises when they were alone in the store too, but our manager always denied hearing anything.

I would disregard the noises like the rest of us do when we hear creaks and squeaks in our homes, but there were more creepy happenings.  My neighbor worked out of town and enlisted me to take her dog for walks after school.  Our store was family and pet friendly; we kept dog treats behind the counter for when people would come in with their pets.  So I often walked the dog to the video store to pick up movies or my paycheck.  The thing was this dog, who any other time would run up to people, chase squirrels, and lick you to death, wouldn’t get close to the back door of the office!  She would plant her butt down and just halt!  She would not budge.  She’d stare at that door while I’d be pulling and tugging her leash to round the corner with me, dragging her across the carpet.  Eventually she would bolt past the door and halfway down the next aisle before calming down.  I’ve never seen her do this anywhere else.

My friends at the time were obsessed with ghost stories.  One night when I was closing, and it was quiet in the store, my two best friends and a coworker came over with a ouija board.  If you asked me today would I mess around with a ouija board, the answer is no.

My two friends and coworker sat themselves down in the back corner of the store and asked the ouija board some test questions about who worked in the store, what film title someone who wasn’t touching the board was looking at, and eventually who was it that lived in the video store.  Amazed, they ran up to me at the counter and told me there was most certainly a ghost in the store, and he was 13 years old.  He knew all the initials of the people that worked in the store.  And he had told them his family died in a fire years ago.

I was freaked out.  I thought for sure, any moment, my boss would walk in and we’d all get busted for conjuring up spirits in the place.  I walked home and went about my evening, getting ready for bed as normal.

Photo courtesy hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com

My night routine consisted of looping headphones over my bedpost and listening to one of the mixtapes I made while I fell asleep.  That night, I remember waking up and thinking I had only been asleep a short while, but the music wasn’t playing.  I reached up to my dresser top and picked up the tape player.  I hit play.  Nothing happened.  I hit rewind, fast forward, play again.  Nothing.  I assumed the player had died, but was surprised I didn’t wake up to the slow drowning sound it made as the batteries wore down.  I set it back on top of my dresser.

The next morning, I awoke and got ready for the day.  On a whim, while waiting for my mom, I picked up the tape player and hit play.  Billie Holiday crooned, “But I’ll be seeing you…” and the whole rest of the tape was erased.

I assure you I cannot explain how this happened.  There is no record button on my player, so I didn’t accidentally tape over it.  It was not placed next to anything electronic, so there shouldn’t have been any interference.  Whatever, or whoever, it was, from then on, I closed the store very quickly.

And my store manager, admitted to me after I left the store years later that she did think the store was haunted.

What do you think happened?  Have you ever lived or worked in a place you thought was haunted?  Have you ever heard anything like EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)?

Still hungry for more?  Check out the virtual ouija board at your own risk.

19 responses

  1. I confess that I am now a skeptic when it comes to EVP, especially after learning more about the phenomenon from Derren Brown and similar debunkers. Still, I appreciate a good ghost story and like to be scared…almost want to believe that something surreal exists. 🙂

    1. So how would you explain it Mindi? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I have no explanation – which is what makes this so scary. The incident with your dog is creepy as well because I believe they sense things in a different way than we do.

    1. I’m right with ya, Patti. I thought it was very weird too. When the animals leave the area, I’m following them!

  3. Excellent song. I presume the house where the family lived had been on the site of the video store. Maybe “I’ll be seeing you” was a message from beyond. It would surprise me that a 13 year old boy would know that song, though. You know the spirits like to lie on Ouija boards…. ::cue creepy music::

    Great story. And I don’t blame you for reposting. Once I’ve been blogging for a while, I plan to repost a few of my blogs that didn’t get many views.

    1. Well this story deserved another round, but I did edit it to the main stuff.

      I would and do believe a ouija board can lie, but creepy that it impacted my cassette player.

  4. Great story! Animals are very sensitive to the presence of discarnate entities, so the dog’s reaction makes perfect sense. And very creepy how your tape was erased! I also worked somewhere that had a ghost, you can read about it here:


    Looking forward to reading more from you. 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Serena! Animals reacting in movies always gets me. What can they see that we don’t? Sylvia Browne, the psychic and author, says the other side is only about 3 inches above our ground level, and that the line between them is fuzzy. Maybe some animals can see through it. I’ll be checking out your post!

  5. Julia (AKA Jules) | Reply

    oooh. I remember when I was younger that we had a ghost tour around where I work now and made us believe that there were ghosts there. To date I’ve yet to see one…..!!

    I used to do the ouija board things when I was younger too, when we were really bored in Science….. ha!

    http://andsuddenlyisee.wordpress.com / http://wordshakermag.wordpress.com

    1. You got to use the ouija boards in school? If I did that in Catholic school I’d be praying for forgiveness for a full day and probably forced to do some act of good samaritanism. That was usually the punishment, long hours kneeling in prayer, with all your classmates kneeling behind you praying…for your demise because you’re the reason they’re there. Ahhh, good old Catholic school.

    2. Julia (AKA Jules) | Reply

      Well, we did it on a piece of paper. We went to a regular (all-girls) comprehensive/high school. Never got caught. T’was funny at the time, though!


  6. None of this sort of thing has ever happened to me, but my kids claim to have been in the presence of ghosts in the house I rent to my daughter. Very creepy story and would likely believe the store was haunted. As far as the tape goes, it’s hard to say what might have happened. Gives you something to ponder, though.

    1. Shall I send you my cassette player to experiment with?

  7. That gave me the shivers. So creepy- the dog woul dhave totally freaked me out. I’m the person in the room yelling follow the dog, what are you doing follow the dog!

    1. LOL Probably smart advice Alica!

  8. You can send ME your cassette player! I love this story, and you know I’m a big believer in this stuff anyway. Then again, it’s easier when you’ve witnessed the unexplainable with your own eyes.

    1. We should really start up our own paranormal research society. I’ll bring my cassette player and you can rent the real stuff from your friend!

  9. Oh wow – that is super-creepy AND hard to explain! The choice of song, “I’ll be seeing you,” is downright spine-tingling. And what really makes me a believer in this case is the reaction of the dog. I don’t always know what I believe about ghosts and ghouls, but one thing I’ve always been certain of is that animals are more in tune with nature, energy and “vibes” around them than we are …

    1. I completely agree. The EVP is creepy enough. But that dog wasn’t scared of anyone anytime we walked together. Had the same owner since she was a puppy, it made no sense why she wouldn’t go near or past that back room.

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