Happy Halloween!

Hi ya’ll!  Happy Halloween!  Today’s post is brought to you by Dolly Parton!  And I’m just thrilled to be celebratin’ with ya’ll on All Hallow’s Eve.  Don’t you get to spookified, I’m here to guide ya and keep the ghosts away!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  And since it falls on a monday, I had a whole weekend to celebrate.  For starters, I went to work for Jess on Saturday.  I was a big hit with her team.  They made the credit goal we needed so I agreed to sing for them.  Popular requests were 9 to 5 and Jolene.  Two of my favorites!

Saturday night was the typical celebrity party.  You know, attend a live concert, well, at least I think they were…

     The usual music celebrities were there.  Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, and my particular fave, ABBA.

Mamma Mia! It's Halloween again!









After a full night of autograph signing, I was ready for a lazy day at home on the couch.  The line-up included:  Halloween, The Addams Family, Practical Magic, and The Walking Dead.

To end the night, some great reads that say Halloween!

Tiffany A White’s Ooooh Factor gave an eerie review for The Boo Factor of the scream favorite film Halloween.

Sara Grambusch made a Halloween monster mash-up that talked craft projects, party foods, and even wine and candy pairing in My Magical Halloween Puree.

Albert Berg gave away his book The Mulch Pile for FREE in honor of Neil Gaiman’s All Hallows Read.  Be sure to get your copy of this spooky tale!

The Good Greatsby shared halloween stories from his creative children, The Fonz and Optimus Prime.  Fonz has got a secret and he thinks you’d like to know what it is in Saturday Hallowiener.

Little Miss Vix shares her Top 10 Supernatural Favorites including books, film, and TV series.  See if yours made the list or add to it!

If history is your thing, check out El Muerto: The Texas Headless Horseman by Catie Rhodes.

If you missed the final edition of Haunted Hawleyville by Pam Hawley, check out her last post about camping in the woods with her family, Visits from Jason and Freddy.

     That’s all for this Halloween, folks!  How did you celebrate this weekend?  Hope you all have a fabulous All Hallows Eve!  




23 responses

  1. Love the costumes! It’s also nice to see a not-scary post on Halloween. I can’t do the creepy thing and still sleep at night. Thanks for keeping it up-beat.

    1. I like scary movies, but there’s some fun Halloween ones out there too, like Addams family, Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas. And funny costumes are better than creepy ones. I do hate Halloween masks. Ugh, creepy!

  2. Happy Halloween, Jess! Loved the pictures.

    1. Happy Halloween Patti! Hope it’s spooktacular!

  3. Happy Halloween and thanks for the shoutout! Love, love LOVE your pics : )!

    1. Saw your pirate pics on facebook, love it! Lee’s costume creeped me out. Like I told Emma, I hate Halloween masks, I don’t like not being able to see a person’s face. Too many scary movies.

  4. I love Halloween too! I love dressing up and I particularly love opening the door to all the adorabe kids!! Speaking of, I really need to go buy some candy. But my favorite part of Halloween? Horror movies!!

    Thank you for including me in your Halloween mashup! Happy Halloween!!

    1. We’re having a scary movie marathon tonight! Pet Semetary, Leprachaun, Silver Bullet. Classics, clearly. LOL I’ve also startled several kids tonight trick or treating by answering the door in my Mrs. Peacock costume. LOL

  5. happy hallowe’en! I don’t do hallowe’en, sadly. One of my most hated holidays! I don’t see the point….!


    1. Bah Humbug Jules! LOL. You should check out Sara’s mash up though, she’s got all kinds of Halloween fun, including recipes, and wine pairings!

  6. Happy Halloween Jess! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    1. Loved the supernatural post, Vix! Much fun!

  7. Have a fun Halloween, Jess! You make a great Dolly!

    1. Why thank you Marcia! You should have told me, blondes do have more fun! 😉

  8. Cool dress! Glad you had fun. I’m getting ready to settle down with the plastic pumpkin filled with my kid’s stash from trick or treating.

    1. Save some for me!!! Yumm. I like milky ways, snickers, twizzlers, starbursts, oh pretty much anything except for those orange and black wrapped taffy things. Ew!

  9. Well, hello, Dolly. You look fantastic! Even though I’m mostly a classic rock/heavy metal guy, I am pretty partial to “Here You Come Again”. It’s the one Parton song on my iPod. No offence, but I’d appreciate it if you kept that just between us. 😉
    Great job, Jess!


    1. There’s no shame in appreciating Dolly Parton. I’m a big fan! Jolene is one of my favorite songs.

  10. Hi Jess! Do you remember my bloggie mash-up featuring Lawrence Welk? Well, you look like you could have starred right on his show, darlin’!

    Fantastic mash-up!

    And so excited that you are my new WWBC accountability partner! Yay us! 😉

    1. I told you I had the perfect dress!! LOL

  11. It’s hard to go wrong with Dolly. You’ve just got ample opportunities to score big. I’d have asked for Islands In The Stream myself.

    1. Was that a purposeful play on words? If not, you’re a FANTASTIC writer, Mark. But I knew that already.

      Side note, I once read Dolly Parton loved listening to Cat Stevens. I knew I liked her.

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