The Dating Game: Werewolf Edition

Last Guilty Pleasure Friday, you voted for your favorite vampire.  Shocking results showed that True Blood’s Eric Northman was the leading supernatural man of choice by a whopping 45% majority vote.  Now, I like Eric, but I must say I was in with the 2nd place crowd voting for The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore, who earned a respectable 35% of the vote.  If you missed your chance to chime in, you can view the original post here and take the poll!

So today, we’ll be talking about another guilty pleasure of mine: werewolves!  And it seems where there are vampires, there be wolves!  Learn about our contestants and vote below; which mystery manimal would you most like a date with?

Bachelor #1:  Jacob Black  There’s something about the boy who started out all scrawny and awkward, but whose fans fought so hard to keep him in the Twilight series that makes me admire Jacob Black.  Played by Taylor Lautner, Jacob is sensitive, mischievious, and 180° all the time, so he’ll be able to keep you warm on those chilly winter nights fast approaching.  To bulk up for the physical transformation, Lautner kept extreme diet and strength training, doing drills and weights during set breaks and basically eating a lot of hamburgers.  But don’t let his brute strength scare you ladies, he knows how to treat a woman.  His favorite first dates include motorcycle rides, cliff diving, and holding hands at the movies.





Bachelor # 2:  Alcide Herveaux  Newcomer character Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Mangiello, has been making advances appearances on the last season of True Blood.  He’s recovering from a terrible break-up with a druggie werewolf chick, but if fixer-uppers are your thing, Alcide may be your dream come true.  He’s part rugged outdoorsman, part softie who wears flannel.  First dates with Alcide include snuggling on the couch, long romantic drives, and chasing after his ex-girlfriend.






Bachelor #3:  Tyler Lockwood  High School wouldn’t be High School without the football jock alter ego werewolf character.  Tyler Lockwood, werewolf, is the result of the Moonstone Curse on The Vampire Diaries.  Played by Michael Trevino, he originally came to casting for the role of Stefan Salvatore, but the producers immediately saw him as Tyler.  With his athletic build, playful smirk and smile, and inner struggle to fight his werewolf desires, Tyler is an ambitious and strong man.  First dates include reckless house parties and drinking too much, sneaking around and rummaging through other people’s belongings, and chaining oneself up in the old abandoned Lockwood estate.  Please call ahead for a date with Tyler so he can check the full moon calendar, he’s new at this.



Bachelor # 4:  Mason Lockwood  Tyler’s uncle on the Vampire Diaries, Mason Lockwood, acts as mentor and guardian over Tyler for awhile, explaining how the Curse of the Moonstone works and actually documenting his werewolf transition process on video camera. Played by Taylor Kinney, Mason is a bit of lone wolf…pun intended.  You can never be too sure which side he’s on, Ladies, and he’s likely to disappear without much notice.  He’s been known to come back though, and usually with a grudge.  Despite his actions, his heart is in the right place, protecting Tyler.  First dates include a faraway getaway where no one knows your name, attending council meetings, and an unwarranted desire to be in and out of his nephew’s life.




And those are our contestants for today.  Let the voting begin!  Who’s your guilty pleasure wolfman of choice?  Would you write in your own vote for a werewolf I missed?  Who’s sexier: the vampire or the werewolf?

16 responses

  1. I’d go for Tyler followed by Jacob. Everyone in Vamp Diaries is sooo good looking! I do prefer vampires though 🙂

    1. Me too! Prefer vampires that is. I think I like Alcide best.

  2. Oops! I think I voted twice for Mason Lockwood. Honestly, it was a mistake. What a hunk.

    1. LOL. You just made my morning Patti!

  3. I voted for Alcide. I don’t usually big, hulking men…but he is hot. I mean, white hot. You didn’t have him on your list, but I also like Tyler Posey who plays Scott McCall in MTV’s Teen Wolf. Great show with great storylines, too.

    Perhaps I watch too much vampire and werewolf stuff. 😉

    1. Yay, I’m with you on Alcide! He’s a sentimental hunk of a wolf.

  4. Wait a second … Michael J. Fox wasn’t listed. I demand a recount. 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ll continue to dream about Joe Manganiello.

    1. I know I almost put him on, but he seemed out of place. You can absolutely write him in. Hahaha

  5. Woof. LOL. I’m torn between Jacob and Alcide. Can I have both? 😀

    1. Yes you may!

  6. romancingforthrills | Reply

    Love your poll. Definately Alcide for me 🙂

    1. Mmhmm, he’s yummy.

  7. I’m chiming in late, but … woot! Alcide is winning : ). I feel biased because True Blood is the only one of the shows I watch, but he’s awesome! I was an Eric voter too, and he’d totally get my vote over Eric if it was a “general supes” pool.

    1. LOL. “General supes” Nice oxymoron. You really must check out Vampire Diaries; I’m sure you’d love it. But totally with you Alcide all the way. At least this round I’m in the winning pick too! I was a Damon voter last edition.

  8. I’m late to this party…

    First of all, I like Eric, but my Damon came in second? Whaaat?

    Now, how in the world do I vote for this werewolf? Jacob is HOT, but he’s a bit young for me (I’m afraid I’ll get thrown in jail)….

    Tyler is also HOT, while playing a teenager, I actually think is at least legal. LOL

    And, Tyler’s uncle Mason? YUM.

    But, Alcide….I may have to vote Alcide here. His abs are AMAZING.

    1. I know, I’m mourning the 2nd place vote of Damon too. At least we’re winning with Alcide!

      P.S. Love how you rationalized your date with a werewolf. 😀

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