How to Survive Cabin Fever

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It’s winter, winter everywhere, and not an ice scraper to spare!  The six day work weeks have begun for me, and no matter what my shift is, it seems I’m going to work when it’s dark, and it’s really dark when I leave.

So, I’m getting cabin fever.

Here are the rules and realities that I’ve come to believe in for surviving the perpetual darkness of the winter season:

  1. Crazy colored, fuzzy socks are a must!  It’s true, especially if you’re boyfriend won’t turn the heat up anymore.  Big, fuzzy, warm socks are a godsend after 9 hours on the sales floor.
  2. So is an eclectic mug collection.  I’m too lazy and a wimp to brave the cold and see my favorite coffee shops, so I save time and money with our Keurig single cup coffee maker.  I’m well stocked on apple cider, cafe’ mochas, espresso, and a variety of bold blends.  Pick your mug for fun: the flamingo? the New Orleans cafe’ du monde mug? one of the maple leaves set?
  3. If it’s dark all the time, it means it’s the “night life” all the time!  Wanna know what I’m doing for fun this holiday season?  I have SOOOOO many cosmetics (Hello, I work at the mall and manage that department!) that I’m going to wear each and every one of my eye shadows until I’ve gone through them all!  Today I wore Turquoise Sands!  Doesn’t that sound like I do in fact have a life?  I said sounds like!  Stop that snickering!
  4. Stay indoors.  Watch The Vampire Diaries.  I will leave the house, a drastic and bold move (if I plan, I just go right after work) to venture to the library and stock up on whole seasons of TV.  I’m currently rewatching Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries since it’s newest season is on that ridiculous thing the networks call “midseason finale”.  How garish!
  5. Household chores gettin’ ya down, throw in an audio book!  I’m trying to madly finish up a few titles on my To Be Read list for 2011, so I’ve been double-tasking by getting ready in the morning to an audio book.  I can also listen while cooking, cleaning my room, or wrapping presents.
  6. Become a Sports Fan.  Nothing like a fan club that requires sitting in front of the TV, snack food, and obscene amounts of cheering.  Looking for a team to root for?  *brushes shoulders*  Might I suggest the ol’ Green and Gold, 14-0, Titletown Champs Green Bay Packers?!  Alright, alright!
  7. Write in a journal.  Start a journal.  Now more than ever, keeping a gratitude journal has been important to me.  The long hours and days at work and little free time makes it important to spend that time in a meaningful way and be grateful for the little things like taco dip, vampire TV, and Aveeno creamy moisturizing hand lotion (OMG – this cold weather on my skin! Grrr!)
  8. If you can’t hibernate, have a party!  The holidays should be a time for friends and family.  Spend your days with those you love indulging in laughter and creating new memories.  What will I remember about this holiday season so far?  My toddler niece telling me on the phone “I found Coco the Elf, he’s down the hall!”

 How are you handling Cabin Fever this winter?

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  1. great idea to listen to an audio book as you do chores!

    1. I love listening to audio books. Especially when I read books about other cultures. I like hearing them read with a native accent. My favorite audio books this year have been: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Sin in the Second City, Night Fall (which I read and listened to) and my current title, Moloka’i.

  2. I already am hating the cold that’s revealed itself this season. But what I do is make sure to park myself in our bright and cheery family room where I can see outside. If it’s raining I can watch that and if it’s dreary, I can still see the light of day. I refuse to huddle in the dark recesses of the front room where the sun doesn’t show it’s face – too depressing – and not good for writing.

    1. Good plan. I sit in the kitchen where it’s sunny too. It’s the time at work where there aren’t really windows that I feel so drained never seeing the sun. Definitely makes you make the most of days off!

  3. Last summer when we were having our 9000th consecutive day of temperature over 100, I sorta wished I could trade places with one of you people who live north of the edge of civilization (which is probably around the Oklahoma/Kansas border). After hearing some of your winter posts, not so much. Think I’ll keep our Texas weather.

    1. Aw c’mon, David, trade with me!!!

  4. I too vowed to never cuss winter again after the brutal summer heat here in Oklahoma. Now that the temps are dropping I want to take that promise back. Great list. Now I know why my wife always wheres big thick fuzzy socks in the winter time. I guess I need to turn up the heat!

    1. LOL. I hope you don’t make fun of those socks! They’re crucial to our happiness…and survival. My feet are always freezing.

  5. Hey! Aren’t the Packers actually only 13-0? (“Only” being a relative term – they’re looking pretty unbeatable this season).

    Glad you posted this, as I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up myself lately. I am so going to bust out the fuzzy colored socks and mascara tonight!!

    1. Was the Raiders game 13 or 14? I could’ve been wrong. Either way, we’re undefeated!

      Yes to the fuzzy socks. If you’re going to wear mascara, ask Tara for a spare pare of pumps. You can cruise the strips of Vegas this winter together in fashion! LOL

  6. I hate that windshield so much! Brrrrrr. Meanwhile, if it is going to be this cold, there should totally be snow. Just saying’.

    Can you tell someoneis a summer-girl? 😉

    1. I guess I’m a complete misfit. I love wearing sweaters (they hide my pale skin), but I really really hate winter weather.

      *We’re on the island of misfit bloggers…*

  7. StoriesAndSweetPotatoes | Reply

    I watched 4 seasons of True Blood, lol. Cozy socks are a must because I am ALWAYS freezing.

    1. Oh my god! Have you seen that commercial with the granddaughter who gives True Blood season one to her Grandma for Christmas and she launches into this long schpeel about how Sookie is a fangbanger fairie who reads minds etc, etc. and then says “Merry Christmas Grandma!” Then an ad pops up and says, The Perfect Gift For Almost Everyone. LOL I love it. It’s my new favorite thing. You can see it on youtube.

  8. Hi, Jess. Since my Cowboys stink, I’d say going with Green… pardon me…The Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers sounds like a winner. Hang in there during those 6-day work weeks. And I thought my 11 hours days were bad! I only have to do 5 of those a week.

    Take care.


    1. You’re choosing a winning team, Jimmy. A very wise choice. Now all you need is a pair of fuzzy green and gold socks.

  9. Great job turning a negative into a positive, Jess! I love all your ideas – I’ll take the socks, the Keurig and the audio books and I’ll be in heaven! Stay warm and hangin there…the holidays will be over before you know it!

    1. Oh the three of those together do sound divine! I’m also working on my traditional phenomenal women mix cd I make for my mom and sister. Dancing while cutting up vegetables in the kitchen is a favorite past time as well.

  10. Fuzzy socks are awesome…

    Hope you survive the “Holidaze”, Jess!


    1. Thanks Wendy! You too! Are you feeling better?

  11. I love fuzzy socks and I totally have a coffee mug collection. 😀 I like the idea of plugging into an audio book for housework. I definitely need to do that.

    1. Plus it’s another way to tackle that ominous To Be Read pile. Listen to it! LOL

  12. […] How to Survive Cabin Fever by Jess Witkins. […]

  13. […] How to Survive Cabin Fever by Jess Witkins. […]

  14. Fabulous tips, Jess! Wearing fuzzy zebra socks and sipping from my “I Love Lucy” mug right now. LOL May you party and write lots this season… Grateful for this post today.

    1. You are now my idol. I wish I had fuzzy zebra socks.

  15. Jess – I drink a LOT of tea in every flavor during the cold winter months. I also indulge in more reading curled up in my jammies on the couch. What a delight!

    1. Mmmm I love tea. I’m sad that wasn’t on my list. Good reminder for me to get out the holiday flavors and savor!

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