The Witkins Von Trapp Family Sings

     Hello Again and Merry Christmas to you all!

We’re back live at Jess Witkins’ Happiness Project to proudly report that Jess did in fact have a holiday!  It was short and sweet, much like her new haircut, but filled with family and fun.

The festivities began at the end of the 10 hour workday of pure, extreme shopping madness.  I ran around the store, wrapped several presents, put some shoe boxes away, worked in fine jewelry for awhile and denied one man a $2000 price adjustment on a 1/2 carat diamond necklace cause he saw a sign for a 1/4 carat one for less.  Yah, I’m just mean like that.

All was improved when the night began as date night!

Joe and I went out for italian at Eduardo’s and got the sausage, prosciutto, and goat cheese pizza.  It was yummy.  We were nice and full as we headed downtown to Riverside Park and walked the Rotary Lights.  The Rotary Lights are a BIG deal in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Since 1995, the Rotary Club has partnered with roughly 100 some volunteer organizations to decorate Riverside Park with Christmas lights and displays.  Each group hosts a Christmas tree along the park’s sidewalk, plus all the real trees get lights and there’s lots of action-packed and twinkling set ups, including a totally galactic looking light tunnel you can drive through, lights synched up to music, and LIVE reindeer outside Santa’s house.  It’s a beautiful tradition and Joe and I to go each winter.  Admission is just a bag of canned goods and food items for our town’s food pantry!  You can drive or walk through the lights and this was our third time going.

Here are some of the shots I took on our walk.  *Note the first two shots are of the same spot.  It’s where the lights change to music.

Saturday morning was Christmas Eve and we drove to home to my parents to celebrate.  We went to church, then to my brother’s for dinner and present opening.  I got many a book title on my ‘to read’ list which was wonderful!  Now the tough decision is which one to start first?  Anyone else having that problem?

The best part of our Christmas was later in the evening when somehow, with little effort, my honeybee Joe (a musician) picked up a guitar and managed to get my entire family to form a band and choir singing what began as Christmas songs, then Manamana, and then several Beatles songs.  He had the guitar, and we scrounged up some djembes, maracas, claves, and a tambourine (my given instrument!).  If you’re not familiar with Manamana, here’s a fun video to enlighten you:

Now, you should know, my family doesn’t normally sing outside of church.  I don’t remember us gathering together to sing carols on our own, yet everybody joined in!  Not just joined, we rocked out!

Actual Photo Captured of the Witkins Von Trapp Family Singing

So that was my Christmas party.  How was yours?  What have you been up to while I went on my blog hiatus?  Don’t forget to tune in Friday for another Milestone Party/New Year’s Bash with the Life List Club, the HOTTEST resolution club in town.  Bring your glow sticks and wear sequins, baby, it’s gonna be a party!  And we’ve got prizes to giveaway!!!  I know, the presents just won’t stop!

*So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu*

10 responses

  1. Love the new “do.” Glad you had a festive holiday. We had a sing-along on Christmas Eve, too. When I was a kid, I’d be at the piano with everyone else gathered around singing. This year, we had about a dozen members of the younger generation (all girls) put on a show of Christmas carols for us. My son was their agent. Afterwards, they gave out scraps of paper with their autographs. Very cute!

    1. That’s adorable! How fun for you and your family. Did anyone record it? I can’t remember us ever singing together as a family. This was a very fun, very impromptu first. LOL

  2. I think your family singing together is the coolest thing EVER. I wish my family would do that. Now that my daughter has an electric piano, maybe we can do something like that next year after she learns how to play! Your hair looks great!

    1. You should do like Margaret’s family and have her put on a recital where you can all sing along! I might have done that one year. I did use to take piano lessons in 4th grade. 😉

  3. Sounds like a fantastic Christmas celebration, Jess, even if was a bit short. You all made the most of it. You and Joe are so cute together…cool cut, too! See you Friday for the Milestone Party!

    1. I’ve missed you and my Life listers! Hope I can catch up on what you’ve all been up to. Hope you got to celebrate with those adorable grandbabies too this christmas.

  4. I love your now cut! I am happy to hear you all had a fun time on Christmas Eve. I think you all have a good time whenever you all get together!!! You are a fun family!! Did anyone record your little sin-a-long?

    1. I believe Kelly and Jina both recorded part of it. I’ll be scared if it ends up on YouTube.

  5. Sounds like a lovely holiday! And can’t wait till the Milestone Party tomorrow. I got my glow sticks baby, oh yeah!

    1. Alllllllllllllright! LOL

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