SWF Seeks Blogger BFF

The Incredible Marcia Richards

A few weeks ago, my fellow Life List Club founder and writer extraordinaire, Marcia Richards, contacted me about being her number one commenter.  As a reward, Marcia is featuring me in her new Woman’s Day blog series!  I’m thrilled to be visiting her blog today where she forced asked me to discuss what makes me sexy, smart, and full of heart!

Here’s a little teaser, but you can see the rest of the blog at Marcia’s site!  Please stop by!

SWF Seeks Blogger BFF

When Marcia first contacted me that I was her number 1 stalker commenter and she wanted to feature me on her blog, my first thought was “Which ballgown should I wear to her place?”

Hardly.  I’ve always been more like one of the guys.  Well, not in any good athletic ability kind of way, my arms are the size of pipe cleaners!  But I’m kind of a goofball.  For a month in high school it was speculated that I was in fact one of Jim Henson’s Muppets come to life.  No kidding!  Apparently I laugh like them and have several muppet-like quirks such as I rarely use a knife to cut my food.  *shrug*  I just don’t like it.

So when Marcia said she wanted to know what makes me sexy, smart, and full of heart, I looked under the bed.  There’s got to be some of that stuff under here somewhere!  *coughs from dust bunnies*

11 responses

  1. Yay, Jess! Good job.. I will be heading over that way shortly. 🙂

    1. Thanks Darlene! Looking forward to your LLC featured post!

  2. I think I’ll change my name to The Incredible Marcia Richards. 🙂 Love ya, Witkins!
    The party’s hopping! Come on over! Find out things about Jess you never imagined!

    1. You sound like a superhero!

      1. You make me feel like one!

  3. I’m heading over to read this right now! I know I’ve said it before, but I so love the way you write : ).

    1. Big, big grin! 😀 And a right back atcha!

  4. Hey Jess! So nice to meet you through The Incredible Marcia Richards’ blog! I am hooked by the name of your blog and just subscribed. See ya!

    1. Thanks Patricia! It was awesome to be paired with you and I hope someday I’ve gotten as much travel in as you. Looking forward to reading The Bridge Club!

  5. Either you aren’t eating much meat (bologna aside), or you’re ripping apart your steak with bare hands. Which in its own way IS pretty sexy, come to think of it…

    1. No, I just use the side of my fork. I also use a spoon instead of a knife to put jam on my sandwiches. *shocker!*

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