We’re Taking Over WordPress: Life List Club – New Blog, New Prizes!

Big news!  Huge!  Spectacular!  Extra, Extra! 

The Life List Club Launches Own Blog!

That’s right guys and gals!  The Life List Club has decided to launch their own blog site and make things easier ON YOU!  Instead of trying to bounce around between 8 or more blogs on one day, we’ll be able to space out our plethora of viewpoints and encouraging ideas over the course of a month at our site.  We’re posting on Wednesdays and Fridays all about achieving goals, and using Mondays for any announcements or guest posts that may occur (hint, hint – Who’s interested?)  Please give a round of applause to my co-founder, Marcia Richards who worked doggedly on setting up our site.  You can visit us at our new blog, and we’ll officially transfer there the first wednesday of April!  Don’t forget, we hang out at the hashtag #LifeListClub too, so you can always give a shout out there!

And Now a Word from our Sponsors:

Ok well not sponsors, I don’t currently have any of those, but if companies like Bath and Body Works, Lush, Target, Barnes and Noble would care to make a contribution, I’m sure it would only do wonders for the ol’ Witkins’ Happiness Project.  😉

It’s time for our Milestone Party!

You can’t have a party without dancing!  Previously you’ve raved to Ce Ce Penniston’s Finally, you’ve jammed to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok and here to teach you how to boogie is the Bingo Boys featuring Princessa singing ‘How to Dance!’

The point of a Milestone party is to celebrate the strides you’ve made on your life list.  A few months ago I condensed my list to the core necessities, and here’s where I’m at with my progress:

1.  Write Everyday – My minimum goal was to write at least 5 things in my gratitude journal each day, with a long term goal of scheduling time each week to get writing done on my book.  However, in the last month, I changed projects.  Instead of the paranormal young adult novel I was working on, I switched to memoir.  Pretty drastic switch there!  I got some good tips from my Warrior Writers Boot Camp gang and will be starting to piece together this project in the next weeks.  I’m also attending the DFW Writers Conference in May, featuring guest author James Rollins.

(My favorite items to have made the Gratitude Journal lately)

  •  Writing a letter home
  • Crossing paths with 7 young deer while hiking in Hixon Forest
  • Reading the fun comments on my Musicalpalooza blog
  • Watching the finale of Season 2 The Walking DeadOMG! What is about to happen??!
  • Feeding the ducks down at Riverside Park
  • Discovering Joe Lando (Yes!  As in Joe Lando who played Sully on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) is playing Cassie’s father on The Secret Circle

2.  Read Two Books a Month – I’ve excelled at this goal!  In February I read four books, and hope to complete that same number by the end of March.  My upscale in reading led to two author interviews for Shifting by Bethany Wiggins and The Doctor’s Lady by Jody Hedlund!  It was an absolute treat to get to chat with these phenomenal women!  I also felt a big push to get to that “To Be Read” Pile and cut out costs of buying more and more books before getting to the ones on my shelf, so I joined the 2012 TBR Pile Challenge.  I’ve completed 5 out of my 12 books so far, two more in progress, so I just need to finish writing the reviews.

3.  Save Money – I was amazed at how much money I could add to my savings after using my ridiculous star stickered chart to track when I didn’t spend money frivolously!  I was able to save up funds to ensure my trip to South Korea is a go!  (I leave in a week and a half!)  I have yet to meet with a personal banker to find a better savings account and finish Suze Orman’s book, Women and Money. 

4.  Work out at least once a week – I’m probably most behind in this goal, but I have stepped it up nutritionally.  I started keeping a food journal along with my gratitude journal so everything’s in one place.  I track what I eat each day, and just writing it down keeps me accountable enough to make sure more fruits and veggies find their way onto the plate.  I’ve made some new recipes including CM Stewart’s Green Smoothie!  And I’ve definitely been buying more produce instead of junk snacks at the grocery store.  On days off, I’ve been good about doing some hiking or walks because I read an article about how even 10 minutes/day  in nature can do wonders for anxiety and fatigue  issues (which I’ve been battling as of late).  The next step is to go full swing with some consistent workouts!

That’s what I’m up to!  How ’bout you?  Do the Bingo Boys inspire you to take dance lessons?  How’s your writing going?  Your workouts?  What dream vacations are coming up?

AND…any time the Life List Club has a Milestone Party we give away prizes!  Drop me a comment below sharing your goals and you’re entered to win a blog swap and I-Tunes Gift Card!

More fabulous prizes to be had!  Visit each contributing writer of the LLC for a chance to win:

Marcia Richards Guest post swap and Amazon gift card

Sonia Medeiros A guest post from Sonia or the winner’s work featured on Sonia’s blog

Jenny Hansen A Margie Lawson lecture packet and a $10 Starbuck’s gift card

David Walker A free download of his “Web Wisdom: Inspiration from the Inbox”

Gary Gauthier A choice of 3 eBooks

Lara Schiffbauer A $25 Gift card

Happy Friday Everyone!

39 responses

  1. JESS: I’m sorry I have been absent of late. As My son’s bar mitzvah draws closer, I am finding myself overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done. I have been pressing ahead with my stuff with my writing partner, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to devote more time to your new (and totally different) concept.

    I, personally, connect more to the memoirs longline you presented than I ever did to the old one, so I’m excited for you.

    Congratulations on the new Life List blog. I think that is a great idea. 😉

    1. Aww, glad to see you again, Renee! I know how swamped you’ve been, I lurk over at your place. LOL.

      I’m thrilled that your WIP is coming along so well and can’t wait to read more about it…from it!! I’m slowly chugging away at my project.

      Hope the bar mitzvah goes amazing! You’ll have so much fun come day of, and I know you’ll be able to relax a lot when it’s over. Hang in there! 😉

  2. Jess, this is too funny. Just yesterday something happened which reminded me that I’d forgotten my grateful ‘journal’. I’d made a habit of naming five things I was thankful for each morning. Clearly, I hadn’t made a good enough habit. Thanks for enforcing the reminder from yesterday.

    1. It’s such a good habit to get into though! Glad you are enjoying it. And don’t beat yourself up if you forget, sometimes, I make two lists to account for yesterday, or one list of 10 or more things.

  3. WOW! Jess! I’m so happy for you on the change in genre. I think your memoir will be more satisfying to write and if you ever want a beta, let me know.
    Love that you’re hiking and getting into nature. That should be very calming for you. A totally different setting than you’re in most of the week.
    You must feel like a rockstar having accomplished the changes in your spending and saving habits! It’s so awesome that you can go to South Korea and the DFW! This is your year, sweets! So, so happy for you!

    1. Best cheerleader ever! 😀

      I have plenty more to save for and plenty to pay off (looming student loans, car payments), but I was able to show myself what’s absolutely necessary and what’s not.

      And how did you know nature walks aren’t part of my normal day? Was the helliglazed eyeballs of my retail face? Today was a DAY, sister! Oy ve!

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  5. Wow! I’m impressed that a sticker chart would help you save so much money. I’m doing Dave Ramsey —maybe I should add stickers–shiny, sparkling stickers. I like it. That’s it! My goal is to add stickers to my budget plan. Yay me!

    1. LOL! I bought cheap bulk pack of gold star stickers. Nothing fancy. But I guess I’m the inevitable youngest child, so stickers worked for me. You know, like those old charts kids used to make sure they did their chores and ate their vegetables.

  6. So glad to hear you’re coming to DFW, Jess. Jenny and I will both be there. Let’s be sure to get together sometime.

    1. WOOT!!! Life List Club party in the bar!!

    2. Save me a seat at the cool kids table! And if we use any computers, Jenny, make sure David’s on your right side and I’m on the left!

  7. Love this post, Jess. You stay so very busy and still devote time to your dreams…it’s inspiring for all of us!

    1. Look who’s talking! I’m just trying to keep up with ya’ll!

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  9. Hey Jess, Don’t tell anybody but I’m stealing two of your goals. Two books a month is definitely doable. I need to read some thrillers because, after all, I’m supposed to be writing one. The other goal I’m stealing is the exercise. I used to be really good about exercising and then . . . well, I’m not sure what happened. I’ve definitely trailed off. I need to be mindful—oops, I mean—stick to that goal. I’m glad I stopped by and picked up a couple of tips. Seems to be a regular thing for me with your blog posts. hmmmmm

    1. Moi? Helping the master of planning? My pleasure, Sir! Hope you share some of the titles of thrillers you thought were good! And my favorite exercise right now is the hiking. Any good nature spots you could hit up?

  10. I love that you’re doing well on your goal to read two books a month. I started out the year with the goal of reading 12 books total. I hope it to be more, but because I don’t know what this year will bring, I knew 12 would be achievable for me. And I’m thrilled to say I’m on track!

    1. Oh I hear ya on making that goal manageable. I did 2 books/month last year which was good. And the biggest thing that helped me was having one book to read and one book to listen to. I get audio books from the library all the time.

  11. Jess, that video is a total crack up! And huge congratulations on your trip to South Korea!!!

    1. Um flashback to the early 90’s Friday Night Music Videos! This was one of my faves! And thank you!

  12. You are making great strides, Jess, and the energy here is sparking! So looking forward to hearing about your trip to South Korea. Bon Voyage!

    1. Hoping to take your e-book with me on the trip, Patricia!!!

  13. LOL I hope lots of future sponsors read this. 🙂 Stoked about the Life List blog. You all make for such an awesome team.

    Congrats on all of your progress. I love that you’re pairing gratitude and food in your journal. Such a positive way to stay accountable and optimistic at once.

    1. I hadn’t even thought of it that way, August, but I’m glad you pointed it out! Now I’m really glad I’m keeping it one place. It’s been to look at proportion sizes and variety and balance between meals. So glad I’m doing it!

  14. Lara Schiffbauer | Reply

    Congrats on saving money and bouncing back from the wreck! South Korea will be amazing! And have fun at DFW – I wish I was going… 😦

    1. I wish the whole LLC crew was going! It’d be so much fun! Next year?

  15. Bethany Wiggins | Reply

    I MUST try the green smoothie recipe. I always do mine sweet, to this will be a nice change. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    1. Well, that one is really salady. I liked it, but I wouldn’t mind more sweet. You’ll have to share with me your recipe. My sister adds spinach in all of hers and she’s made beet smoothies too!

  16. Awesome goals! I wish you the best of luck. Hope you have a great time in South Korea, that’s an ambitious destination. But you are obviously brave- you’re even brave enough to try my Green Smoothie. Hope you liked it! 🙂

    1. I did like the smoothie! I added kiwi to it, which was a bit much. LOL. I may need to tone my down a little, there was a lot going on. But I drank it all knowing how healthy it was for me. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  17. This is amazing! I remember when you started the idea for the Life List Club (and it wasn’t even that long ago.) Look how far you’ve come so quickly. Good for you!!

    1. Believe it or not, it’s almost been a year!

      P.S. Your exactly the kind of peep I am hinting at to consider guest posting! 😀

      1. My pleasure! Would just need an assignment. I do best with assignments. 🙂

  18. How exciting about the new website! Woot-woot! I need to subscribe there too. Enjoy your trip to South Korea. That will be an eye-opening travel experience, I’m sure.

    I am quite eager to meet you at DFWCon! It’s a wonderful conference, and I expect to get more out of it this year since I’m a year down the line. Keep up the progress on those life goals, Jess!

    1. I am so excited to be attending the conference and can’t wait to meet all the bloggers I read. There’s you, Tiffany, David, and Jenny that I know of so far. Know any others attending? Call me a dork, but I totally want pictures of everyone! 🙂

      1. I finally get to meet Roni Loren too! Also, a fabulous friend of mine from college (who is a neuropsych – totally cool) will be there with me. I’m eager to introduce her to y’all. She’s got lots of real-life material for writing fiction.

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