#GuiltyPleasure Find: Kathy Patrick’s Beauty and the Book

If it’s Friday, then it must be all about Guilty Pleasures!  And I have a fabulous find for book lovers today!  One of my favorite guilty pleasures is author research.  After I read a book I love visiting the author’s website, learning about them and why they wrote the book.  This week I was researching Karen Abbott, author of Sin in the Second City and American Rose.  While on her site, I happened upon an interview she did.

Interior of Beauty and the Book (image courtesy carolineleattville.blogspot.com)

The interview was for a newer show called Beauty and the Book, which is hosted by Kathy Patrick, founder of the Pulpwood Queens Book Club and owner of the Beauty and the Book salon.  Kathy is a licensed cosmetologist and a former publishing rep, who after losing her job during an economy slump, completely set her sights on her dream job:  A Bookstore and Beauty Salon!

Kathy’s shop is all about making you feel beautiful inside and out and her give back doesn’t stop there.  Promoting indie and local authors, she’s begun interviewing authors from all over the globe AND inviting them for FREE makeover services at her salon.  All her author makeovers are inspired by the time period and characters of their books.   Apart from fun makeovers and book chats, she also joins the authors for a book related activity such as vintage shopping, cooking traditional foods, house hunting, museum tours and more!  She may, in fact, have my dream job.

Don’t you want to hang out with her?! Kathy Patrick: Phenomenal Woman (image courtesy readandlead.blogspot.com)

Kathy is incredibly involved in outreach programs in her community.  She helped create a writing program in the homeless shelter of her town, gaining the trust of the people there and listening to their stories.  Now, she and her Pulpwood Queens  (who consist of over 300 chapters nationwide=the largest book club in the world) hold numerous events through the year promoting literacy and raising funds for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

Her show can be found on YouTube and at her site Beautyandthebookshow.com.  It’s kitschy, quirky, and simply adorable!  Kathy Patrick will win you over with her genuine enthusiasm for life and for BOOKS!

Here are a few of my favorite author interview episodes!

Karen Abbott, Author of American Rose:

Paula McLaine, Author of The Paris Wife:

Fannie Flagg, Author of I Still Dream of You:

Lisa See, Author of Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy:

Pat Conroy, Author of South of Broad:

Your turn!  What did you think of Kathy’s author interviews?  Don’t you want to run to her shop and be a part of her book clubs?  Have you read any of the books she reviews or the authors she interviews?  Who would be your dream author to interview if you had the chance?  Check out Kathy’s book club book selections for the year here!

Also, if you haven’t yet made it over to the Life List Club’s new blogsite, what are you waiting for?!

10 responses

  1. Oh, Jess, what a find!! I love her and her show! I have to go the website, too, when i leave here. I read The Paris Wife and loved it so it was fun to listen to the author. Pat Conroy was fun, too, since Charleston is one of my favorite cities–gorgeous place. we spent part of our honeymoon there. And then Karen Abbott–so glad to have seen her video and now I want to get American Rose!
    I’ll have to come back for the other videos. I’m going to subscribe to Kathy Patrick’s videos on YouTube! So fun–what an entrepeneur!

    1. I knew you’d love her! She’s a hoot! And American Rose is on my TBR list also. I loved Sin in the Second City and after touring the other clips and history pieces of Gypsy Lee Rose, I can’t wait to read American Rose!

  2. Karen McFarland | Reply

    Oh wow Jess, a beauty salon and bookstore combo? That’s a new one. I like it! What a great idea! You can read while you’re waiting or while you’re being primped. Very cool! 🙂

    1. Weren’t the author makeovers funny to watch? I like the idea of a themed look! Of course I love costume parties. The dream job portion of this is the excursion with the author, that’s my favorite! How cool would that be?

  3. Love her and her brilliant ideas! I’m going to save all of these videos for later tonight because after I began watching the first one I knew I had to see them all! Thanks for introducing us to Kathy!

    1. I know right?! They’re addicting! It’s just so fun and down to earth. I want you to contact her and get the Bridge Club on Beauty and the Book! And if you need a slackey to carry stacks of books for you or your luggage or anything, I’ll gladly volunteer!

  4. Fell in love with Kathy Patrick the moment I met her by chance on a visit to Jefferson, Tx , ran home to start my own Pulpwood Queen Book Club! Brilliant ideas, insightful interviews and fabulous book finds!!

    1. I can totally see why. I’m convinced she has my dream job! Her interviews are so fun and I love the personal touch she includes by doing an activity with the author. Too much fun!

  5. I am blessed to live in Jefferson, Texas, alongside Kathy Patrick & I invite y’all to come down here & check out Beauty & the Book first-hand. You won’t be disappointed!!! Kathy’s shop is fantastic…full of wonderful books (Kathy ALWAYS recommends books that I end up LOVING) and other jewels. But better than that, Kathy’s larger-than-life personality is worth the trip! It’s so energizing being around someone who is so obviously passionate about literacy. Plan a fun summer getaway to Jefferson, Texas! There’s lots to see & do and we’re very hospitable 🙂

    1. I don’t doubt it for a minute! I just attended a writers conference in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and everyone I met was so so nice! I’d love to visit Kathy’s book store someday and have an author makeover! She is larger than life and it comes through the videos; I adore her and her show!

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