#ROW80: My Writers Clock is Ticking


So all I do now is work, write, eat veggie chips, and feign a few hours of sleep each night.   I am immersed in Fast Draft and it’s all I have time for.  But, it’s for 2 weeks!  And I can do anything for 2 weeks!

I’m also two weeks into ROW80.  Seems to be my lucky number!  Here are my ROW Goals.

  • Blessings vs. Gratitude Challenge  For the month of June, I want to journal about the blessings in my life rather than just things I’m grateful for.  I’ve been blessed by some great experiences and introductions lately, so I’m hoping by focusing on the positive in my life I can learn to better handle the negative.
  • Fast Draft!  Fast Draft is a process I learned about from Candace Havens at the DFW Conference, and it is set about to help you write a first draft in 2 weeks by writing 20 pages/day.
  • Still blog ahead.  Blogging ahead helps me to focus on my WIP now.  I was able to get some posts prepped in my first week, and now I’m busy connecting and completing several guest posts for my new Tuesday Featured Writers series.
  • Read 2 books a month.  I have too many books going at once right now!  I’m currently focusing on the Fifty Shades series (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post) and on These Things Hidden, which is a selection for my book club.

So what have I accomplished?

I’ve definitely been thinking about blessings and I’ve shared some of them with my book club and my parents, but I haven’t been journaling about them yet.  I do want to get back into that.  I know I’m thinking differently, but I want to record that because I think it’s important to know when you’re learning something new.


Blog ahead.  I have some reviews backlogged for rainy writing days, but I’m so excited about my new Tuesday series featuring writers!  Thriller writer CJ West kicked us off, and in case you missed her, women’s writer Patricia Sands joined me yesterday!  Next week I’m thrilled to host a WISCONSIN writer!  And the series will finale with a New York Times Bestselling Author!  But I’m not saying who.  😉  You’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m getting back into gear with my reading which is another reason I’m not sleeping.  The other night I was up until 4 am reading the Fifty Shades series!

Don’t tell mom what I’m reading!!! (goldenbookwyrm.wordpress.com)

I’ve now fallen asleep and woken up with my kindle still in hand 3 out of 4 nights.  And once I woke up after dropping the kindle on my face!  I’ve been audio booking it in the mornings while I get ready for work.

And that brings me to Fast Draft.  My biological writers clock is ticking!  While attending my second writers conference, I knew I needed a change so I could finish a first draft already.  And that’s when Candace Havens walked into my life!

You can learn all about Fast Draft today in my contributing post at The Life List Club!  I shared #FastDraft:  How To Do It Successfully and What You Learn Along the Way.

How are your ROW goals going for you?  Does your writers clock need a new schedule?

21 responses

  1. I think it will be a real blessing if you live through this!!!! Go Jessie

    1. Oh there are days! But Nigel (who has been the best fast draft late night twitter writer) convinces me I won’t actually die just maybe end up mamed or barren. Thanks Nigel!

      And thank you Pat!

  2. Life in between the covers has a new meaning 🙂 – Lesley

    1. LOL. Excellent play on words, friend! I give you kudos!

  3. Holy cow, girlfriend! I’m impressed with your passion and motivation! Be sure to get some sleep!

    1. But there’s so much to do in a day!

      P.S. This is how I can impress you all at book club. LOL

  4. Yeah! The comment posted!

  5. Great job, Jess! You’re a powerhouse of motivation! Keep it up, girl! You can do it!

    1. I’m giving it my best! Thanks for checkin in Marcia!

  6. Camille LaGuire | Reply

    It sounds like Fast Draft is a great way to shift your thinking and habits. Good luck with it and welcome to ROW80. (Good to see new faces just as people are getting distracted and wandering away…)

    1. What’s that? I missed what you said cause there was a nickel on the floor. 😉

      Thank you for the encouragement Camille! I am really happy I chose to do Fast Draft.

  7. Great job, Jess. Fast Draft sounds intense but fun. Keep it up!

    1. Best understatement of the day, Stacy!

  8. My word, girl. You wear me out just reading about all this stuff. I feel like such a writing slacker next to you! Good job on planning ahead and fastdrafting.

    1. Well, you have to read the Fast Draft post I did at the LLC blog. I’m not getting 20 pages a day. Not with my schedule. But I’m still writing way more than I was and doing a couple 1,000 words each day.

      And Mark, you’re the one with a book already published, so don’t even start with the slacker talk! 😛

  9. You go, girl! Sounds to me like you are on an amazing roll!

    1. Some days more than others, but I’m not giving up! Thanks Patricia!

  10. I keep thinking about you Fast Drafters. Y’all are taking it by storm, girlfriend! Best wishes.

    1. It’s been a phenomenal learning lesson for sure. How’s your revision process going?

      1. Slow but steady. Hoping the tortoise really does win the race!

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