#ROW80: The Final Countdown

Well, it’s the final check in for Round 2 of ROW80!  I think some mood music is in order!

You’re right, it probably is too early for that.  Oh well.

I also need to announce the winner of Patricia Sands’ e-book copy of The Bridge Club:  Diana Murdock

Congratulations, Diana!!!

Having joined up with ROW80 at the end of this round, I don’t have any momentous meaning of life stories for you, but it was great getting my butt in gear and back on track with writing.


  • Blessings Over Gratitude
  • Blog Ahead
  • Fast Draft
  • Read 2 books a month
  1. Blessings:  I’ll admit, I wasn’t very good with this one this week.  I’ve had some schedule interferences and meltdowns this week so mostly I focused on why my life was so miserable and justified all my crabbiness.  This goal is going to stay in for Round 3!
  2. Blog Ahead: I still have one blog ready to go, but with incorporating the Featured Writers Series, that was more of an ongoing project.  It’s been a really rewarding one having had CJ West, Patricia Sands, and now Wisconsin Writer Jay Gilbertson all guest on my blog!  And guess what team?!  I talked Kait into doing it too!!!  Yay!
  3. Fast Draft: A little more like Slow Draft for me this week, but I am still writing.  I’m not hitting my page count due to schedule glitches, but I’m still almost 80 pages more than I had when I started, so I must remember to not beat myself up too hard.
  4. Read 2 books a month: Let’s just say, I better get crackin.  All my writing last week, I kept falling asleep after reading only a few pages.  Gotta get some reading in there soon!

There’s my final update for Round 2!  How are you doing?  I’m looking forward to getting to know you all more for Round 3 as I’ll be a sponsor!  Scary, I know.  

11 responses

  1. Okay, you had a tough week, but you still made progress. YAY you! Next round will be more manageable, for sure. Keep plugging away, Jess!

    1. Thank you Marcia! You are the best cheerleader!

  2. Love this whole concept, Jess – especially the Blessings goal. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Dorie! Hope you’re having fun this summer relaxing at the cabin! I miss your singing and dancing.

  3. Hi Jess.

    The fast draft goal of 20 pages a day was incredibly ambitious when you have a day job, sleeping, eating, and all those other things to fit in. As you say, you’ve got nearly a hundred pages that you didn’t have before – and that is something to be happy about, eh?


    1. Ooh I like your page count. Hope I make it to 100. Thank you for all the twitter chats and cheerleading Nigel, huge help and motivator.

  4. Don’t you beat yourself up at all, Jess! Look at all you have accomplished and don’t worry about what you haven’t! It was great fun guesting on your wonderful blog along with CJ and Jay. I’m looking forward to Kait’s visit! *pompoms waving*

    1. You and your pompoms! LOL Thank you Patricia!

  5. Hey, I saw that you’re a sponsor next round! How wonderful, Jess. You did great this go-around! I get better at making and knocking out goals each time.

    1. Thanks largely in part to inspiring writers I met! And did you know I got to room with one?! 😉

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