May I Show You aROWnd Town?


Last night I enjoyed a most delicious Thai food dinner of samosas, garlic naan, and navratan korma with a dear friend who’s moving out of town.  We had a movie night after dinner, and watched I Don’t Know How She Does It.  The film stars Sarah Jessica Parker and is based on the book by Allison Pearson.  I admit, I thought the film would be dumb.  Maybe a funny bit here and there, but nothing epic.

Thing is, I really liked this movie.  It was real.  The story is about Kate Reddy, a woman investor who travels around the country making business deals.  She also has 2 kids and a husband who’s own career is finally taking off.  Kate’s story could be any woman’s story.  She’s trying to juggle all of the hats she wears.

I’m sharing this movie for ROW80 day as a great flick to watch with your girlfriends and realize you’re not alone in your multi-tasking and yes, you can have it all!  Might help you set your ROW goals!

Round 3 of ROW80 Goals:

I was pretty flattered when Kait asked me to be a sponsor for this round!  I ran out and bought pompoms and glowsticks and made a mix tape and blew up some balloons!  I’ll be dropping by your blogs ROWers so please make sure I’m on the list, it’s not fun to watch a person walk away with balloons and a sad face on.  😉

Here’s what I’ll be up to this round:

  • Finish First Draft of Women’s Fiction Piece – Write at least 4x week and complete 5-10 pages at least each day.
  • Read On Writing by Stephen King– First book of my Catch up on Craft Initiative
  • Read 2 Fiction Books a Month– I have 3 books going right now, so I need to skedaddle!  I might do the Jane Austen read-a-long, we’ll see…
  • Prepare for Summer Vacation – Joe and I are planning a road trip out west in a month, so I will need to get blog post prepped ahead, stock up on sunscreen, do the laundry that is mounding in my closet, and corral all the camping gear up in the next weeks.
  • Read Suze Orman’s Women and Money– I’s working on my savings!!!  *jingles piggy bank*
  • Be a Role Model and Cheerleader in my ROW80 Sponsor Role

I look forward to checking in with everybody!  And making some new friends!  Happy 4th of July Everyone!  And speaking of friends, look who made his own road trip up my way!

David N. Walker, from Where the Heart Is, and his lovely wife, Sharon, stopped in La Crosse, WI on their way north and I gave them a tour of the Riverside Park Friendship Gardens.  If you ever get the chance, you must meet these people.  David is a true patriarch, full of catchy advice and wisdom and a good hearty laugh.  Sharon cracks me up with her amazing directive abilities for all the pictures we took.  And she’s an avid gardener!  Here’s a little montage of our walk.

Sharon, David and I

We made a friend!

They even met my honey, Joe! (I totally got him that t-shirt!)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!


13 responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Jess. You’re too sweet.

    1. So happy you and Sharon could come through my way! It was fun hanging out! Come back anytime!

  2. Ha! David snuck out of town and didn’t say where he was going, so now we know. Hope you had a good time.


    1. He was afraid there’d be a LONG 3 hour goodbye. 😉

  3. Awesome goals, and I’m thrilled to have you in our sponsor circle. Kait chose well! That movie looks wonderful too. I think I might pick that one up for a chick flick. I rarely get to see those with three guys in the house, but I try. And I loved the pics of the Walkers, you, and Joe. How lovely that you got to visit. Happy ROW80!

    1. Thanks Julie! You’ll love the film, it’s a great one for moms too.

      The Walkers were such sweethearts! Let me see if I get this right…All y’all (right?) are welcome to come anytime!

  4. I love it when a movie I had low expectations for knocks it out of the park! Luckily, my hubby likes chick flicks, so I can pop this one into our Netflix queue for some summertime refreshment.

    Looks like a fun time at the gardens! Are the Walkers folks you met through your blog?

    Your ROW80 goals, although ambitious, look clear and do-able. Best wishes for a great round of words!


    1. You’re lucky. I wouldn’t dream of having Joe watch that movie with me. He’d have a running commentary throughout the whole thing and it’s not funny.

      Yes, I met the Walkers through blogging. Wonderful peeps! So sweet and funny.

      Good luck to you on your ROW goals! We’ll all be here cheering!

  5. Your dinner sounds delicious, but samosas and naan – correct me if I’m wrong – are Indian, yes? Either way, awesome meal and good for Joe for wearing that shirt. He must have scored major points with you! 🙂

    1. You’re totally right! Oops! I’ll correct it.

      And Joe loves that t-shirt!

      1. You KNOW I know my food. I mean, look at the Spam I hold near and dear to my heart. Fine cuisine’s my thing!

        1. You, me, and bologna!

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