#ROW80: Embarrassing Family Photos, Founders Day Appreciation, and Goal Update

First week check in for ROW80!  Round 3 has begun.  How are you all doing?  If summer’s got you down, feeling like you’re behind in your goals or missing out on all the barbecues, check out my guest post at the ROW blog this week on balancing family and friends along with your writing.  I titled it:  I Love You.  Forever.  Now Get Lost!  Go read it, you get to see a funny picture of me with my parents.  They don’t know I posted it!!!

For all you ROWers, how well do you know our ROW founder, Kait Nolan?  Test your Kait knowledge and learn even more in Kait’s fantasy revealing interview with me and about her single serving guilty pleasure!  Both posts are filled with trademark Kait Nolan banter, you’ll love it!

And Now Back to Business:

The Goals: 

  • Finish First Draft of Women’s Fiction Piece – Write at least 4x week and complete 5-10 pages at least each day.
  • Read On Writing by Stephen King– First book of my Catch up on Craft Initiative
  • Read 2 Fiction Books a Month
  • Prepare for Summer Vacation – Joe and I are planning a road trip out west in a month, so I will need to get blog post prepped ahead, stock up on sunscreen, do the laundry that is mounding in my closet, and corral all the camping gear up in the next weeks.
  • Read Suze Orman’s Women and Money– I’s working on my savings!!!  *jingles piggy bank*
  • Be a Role Model and Cheerleader in my ROW80 Sponsor Role

How’d I do?  Great!  On the goals I worked on this week.  I actually gave myself permission to enjoy summer for a few days and just catch up on reading and vacation planning (plus I knew I had some late nights at the day job, so this way they didn’t interfere).  Therefore, no writing on the WIP, just blogging occurred.


But, I finished reading Blessings by Anna Quindlen and will get a review up soon.  I made headway on the Janet Evanovich book too, and I did some research on the sites Joe and I are going to visit on our vacation in a few weeks.  And oh yah, I went and visited blogs again!!!  It was so nice chatting with all of you again!

This week it’s back to the grindstone.  Blogging ahead, work on the WIP at least 4 days, and keep reading, reading, reading!

How are you guys doing?

23 responses

  1. Doing fine, thanks! I have written more than I thought, from this Friday on, I will be 4 weeks on the road. Not sure how the combination of writing and a road trip is going to work out, so we’ll see!

    1. Oooh where is your road trip to? I’ll be headed on one out west the first week of August. Let me know how it goes? Do you have the WP app on your phone? I am planning to get my blog posts prepped ahead and then I should be able to comment and read others from my phone easily enough. You know, since there’s that whole 5-6 hours sitting in a car thing happening every day.

      Have fun on your road trip!!!

    2. All I can say is that we are staying with family members in Denmark and France. The rest of our trip is a big secret! Since we are on the road for 4 weeks, I take my laptop with me. If you want to know more about the trip, follow us on http://cosytravels.wordpress.com!

  2. I like where you said you did great. Even if you didn’t work on all your goals, you looked on the bright side about the goals you DID work on. I love your attitude. 🙂

    I know you’re excited and looking forward to your vacation. You mentioned camping gear…are you camping during your whole vacation?

    I’ve been thinking about reading On Writing by Stephen King. There are so many books on writing craft out there, and sometimes I wonder what makes some of these people experts. I’ve never heard of most of the authors. But I admire and respect Stephen King SO much, that I would trust his advice over anyone else’s. 🙂

    1. Well, it was the right choice at the time because I did not want to resent my writing by trying to cram it all in. It was a good relaxation to just take a break a read a bit. It recharged me and I’ve used some of my free time to also stretch more. I’ve got neck and back problems and have had to go to the chriropractor 3 times a week lately. Taking a break to focus on strengthening my core has been a good thing. Less headaches. Literally!

      We’re camping on and off. Staying in some hotels along the way too. My honey is smart and got us a campsite not too far from the bathrooms so I still get to shower!! Yay!

      I’ll let you know what I think of Stephen King’s book!

      Take care, Lauralynn!

  3. I loved your sponsor post! That was such an awesome picture…

    At any rate, have fun on your vacation!

    1. Thank you Dahnya! Hope you made plans to enjoy your summer just as much as work on your writing goals!

      I’ll be cheering you all on from the road in 2 weeks!

      1. Hah! Summer in Seattle isn’t exactly summer… we’ve barely hit 70 yet. If I actually see a full day of sun, I’ll jump for joy.

        Instead, I’ll just keep going through my summer reading list and wishing I was on a beach somewhere…

  4. I’m jumping in your trunk before you take off for the west, Jess! Just stop every hour or so and let me out for air, OK? Where are you planning to visit? Vegas? Phoenix? LA? Spill! You did do well on your goals! Good for you for taking time to relax and enjoy the summer. I’ve been stuck in my office and am missing the fresh air of summer. Off to visit the ROW blog now to see what you’re up to.

    1. We’re headed to Yellowstone National Park! With stops along the way to Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Tetons, and Salt Lake City.

      You can hide in the trunk, but you bring your own bear spray! LOL

      1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Wow! The pictures you’ll have when you get home! Gorgeous!

        I don’t mind bears. I have a mean roundhouse kick!

  5. Oh, sometimes the best thing is just to sit back and enjoy life for a few days. Refills that creativity well. And hey, sometimes, you just have to come out of the writing cave. :-p Glad to see your goals are going so well! Love your “Catch up on Craft Initiative” goal. Brilliant!

    1. I’m going to start calling the end of the kitchen my “writing cave”. Love it!

  6. Loved that Anna Quindlen book! I am back to ROW-ing after taking off a couple of rounds. Here’s MY ROW 80 CHECK-IN POST

    1. I really liked Blessings too. Glad you’re back into ROW!

  7. Glad you’re doing well on your goals, Jess. Have you read Suze Orman’s Women and Money yet … ?


    1. Not finished. Started. I love her advice, although some is a little outdated because it’s impossible to find a savings account with a 3-4% interest rate now. 1% is almost lucky now! Hence part of my to-do is to meet with a personal banker about other options. Oy.

  8. Road trip sounds like great fun! Sounds like you have things under control and I love that you are not beating yourself up for not getting around to some goals this week, after all, there is always next week!!

    Thanks for stopping by my place 🙂

    1. Well I was informed I was being a summer scrooge. So it’s been nice to do some of the more pleasurable goals this round. Thanks Em!

  9. Have a wonderful trip. Sounds like a lot of fun. 😀 And yay on your goals *shakes pom-poms* 😀

    1. Hahaha love the pom poms Sonia!

  10. I’m going to look up the Quindlen book. I don’t think I’ve read her before.

    Enjoying the summer, vacationing, and reading are great ways to recharge.

    Good luck on your goals.

    1. Thank you Medeia! Sometimes we need a little recharge. Good luck on this next week of ROW!

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