The Guilty Pleasure Guide to Selecting the Right Audio Book

The Guilty Pleasure Guide to Selecting the Right Audio Book!

Some of my favorite guilty pleasure ways to spend the day include books, or audio books, and LIBRARIES! On this recently Freshly Pressed blog, the librarian bloggers of Eleventh Stack give us their tried and true recommendations for a perfect audio book. And they recommend my DFW Con pal, James Rollins! Woohoo!

Some of my favorites include Into Thin Air, The 19th Wife, and Shanghai Girls. 

What are your favorite audio books?

Eleventh Stack

Audio books are great for providing entertainment for those weary of just sitting in traffic and listening to the woes of the world on news radio, bored with the nattering talking heads mouthing the same opinions over and over; or crazy from the popular songs that you just can’t get out of your head because that’s all the radio is playing these days. Audio books fill the bill and are especially great if you are on a long car trip, alone or with your family. Over the years a reader’s voice can become like an old friend.

Professional book readers can make or break a story. Most readers are actors, some very well-known film and TV performers, and others from the stage and regional theater. Some have made quite a lucrative profession out of reading books and are just plain excellent. Oft-lauded readers include Jim Dale, who has read…

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4 responses

  1. Thanks. I read the article! I love my library’s audiobook program now. I listened to another Thursday Next novel on my way to and from DFW Con. I love the reader for that series, and the books crack me up!

    It’s also very easy to get through a middle-grade novel on audiobook. Since they are shorter and the sentences are less complex, it’s a great way to “read” those books while cleaning house, exercising, shopping for groceries, etc.

    Speaking of which, I really should pick up something from Rollins other than his YA Jake Ransom series.

    1. Yah, I’m going to look for The Devil Colony on audio from my library since that’s the book I bought at DFW. Excited to hear it’s a great one!

  2. Great article, Jess! Back in the days of cassettes, I did listen to a few audio books. Haven’t since then, but with my iPad, I thought I might try it again on our trips to my hometown every other week. I drive up while hubs naps. The trip back home, I usually read anyway. Jim Rollins Devil Colony would be awesome on audio!

    1. I’m negotiating titles with my honey right now. Lol

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