Kevin Costner Bought Me Wine Last Night!

Hi Everyone!

Checking in from the road to cheer you on with your ROW goals!  I’m obviously on hiatus for 2 weeks.

So far, Joe and I have visited the Music History Museum in Vermillion, South Dakota, the Badlands, Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and are currently hanging out in Deadwood where Kevin Costner owns the Midnight Star Casino.  Joe had much better luck at the slots than I, but I still feel like Kevin and I are a little bit closer.


Tomorrow we hit Yellowstone!

Take care everyone! See you soon! Marcia Richards is fabulously keeping everyone company while I’m away!


8 responses

  1. Great to hear you’re having a wonderful time! Those are all great places – we visit them often as we travel to see our son and daughter-in-law in Buffalo, WY (are you going through Buffalo? It’s a neat little town! Enjoy!

    1. I’m loving it Dorie! I don’t think we’re going through Buffalo, but I’ll watch for it. Hope you’re having fun too!

  2. Your vacation sounds wonderful!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see more pictures. 🙂

  3. Jess, I’m sure Kevin was thrilled to know you had stopped in at his place. Did he realize he would be mentioned on your blog too? You rock! Happy motoring!

    1. I want him to sign the dvd of Hatfields & Mc Coys for me!

  4. I remember passing by the Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City last summer and thinking, hmm, how very Portland of this place! Glad you’re having fun, and I’m actually a bit jealous that I’m not traveling.

    1. I think we’ve made a lot of the same stops on our road trip. We went to Crazy Horse and to Devil’s Tower (did you go there too – I thought so). I tried to convince Joe of a little detour NW for a maple bacon bar, but we’re on a tight schedule. 😦

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