Got Paint? A Guilty Pleasure Post by Marcia A. Richards

Hi, All! Jess left me in charge of this week’s Guilty Pleasure Friday. She sure is a trusting soul. I won’t mess with anything, though I’d really love to paint the walls a pretty pink, with opaque white stripes.

No? Okay, I’ll just tell you about my Guilty Pleasure and hope I can inspire the creative genius in your heart!

I paint old furniture.

Doesn’t sound exciting to you? That’s okay. I LOVE it! When I look at an old piece of furniture, one with some character in its lines, I get goosebumps thinking about how beautiful I can make it!

Give me your old scratched and marred desk, chair, hutch, table, whatever…and I’ll make it look better than new!
I don’t refinish furniture, but I paint it. I stencil designs and I paint free-hand funky, quirky, cute and wild designs.

Got a thing for animal prints? No problem.

Prefer something more conservative like a floral design? You’ve got it.

How about a retro look? I can do that.

Sanding the wood until it’s silky smooth; planning the design that perfectly suits the receiver of the piece; brushing on the creamy paints from a massive spectrum of colors.

I love the scent of sawdust and acrylic paints!
It’s definitely my passion.  Chairs are, by far, my favorite pieces to paint.

A child-size chair can be hung on the wall as a shelf.

An ordinary wood chair can be repurposed as a flower planter in the garden.

A set of pastel painted chairs can freshen the look of your dining room or kitchen.

Oh, then there are old trunks, the odd end table or occasional table, wood trays, wood stools, an outdated china cabinet, and even kitchen cupboards!

How do you find pieces to paint? You’ll see the signs of our disposable society everywhere.

  • Garage sales
  • Piles of junk at the side of the road
  • Your mother’s attic
  • Your basement
  • Flea markets
  • Ask your friends
  • …you’ll stumble on the one piece that catches your eye and won’t let you go without loading it in your trunk.

If you go searching for something to paint, don’t pass up old tins, old windows, old watering cans  and planters. They can be painted, too! I’ll tell you how to paint and repurpose some of those things in a future post at my website, Sexy, Smart and Strong.

Set me up with a cup of spicy tea and a few pieces of dark chocolate and I’ll paint all afternoon.

What’s your guilty pleasure?  Does it have anything to do with paint?

Marcia Richards is the author of Marcia Richards’ Blog…Sexy. Smart. From The Heart. Marcia writes about women, history, and the path to realizing your dreams. She has a Historical Trilogy and a collection of Short Stories in progress. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing with the grandkids or her husband, traveling or turning old furniture into works of art. She believes there is always something new to learn.

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10 responses

  1. How cool! I love the result. I am SO NOT talented in that way. The words “art” or “craft” make me shake a little with trepidation. I’m thrilled that there are gifted artists who can do what you do.

    1. I’m with you Julie. My artwork peaked in 4th grade. I’ll never top those mad pinata making skills.

    2. Thanks, Julie! If you only knew how easy it is…

  2. You even make that old furniture look sexy. I don’t have your artistic talent but I do love to find treasures in all those places you suggest. Now I’ll have to figure out a way for you to work your magic on them.

    1. OMG! We’re making Marcia open up a store!!!

      1. I’ve always wanted my own store, Jess. In fact I used to sell all kinds of handmade goods from home –I’d have a show right before the holidays every year.

    2. Or, I can show you how to do it! Easy, peasy! So rewarding when it’s done!

  3. Wow, what a great guilty pleasure to have, Marcia. I’ve thought of doing it, but whenever I try something ‘crafty’ I hate it because it looks like it was done by a two year old. LOL. My guilty pleasure? Oh boy, I think I need to find one. 🙂

    1. Sheila you’ve got to get a guilty pleasure! It’s time to indulge woman!

    2. I think you only need a few pointers and whatever you try would come out great!
      I agree with Jess, you HAVE to find a guilty pleasure!

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