Top 5 Cinematic Couples

In honor of this month’s Redhots Review, which will take place next Friday, where Marcia Richards and I give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the film Hope Springs, I’m talking couples today!  Hope Springs is the film about a married couple who’ve lost their passion for another, and take an extensive couples therapy getaway to bring it back.

So what cinematic couples leave you at the end of the film knowing “they’re going to make it”?  Ladies and Gents, I give you:

My Top 5 Cinematic Couples

1. Harry Burns and Sally Albright

(image courtesy

Men and women can’t be friends.  Or so Harry thinks when he carpools to New York with Sally after their college graduation.  But Harry and Sally end up becoming friends, and then become something more, and then all hell breaks loose, and then they work it!  I think Sally will always have Harry to kiss her on New Year’s in this relationship.

2.  Loretta Castorini and Ronny Cammareri

(image courtesy

There’s something to be said for the storyline of this movie.  First off, I unabashedly love Cher!  I love her music, I love her brazenness, and if you’re not following her full of typos and confusing tweets, you’re missing out on lots of fun!  @Cher  But back to Moonstruck.  The story is Loretta is engaged to Johnny Cammareri, but Johnny always has an excuse for why they should postpone their wedding.  Part of the reason is that Johnny hasn’t spoken to his brother, Ronny, for some years.  So Loretta, a stubborn Italian woman, takes it upon herself to mend their relationship.  I love this film, because when it comes right down to it, Loretta shows courage to make the right choice even when it’s difficult.  And because it’s Cher!

3.  Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe

(image courtesy creative commons)

If Anne and Gilbert can’t make it work, no one can!  Fortunately, these two are one of the most stubborn and exceptional couples that started as friends that I can think of!  Overcoming obstacles like broken blackboard slates, sunken dories, runaway cows, public poetry recitals, and even scarlet fever, this couple is built to last.  And even Hugh Jackman knows it!

Totally Swoon Worthy YouTube Video:

4.  Vinny Gambini and Mona Lisa Vito

(image courtesy

Imagine you’re in Alabama.  You’re loud-mouth lawyer fiance drags you from New York to defend his cousin who’s on trial for murder and you’re stuck in a motel by a train track and there’s mud pits everywhere.  See, now that’s true love!

5.  Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay

(image courtesy

Both of them with other people.  One cruise ship.  One destiny.  A splendid affair and plans to meet again in 6 months.  But when tragedy befalls one of them, will the other’s pride forgive so they can mend their hearts?  I admit it, this is the first movie that ever made me cry.


What cinematic couples would you bet had lasting relationships?  Who do you secretly wished lasted forever, but aren’t quite sure?  My back and forth pick was Johnny Castle and Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in Dirty Dancing.  Did they stay together?  I just don’t know!

8 responses

  1. How can you list An Affair to Remember but not Sleepless in Seattle? I thought Sleepless was FAR superior, and I’d nominate Sam and Annie as a couple which would stay together.

    1. Ok, yes, I’m sure they stayed together, but their love wasn’t epic for me. I like cute and quirky Meg Ryan (ala Sally Albright) more than mopey, strangely confused Meg Ryan like Sally. But I do agree, they’d stay together.

  2. My Cousin Vinny is one of my all time favorites. Great story. Even greater characters, archetypes with a fresh view – beautiful! This post looks mega-sharp Jess, way to go 🙂

    1. There were so many good scenes to choose from. I wasted hours on youtube! LOL

  3. I’ve never seen My Cousin Vinny! But Harry & Sally is in my Top 10 Movies list. Great choices, Jess! I’ll take Lucy & Jack from While You Were Sleeping as well. I think they stick it out!

    1. Oh that’s a good one! That’s my mom’s favorite movie, we watched it all the time when it came out. It is pretty fun.

      “Hey Luc, is this guy bothering you?…Cause it looks like he’s…leaning.”


  4. Scarlett and Rhett, My Dear. Scarlett and Rhett… 🙂

    1. I admit it, I like the sequel, Scarlett. Because I get my happy ending!

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