Happy Oktoberfest!

150,000 some people flock to the streets of La Crosse, Wisconsin over the next 2 weeks for the United States’ biggest German festival, Oktoberfest.  Streets are blocked off, extra police come in, there are no less than 3 parades and everyone is out celebrating!

This past saturday was the Maple Leaf Parade, a parade that lasts for almost 4 hours!  Every area beauty queen is riding a float and waving by, several marching bands, radio stations, military branches, all the international students carrying their country’s flag, political party volunteers, AND even the Canadian Oktoberfesters make an appearance in OUR parade!

It’s common for ‘festers’ to dress up, typically in German clothing, but any costume is considered good spirit!  Here are a few snapshots from this year’s Maple Leaf Parade!  Hope you enjoy!

Loved these women festing across the street from us. I simply HAD to meet them!

Before the parade, many people participated in a half marathon run/walk – including one local firefighter in full gear!

The Pre-Parade Camp Out. Joe and I saving spots.

Does your town have a giant motorized shopping cart people can ride in?

German dancers

Pom Squads

Marching Bands

Joe and I in our matching Lumberjack Costumes!

More dirndls – the German dress worn by women.

Locomotives on the parade route!

And of course, a fair amount of accordian music!

Will you be festing this week?  What the best parade you’ve ever been to?

But wait, there are winners!  Thank you to everyone who commented on my interview with author Michael Perry.  I’m glad his words connected with so many of you!  The 3 lucky winners of his newest book, Visiting Tom, are Viola Fury, Mark Petruska, and Kathleen Hoeper!

13 responses

  1. Best parade I’ve been to? Hand’s down Portland’s Grand Floral Parade! No festing this week, but I went to the State Fair of Texas yesterday, so I think that should count for something!

    1. Fun! I love Portland, so I’ll have to go check out their parade sometime! Thanks for sharing!

    2. The Starlight Parade is like a miniature version of the Grand Floral Parade, with all kinds of craziness taking place. Love it!

  2. Oktoberfest is a big deal in central Texas where German communities sprang up. I’m sure there will be lots of beer and bratwurst consumed. Love the pics!

    1. Oh yah I got my brew and a brat for lunch that day!

      1. Why did I just hear that in a Jess accent?

  3. Those dirndl skirts are a little short. Not that I’m complaining…

    1. Well they come in all sizes. The girls in the parade were wearing them too. Perhaps you should invest in some liederhosen!

  4. Those German dancers make me feel kind of funny. Like when I used to climb the rope in gym class…

  5. Cool! Love the lumberjack costume Jess. 🙂

    1. I think you need a hat like that too!

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