How to Best (NOT) Prepare for the Fall Writing Season

Oh epic fail!  I am totally wearing the Pants Of Shame this week, you guys.  Here I talked up baby steps and plausible – adjustable goals, and I didn’t complete a one of them that I created.

So, if we’re counting, I did NOT:

  • Read one chapter of Stephen King’s On Writing
  • Finish reading Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer
  • Journal anything – uber fail there
  • Blog ahead 3 posts

The Regional Visit I’ve been preparing for at work is today, so I think once that’s behind me, I’ll get a lot more of my ROW80 goals done.  Many of you have again shared this last check in that life has a way of interfering – or in my case piling up in the form of laundry and living off of take out.

So this coming week’s ROW goals for me need to be tweaked.  Here’s planning on! –

  • Doing my laundry and finding the two mysteriously missing pairs of jeans I used to wear often
  • Grocery shopping and cooking a big ol’ batch of chili mac so I actually have some leftovers to eat
  • Finish reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  • Spend the weekend with my boyfriend, celebrating our six year anniversary!  Weekend getaway, Tony-Award Winning Production of Avenue Q!  Fancy dinner!
  • Spend tomorrow’s day off writing!!!


So this weekend will bring some fun and hopefully some writing time as well.  Not to mention, the premieres of both Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead!!!  *Squee!*

Role Model Alert:

There’s lots more exciting news out there than that.  For example, sharing with you who I think wins the Hall of Fame for ROW80 Role Models this week!
To start us out, Sonia G. Medeiros shared How Not to Starve During NaNoWriMo, a post full of links and meal plans for the busy writer on the go!  I love that she shared this!  If you’re like me, you survived NaNoWriMo on Dove chocolate, cheetos, and caffeine – a diet not for the weak of heart or amateur junk food artist!  The blogs Sonia linked to give you all kinds of freezer food plans for the newbie cook to the bulk foodmaker master!  If that’s not enough to convince you to try some recipes out in preparation for the NaNo Write Fest, Sonia’s vivid description of how NaNo Not Eating could turn you into a zombie will!
My other ROW80 Role Model this week is E M Castellan who shared Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing.  I too love Gaiman’s work, and these tips are both smart and inspirational!  Thank you, E M, for sharing them!  She’s my writing idol this week because she’s done an amazing job of preparing and sticking with her writing goals!  E M has stayed up late to get her writing done, read and planned to create some upcoming blog posts, and recently hosted an author interview!  Busy lady!  Congrats on a great week, E M!
How’s your week going, ROWers?

12 responses

  1. Enjoy your anniversary weekend and some much deserved down-time!

  2. You’ll get there, Jess, one day at a time. Your weekend plans sound fab … nothing will get in the way of that!

    1. Lol. I almost feel guilty partying but I have been working my bum off! Wish it was on my writing!

  3. Socks I can understand, but jeans? Anyway, happy anniversary and it sounds like you have a good handle on things.

    1. Oh dear, if you think I’m organized you’ve got bigger problems! LOL

  4. Good luck finding those jeans! My goal of finding jeans in my closet that fit ended up in a trip to Old Navy this week for new jeans one size up. :p Guess I had one too many Dove chocolates.

    Regroup and hit those goals when you can! When life interferes like that, I feel like I need Winston Churchill repeating his WWII address of “Never give in. Never, never, never, never…” (If you do it in Winston’s voice, it’s especially compelling.) Best wishes for a great week! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

    1. Fab advice from a fab friend! Thank you Julie.

      P.S. My jeans fit but are literally lost! Isn’t that bizarre?

  5. My, you made me blush! Thanks a lot for the mention and kind words. With my one ROW80 goal I didn’t think I’d be much of an inspiration to anyone 😉 Glad you found my post motivating. Happy anniversary and have a good writing week!

    1. EM, you’re doing fabulous and I LOVE how much of your success and inspiration comes from your constant research and passion for writing tips and stories! Keep it up girl!

  6. Mmmmm…..chili mac. I’m coming over. Save me some. 😀 I’m all excited because we got a big box of apples at the orchard and I can’t wait to freeze up some apple crisp fixings.

    1. Ok you are so bringing dessert with you.

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