What I Learned from Zombies and Tapas…

Hey there, ROWers!  Another week by and some of you are gearing up for NaNoWriMo with a vengeance!  Others are creating and maintaining meal plans.  And there are some of us (raises hand) who are just trying to get by each day to the best of our abilities.  Well, fear not!  There’s always great work being done in our learning moments.  I for one, had been whining that I haven’t written anything recently on my WIP, but you know what, the time away from it made me realize where I could strengthen the plot and change some characterization in places.  It was good to go away for a little bit.  It’s made me miss my work, dearly, but now when I have free time I’m really excited to visit it again!

What I am excited for completing this week has been in reading.  I finished reading Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer and will be helping run the Great New Books final discussion on this title today!  Stop over and participate!  The more the merrier!

This book is unlike anything I’ve encountered.  It’s a love story set in the language of space.  A perfect housewife with a hidden identity, a man with Asperger’s who only knows how to communicate with robots.  Together, this couple will defy the odds and demonstrate a very real, albeit unique, kind of lasting love.

There was also some great ROW updates this week and I’m sharing my two favorites!


First up is Christina Olson who participated in the Run For Your Lives 5K race in California.  The race, for those that may be unfamiliar, is your typical obstacle course run with walls to climb, puddles to cross, hills to speed down – although you’re doing this while zombies are trying to attack you!  Isn’t that brilliant?  I love it!  Christina participated as a zombie this year and takes us through the make up process of her zombification.  (complete with pictures!)  She may not have gotten all her writing done, but it sure sounds like Christina gave herself a little play time that recharged her, supported others, and made her confident to tackle her goals for the next week!  Sometimes we need that!  Way to go, Christina!  Loved your zombie post!

Next up is Tia Bach from Depression Cookies, a fabulous mother/daughter blog.  After a dinner out for tapas with her husband, Tia took her dinner home and made it a writing plan!  With the notion of writing small chunks of plot plans and character sketches, this pantser writer started…*gasp* outlining!  And because she’s my idol organized, she also packed a NaNo bag!  Curious?  You’ll have to head to her post to see what’s in it!  But this girl is motivated and moving forward!  Way to go, Tia!  You didn’t even need zombies chasing you to get your write goal in!  😉

Plus, I’m a total fan of tapas!  Check out my rumchata tapioca parfait I enjoyed last weekend!

How did your week go?  What were your learning lessons?  

And don’t forget!

This friday, Marcia and I are interviewing our first author for The Redhots!  His book has been getting lots of 5 star reviews!  Tune in on October 26th to see who it is!

Until then:  We’re kicking off Halloween with a fun photo contest!  You could be a winner of one of 6 prizes!

From my brother’s Wicked-Themed party 2 years ago!

What you need to know to enter:

1. There are three categories you can enter one time each:

  • Costume – your best ever, be it scary, cute or funny
  • Outdoor decorations – your scariest or most creative
  • Party room decor – you can include your Halloween tablescape, your unique pumpkin carving, and your room decorations

2. Post your pictures, up to 3 only, at our Twitter hashtag: #TheRedHots between October 19th and October 30th. The winners will be announced on Halloween!

3. For extra chances to win, you can choose to do the following:

  • “Like” Marcia’s and my Facebook pages
  • Tweet about the contest three times between the 19th and the 30th linking to our posts
  • Subscribe to our blogs

The prizes:

  • Grand prize will be an autographed print book by our indie author plus a Halloween Goody Bag.
  • 5 bonus prizes of a Kindlegraphed ebook from the author

Good luck!

18 responses

  1. Outlining? What’s that?!?!

    1. I know you didn’t just fart out your storyline, Mark! You’re not fooling anyone!!! LOL

      1. Actually…you’d be surprised at how little outlining I did…

        1. Well, clearly you must be cosmically genius! After all, belly dancers are “making eyes” at you!

          1. LOL. I lead a charmed life, I guess.

  2. Hi Jess! That parfait looks num-a-licious. And what a fun contest! Off to enter, at least once. 😉

    PS SHINE SHINE SHINE sounds like a great indie movie… Think there’ll be an adaptation?

    1. Perhaps, perhaps. I agree. And Netzer’s got herself some phenomenal NYT best-selling authors for back up! My nonfiction narrative pal, Karen Abbott, who I interviewed this year – She’s amazing! And Water for Elephants author, Sara Gruen, too! Wishing Lydia much success!

      And to you for your photos!

  3. I definitely need to start considering what I can learn from my pauses in writing, rather than freaking out because no writing is being done.

    Also, that parfait looks epic and delicious.

    1. Uh, have you tried rumchata? *drool*

      Yes! Learn from your writing pauses, don’t waste time in the guilt. One of my fave things I did for awhile was keep a writing journal, where literally all I did was record what I practiced or learned about writing because if I didn’t do that I forgot that I was indeed moving forward, slowly but surely.

  4. Stopping by to say hi. You’re so busy girl!!!!

    1. Ugh! Tell me about it! But you too. How are you Nina?

  5. I was wowed by Tia’s NaNo bag too. I felt like such a slacker by comparison. LOL! I feel organized if I get some writing done and my kids still have clean underwear. 😉 She’s awesome, though!

    I love those epiphany moments when you step away from your story and realize how to make it better. Best wishes with your process and your progress, Jess!

    1. Thanks Julie! At least you’re not missing any laundry. I STILL haven’t found my other pair of jeans! WTF?!

      1. How does a pair of jeans just vanish into thin air??? You must have a ghost.

      2. (A very well-dressed ghost.)

  6. Thanks for the shout-out. It made my day! I’m hoping to put my NaNo bag to great use, and I might even reward my NaNo efforts with some more wonderful tapas! Plus, I loved your pic!

    1. I think all of the above are fabulous plans! Good luck with NaNo, keep us posted on how the bag worked out, and definitely go get more tapas! Preferably some rumchata parfait! Mmmm

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