Happy Halloween! Meet this week’s ROWmodels!

Hello fellow ROWers and Writers!

I’ve got some exciting ROWmodels to showcase this week! 

Kicking things up Charleston-style, is the lovely and talented Julie Glover who shares with us The Roaring Twenties and #ROW80.  There’s a fabulous photo of Julie and her hubby getting ready for a 20’s themed party, which is my favorite period of history.  And she shared with us some awesome hit films and books of the 20’s!  But the reason Julie is truly awesome, and a ROWmodel this week, is her stellar dedication to her goals and follow through!  Julie has been working on her novel, blogging consistently, even did some plotting work on a new project, and has been working out zumba style!  Way to go, Julie!  You’re my idol!

Also on this week’s ROWmodels Hall of Fame is Jeff Clough with There’s No Such Thing as Free Time.  Jeff tells it like it is when it comes to the many hats a writer has to wear nowadays to be successful.  There’s the actual writing cap, but what about all the work you do researching, editing, marketing, coding, designing, etc.  We’re busy people!  While he wasn’t working on as much writing this week, he made some headway on his reading goals and will have some web changes to look forward to so keep your eyes peeled!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

I hope we’re all getting to celebrate by dressing up, trick or treating, or handing out candy today!  I’ll be in costume at work most of the day, but plan on watching scary movies all night tonight!

What’s your favorite scary movie?

In Honor of Halloween, Marcia Richards and I are announcing the winners of the Halloween Contest today!  

Thank you to all those who submitted photos, commented, tweeted, and Facebooked the contest love! Marcia, Fabio, and I had so much fun with you all!

The Five Winners of the Kindlegraphed copies of Fabio Bueno’s new release, Wicked Sense are:

Ghost in the Attic by Julie Glover

And the Grand Prize Winner of the Print Edition of Wicked Sense and Halloween Goody Bag is…

Renee Schuls-Jacobson!!!

Isn’t she pretty?

Another beer, Frauline?

She takes winning seriously!  Very seriously.

Congrats, Renee!  Well deserved! 

Thanks everyone for playing and to all the winners, enjoy Fabio’s new book!  Marcia and I certainly did!

Last but not least, my ROW goals:

  1. Finished reading Wicked Sense and Little Bee this week.  Started reading Olive Kitteridge and Football Sweetheart.
  2. Set up two future interviews for the blog!  One that I’ll be doing and one I’m hosting!
  3. Participated in the WANA International class Good Fences, so I’ll be practicing my new buzzword “Boundaries”  Sing it with me!
  4. Use my days off to blog ahead and/or (as time permits) plot and work on the WIP.
  5. Clean my room.  The search for the missing pants continues!

Have a very happy Halloween Everyone!

20 responses

  1. I know God’s busy with Hurricane Sandy and all, but I’m wondering if I should pray for your pants. Seriously, that would drive me crazy!!! WHERE ARE THE PANTS? LOL.

    Thanks so much for making me a ROW model today! I’m honored. And I love that pic with my hubby. He looked so dapper that night! He’s still wearing the hat anywhere he can.

    I already had WICKED SENSE on my TBR list, but thanks so much! Excited to get it now.

    As for Ghost in the Attic, that was for my son. His birthday is on Halloween, and several years ago we did a haunted house in our garage for his party. The ghost coming out of our attic was my idea, but hubby rigged it up. In the dark with strobe lights, it did the trick for those young kids–creepy but not nightmare-inducing. Fun!

    Have a great week, Jess! Happy Halloween & best wishes on your ROW80 goals!

    1. More importantly, where are Renee’s pants? 3 costumes and nary a pair of trousers among them!

      1. Lol Now that is a worthwhile question. And explains why Renee and I get along so well.

      2. Ha! What’s up with pants these days anyway? Jess can’t find hers, Renee won’t wear any, and Jenny likes throwing “pants” willy-nilly into titles and song lyrics. LOL.

    2. Congrats Miss Julie! You are a well deserving ROWmodel!

      And I love Halloween and think its so cool you guys had a big party for your boys.

  2. LOVE the Rapunzel, Jess!! I’ll be posting that to the Pinterest board if you give me permission. 🙂

    1. Please do! I LOVE Halloween!

  3. Hey, Jess! Thanks for this incredibly fun contest. I hope all the participants had fun with the pictures and interviews. Those pictures are priceless. Loved the ghost in the attic, and Renee seems to take Halloween very seriosuly (as you all should)!
    I just commented on Marcia’s post that being the first interviewed writer at the RedHots made me feel special. A true honor. You both were so graceful and generous. And thank you for the lovely review you left on Goodreads!
    Congrats to the winners! Your copies will be sent soon. I hope you enjoy the novel 🙂

    1. Fabio it was our pleasure having you! We loved the book and it was perfect to host at Halloween time. You’re welcome back anytime!

  4. All of these pictures are GREAT!! I love Halloween…

    Congrats to all of the winners!! Happy Halloween!

    1. Oh, and I am so excited that you’re reading Football Sweetheart, Jess! 🙂

    2. Tiff did you dress up?!

  5. Hey, guess what? I ended up dressing up – and won 3rd place in the costume contest at work. Woohoo! Had I known I was going to dress up, I’d have entered your contest, too. Though I think it’d be hard to top Renee – especially after she busted out the fraulein outfit.

    1. Well what was your costume?

  6. This year our whole family dressed up! 4yo was Alice, 13yo the Mad Hatter, I was the Queen of Hearts, Daddy was the Knave of Hearts, and we put bunny ears on the dog so he was the March Hare!

  7. Aw, Jess, what a fun Halloween you had, and so did all your winners! It was a quiet eve for me–the sons had homework (and are way too old for trick-or-treating), but I enjoyed the vicarious fun here!

    I love the ghost in the attic–we have an attic access like that–just watch out for next year! I love the Rapunzel costume, too; Julie is quite the flapper and Renee quite the fraulein!

    Congratulations to all the winners and ROW80 models!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I love Halloween and am already looking forward to seeing what you create next year!

      Have a great rest of your weekend!

  8. Finally, after stumbling and fumbling around for 3 days, I got here and had a ball. The pictures are great! Not sure about the zombie. She looks like me after one of my wild party nights. Just kidding. The reason you have no pants is because… I STOLE them all. I admit it. Yes, I TOOK ALL the pants.

    Well, I feel ever so much better, after that confession. The ROWModels are inspired. I loved the 20s too, mainly for the old gangster movies. Fun post!

    1. It all makes sense now. Well, Ms. Fury, those were one of my good butt jeans, so make the best of them! Pair with a sassy top and some great earrings! LOL

      Great round of ROWmodels this week!

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