The Incredible ROWmodel Mash-up

It’s another phenomenal week of ROW80 ROWmodels!  These ladies are making me ROW with envy!  What a talented and genuine group of ROWers we have! 

Suzan Butler is a writer All Star!  Have you been keeping tabs on this lady?  Wow!  She’s really got some writer stats I’m envious of.  She’s got a holiday book coming out, is participating in NaNoWriMo, working on a cover for a client, blogging consistently, and budgeting just right.  She even got her first publishing check!  Woohoo!!!  I highly commend Suzan for her commitments and follow through on her goals.  If any of you are looking for ideas to kick start your ROW goals, I think Suzan’s set up is a phenomenal example of how to do so!

Carrie-Anne Brownian shared a topic I’m sure many of you feel strongly about in her ROW80 update.  She faltered on whether or not to set a story aside when she was struggling with where to go with it.  I had this similar concern some time ago when I was trying to make a story work, and I thought the time away was helpful to get new perspective and energy around it.  But what are your suggestions?  What have you tried and what’s worked well?

Other writing struggles relayed to us from New To Writing Girl in NaNoWriMo 2012 – The First Few Days.  Writing Girl got to thinking about her book’s opening line.  She had always been a no editing while writing writer, and now NaNo’s got her tongue!  What writing struggles are you dealing with?  What are your tips for opening up your novel?  Do you find that after you start writing, you end up moving the start somewhere different than you first thought?

Deniz Bevan links us to a really interesting challenge for this time of year called the 100 Things Challenge.  Have you heard of this?  Really interesting idea for any ROWers and readers who are looking for ways to cut back or re-organize their lives.  I will definitely be implementing this somehow.  My room needs an overhaul!  Plus she shares her latest book picks of the new and old Sherlock Holmes stories!

I’ve got book and word count envy of Em at Loves to Read, Wants to Write for her AH-Mazing results in both categories!  She’s on book 73 of her 100 book challenge this year, which I think is incredible and I DEMAND that she share with us her favorite titles for a recommendation!  😀  And her NaNo word counts are totaling up to 6, 670 as of Sunday.  Go, Em, Go!

Congrats to all our ROWers!  You’re some successful, talented peeps!  Thanks for letting me toot your horn!

Image courtesy Creative Commons – Mrs. Inman

And now a little update on my ROW80 goals:

  1. Books for November: Olive Kitteridge (must be read by next Tuesday for bookclub) and Football Sweetheart.
  2. Set up two future interviews for the blog!  One that I’ll be doing and one I’m hosting!  Done!  Stay tuned! 
  3. Participated in the WANA International class Good Fences, so I’ll be practicing my new buzzword “Boundaries”  Sing it with me!  Too many get togethers recently, this hasn’t happened.  Keeping it on the list for next week.
  4. Use my days off to blog ahead and/or (as time permits) plot and work on the WIP.  That’s the plan for today!
  5. Clean my room.  I organized more of my clothing piles and did laundry again.  Still no sign of the missing pants, but I took 2 pairs in to get hemmed, so I guess I’m good now. 

What are you most proud of this past week?  Who else do you think should make an appearance as a ROWmodel?  What’s the best goal you’ve set for yourself this season of ROW?

11 responses

  1. I think it’s really cool that you’ve been calling out our ROW peeps. They do deserve kudos, including you.

    1. Thanks Ryan! They absolutely deserve kudos! And that’s one of my favorite words! Remember the granola bar, Kudos? LOL. So not healthy at all, but tasty!

  2. I’ve been thinking of taking part in a 100 Things challenge someday. Actually, I have something planned for 2013 that, if I can pull it off, will be a 365 Things challenge. 🙂

    1. If you start getting rid of things, I will take your camera. And any voodoo donuts lying around. Just sayin’, I’m here for you, man!

  3. Great progress, Jess! I love that you highlight other ROWers, too! Good Karma for all!

    1. So many inspiring stories, it’s fun to see what they’re all up to! My progress is minimal right now. But I’ve got some stuff in the works.

  4. Great job, Jess! Love that you’re spotlighting more ROWers. Wonderful to see what great writers and encouragers we have.

    I am seriously disturbed about the pants. I have half a mind to catch a plane and get there in time tonight to help you search. Living with three guys, I’ve gotten really good at finding their stuff. Maybe that mom gene could help, you know!

    My best ROW80 goal is rewriting the YA. It’s tough, but I know it’s what I need to do. I. Am. Determined.

    1. You are determined, and that’s what makes you another fabulous ROWmodel!

      It’s super bizarre about my pants. I haven’t a clue where they’ve gone. It’s possible the roommate who lives in the efficiency got them mixed in the laundry room and she has them, but then…wouldn’t you return pants that weren’t yours? That reminds me, better get my last round off the drying rack before I have no underwear too! LOL

  5. Jess, I really adore these weekly ROW80 spotlights. I learn so much from everyone who participates in this challenge, and it’s great to see old and new friends showcased.

    Great job on your goals this week!

    1. Thank you Lena! How’s your week going?

      1. Pretty well! Just trying to keep up with the NaNo word count, but I *think* I had a plot breakthrough. I’m hoping the weekend yields a bit of free time so I can get things done.

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