Can Sleep Make You Tired?

I’ve tried going to bed at different times.  I’ve eaten and not eaten before bed.  I’ve taken my vitamins and fish oil, and forgotten to take my vitamins and fish oil.

I’m still dreaming about paranormal creatures every night!!!

image courtesy flickr CC – Mrs. Inman


It started after my boyfriend, Joe, made me watch the movie The Prophecy.  That night I dreamed that I was in battle with both good and bad angels.  And their creepy void eyes just kept staring at me!

But I also learned, that just like Michonne on The Walking Dead, I’ve got made skills with a katana!

After that, I had the most bizarre dream starring several of my coworkers.  I’m sure it’s totally normal for a retail sales manager to be sent on a paranormal investigation of an abandoned building.  BUT, my coworker clearly did not watch horror films, because she broke the rule about not taking anything from the house!

After discovering the ghosts of 3 young children, my coworker took from the house 3 dolls that looked rather a lot like said children and for God knows what reason – PUT THEM IN MY ROOM!

So as my dream continued, every time I went into my room one of the dolls was in a different spot.  The little boy would be sitting on my bed, a little girl on my desk.  I was freaking out!  And what was worse, I didn’t know if my coworkers and boyfriend were working together to mess with me or if in fact my coworker had unleashed 3 ghost children in my house!

The next morning, I woke up so exhausted and definitely gave a few of my coworkers skeptical looks on the job that day.

image courtesy flickr CC – Mrs. Inman

All zombie fans will know that last night was a new episode of The Walking Dead.  This fantastic show has become a regular date night for Joe and I to enjoy.

But zombies were in my dreams last night!

I love paranormal stories, you guys, but how do I stop dreaming about them?  My epic nighttime battles are making me wake up exhausted!

Perhaps tonight I should watch a happy movie.  Anyone know where I put my Shirley Temple collection?

image courtesy flickr CC – Mrs. Inman

And don’t forget to leave me a music suggestion for The Ultimate Mix Tape For My Mom!  My blog-swapping, cd making contest is still happening, and YOU COULD WIN!!!

15 responses

  1. “On the good ship lollipop!” Doing a little dance and twirling my curls. To make you forget. Because those dreams sound positively freaky. Definitely watch something more relaxing tonight. Your images are creepy too. This whole post has me creeped out. And yet I cannot NOT read. 🙂

    1. Ah hahaha! Sorry to have disturbed you, Ms. Renee! Does that mean you’re not coming over to watch Prophecy II with us tonight? 😀

  2. You are such a riot! What an imagination you have. Loved this post and how it made me think of that fine line between what is or isn’t real…

    LOVE date nights too. ‘Course we lean toward Glee.

    1. LOL. I like Glee, but he won’t watch it. If he had nightmares, they’d be full of show choirs! That’s why he teaches band.

  3. A happy movie is definitely in order, if Joe won’t pout. Maybe if you do something,I don’t know, lighter, after the Walking Dead to get your mind on something totally different?
    Suggestions for your Mom’s mix tape: (my taste is eclectic and older music) Ozzy Osbourne’s Goodbye to Romance, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, or Bonnie Raitt’s Love me like a Man, (wow! I’m on a roll!) Al Jarreau’s Try a Little Tenderness, Kenny Chesney’s You Save Me, Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors, Michael Buble’s Home.

    Can’t wait to see what you end up with on the tape!

    1. Ok, knowing you…I was a little worried where you were going with the whole “maybe if you do something lighter…” comment. I see, you meant another movie. Right? RIGHT? LOL. Marcia, you’ve turned me into a gutterhead! Or at least a bigger gutterhead!

      Thanks for the suggestions! I like Bonnie Raitt too. And Michael Buble. I’m pretty sure if my mother even reads the name Ozzy Osbourne, she’ll use my full name! Keep ’em coming!

      1. You know me well, Jess! Sex is scientifically proven to help you sleep and you’ll have way better dreams! Of course, you could watch a different type of movie. 🙂

  4. That first photo is way creepier than some of the scenes in The Walking Dead. Which I love by the way. If you dream about it again, can you tell me what happened to Carol???

    1. I know, right?! What did happen to Carol? Everyone’s acting like she’s dead but we never saw her die!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?

      Truth: I’m glad Lori is gone. I did not like her. Hope it means Michonne gets more screen time now.

      1. Not a Lori fan either. Everyone is saying that she was eaten by that zombie–hence the big fat belly. I did not catch that. I was too caught up with crazy Rick.

  5. The whole paranormal craze has had to pass me by. I figured out decades ago that whatever I read or saw merely acted as a springboard for where my imagination would go. I preferred sleep.

    1. Lol. So you’re saying I’m not alone.

      1. I’ll never forget a TV movie from decades ago called The Eyes of Lara Mars. A female photographer was setting up photo shoots that mirrored a series of crime scenes. The police decided she was a suspect in the murders, but she claimed she was just creating the scenes in her imagination. After her confrontation with the police, the tension built, because she started seeing new murders as they happened, not just the final crime scenes. The audience never knew whether she was innocent or not. At the end of the movie she and a police detective are both in her apartment and you can tell that one of them is stalking the other, but you never knew who the stalker was and who was being stalked. I still wake up sometimes thinking I’m her, afraid of whether I’m stalking some one to murder them or being stalked to my own death.

  6. Picture this: you’re on a paranormal investigation. You walk inside the house, and the first thing you see is the homeowner’s bed. In the middle of the living room. Because she’s too afraid to sleep in the bedroom! Upon entering the bedroom, you find the closet doors taped shut. To keep whatever evil entity is in there from getting out.

    Yeah. That was my life, last July. And yet – somehow – once I got home, I slept like a baby. Go figure!

    1. *shakes head* In the words of South Park, for serial?

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