What’s to Come This Year on The Happiness Project?

Hey guys!  2012 has been an amazing travel year and I completed 36 books as well!  What were my favorite moments of the year?

Kicking off my travels, I visited a friend in Seoul, South Korea last April, and also hiked in the mountains for the first time in Seoraksan National Park!


The month of May brought around a trip to Dallas, Texas for the DFW Writers Conference where I met so many of my favorite bloggers and friends as well as NYTBS author, James Rollins!

DFW CONIn July, as part of our “take more small trips” around the area, Joe and I toured Niagara Cave in Harmony, Minnesota!

100_2249And in August, Joe and I took an amazing road trip out west with Yellowstone National Park as our destination!

DSCF0930Stay tuned for Friday’s post, where I’ll share my favorite books of 2012!

So what’s to come for this year on The Happiness Project?

Guilty Pleasures Fridays remains a constant here for this gluttonous girl!  Expect more shameless indulgences every week and guest posts as well!  First up on the guest list, we’ll have Renee Schuls-Jacobson, Julie Glover, and Dawn Hobbie Sticklen!

The Redhots will be roaring ahead!  Last Friday of every month, Marcia Richards and I will share what we think is SO HOT and also what’s SO NOT!  This month’s edition will share with you the 2012 round-up of news and trends we thought rocked and also the ones that rolled right on by!

Mondays starting in February will bring about something new!  Guinea Pig Mondays will launch on The Happiness Project.  Every month I’ll tackle something new:  whether its trying a new diet and exercise regime, a sleep study, watching all of the Godfather films, anything!  Some of the posts could be research on the topics, and some will share my experiences along the way.  Got ideas for me to try?  Been doing your own version of Guinea Pig Diaries and want to guest blog?  Let me know!  

Wednesdays will be a free for all, and not consistent.  I’m warning you now!  In the hopes of spending more time writing the novel’s first draft and finishing it, I’m leaving the middle of the week open for blogging if I have time.

That’s what’s happenin’ on The Happiness Project this year!  

I LOOOOVE YOUR COMMENTS!  What do you want to see more of this year?

16 responses

  1. I like that fact that you’re willing to try new things. I plan on participating and will probably be all confused, but that’s how I am. Conversely enough, I’m ready for new things too, as long as it doesn’t involve being homeless or at death’s door again! Just kidding. I finally figured out that one does not start a novel in a linear fashion (I was born… I died. The End.) So, I have some goals that are a bit more attainable, or at least more do-able for me, Ms. confuse-a-what. Since I nearly killed my blog last night, that won’t change. The same old mishaps and hilariousness here, from me! Glad you had a wonderful year, Jess. You are a splendid woman!

    1. Ah, yes, I learned not to write linearly this past year too. It helps!

      Thanks for being a fantastic Happiness Project Groupie! All the best to you in 2013!

  2. I am so looking forward to Guinea pig Mondays! Can’t wait to see what you’ll try. I’m hoping to try a few interesting things myself this year. Not sure if I can accomplish them in this teeny town but we’ll see.
    It’s good to look back to the previous year to see what we accomplished. You worked a crazy schedule most of the year since you were promoted. But look how much fun you squeezed in! Hoping for more fun excursions for you and Joe this year!

    1. Well, some of us have to keep up with your SSS standards, Marcia! 😉

      Hoping to get some travel in there of course! But we haven’t finalized where. Will I get to see your beautiful face at DFW Con this year???

  3. Honestly Jess, I will read just about anything you write! I love your voice and creativity. Count me in no matter what! Happy 2013!!

    1. Aww, thank you! You southern gals are so fab-oooh-lous to me! Looking forward to more shenanigans this summer with you!

  4. Glurg! Guess I’d better start that guest post! 😉 But I’m so naughty, well…it’ll be a snap! 😉

    1. I just meant coming soon, not next week or anything. Don’t panic! You’ve been uber patient with me, I’ll certainly extend the same courtesy!

  5. Can I plan on seeing you again in Texas in 2013? 😀

    Love your ideas for the blog. I look forward to reading about your Guinea Pig posts…and reading that your book is coming along great! I may need to add more guilty pleasures to my life in 2013.

    1. You really must. You should take up karaoke! You have a gorgeous voice!

      YES! You will definitely see me at DFW Con again! Roomies?

      1. You got it. Presidential suite, right?

        1. Breakfast in bed, robes in the closet, balcony seating! You know how I like to live! 😀

  6. Guinea Pig Mondays has got to include trying geoduck. I’m sure it’s easy enough to find in Wisconsin…

    1. A whole month of geoduck…urg…

  7. One fabulous year after another … that’s the way to do it, Jess! The Happiness Project is one of my favourite stops and the lineup for 2013 is looking mighty fine.

    1. Thank you Patricia! You are so kind!!!

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