Guilty Pleasures: Alternative Romantic Comedies

With Valentine’s Day still in the air, and more plausibly due to the fact that I worked in a video store for five years, I have an addiction to movies.  Romantic comedies in particular at this time.

It’s a common side effect from years of stacking shelves and alphabetizing films in their proper genres.  I can’t say no to a slightly wacky romcom.  Without this guilty pleasure, would we all know and love such cult classics like Muriel’s Wedding, Saved!, and Beautiful Girls?

So if you and your loved one are looking for something to snuggle in for, might I recommend one of these recent releases?

Two Thumbs Up.

Damsels in Distress

Starring Greta Gerwig (Greenberg) as Violet, a pretentious college student set out with the goal of changing people’s lives.  Whether it’s dating a moron because he has blue eyes, starting a Suicide Prevention Center that uses tap dancing as therapy, or being remembered for creating a new dance trend called the ‘Sambola,’ Violet has a lot of ideas about the world.  Gathering her friends, she tries to educate them with her causes and teach them about life and love.

Also starring newcomer Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love; America’s Next Top Model) as the transfer student Violet takes under her wing, this film was a delightful find.  Filmed in an almost vintage style, these girls who don’t fit in find a way to help each other.

Pitch Perfect

When Beca (Anna Kendrick – Up in the Air; Twilight series) is forced to go to college by her dad, she befriends an odd women’s acapella group, the Barden Bellas.

While IMDBing Kendrick, I learned she actually began her acting career on the stage performing in musicals and received several awards.  So singing was no new thing for this leading lady.

Also in the Barden Bellas lending huge laughs was Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids) portraying Fat Amy, a girl who’s really good at “mermaid dancing.”  And Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die; TV’s American Dreams) plays Chloe, the girl who gets Beca to join the Bellas.

What makes this flick a romantic comedy is the tuneage tension between rival groups, the Barden Bellas with the all boys’ Treblemakers!  And it’s a hilarious one!  Guys and girls will enjoy this film.

Ruby Sparks

In a slightly more melancholy romance, actress and writer Zoe Kazan gives us Ruby Sparks.  For all you writers out there, you’ll find this one fascinating.  It’s the story of a has been writer, played by Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine), while starting a new piece of work, he wakes up one day to find his female lead living in his apartment.  Everything he writes about her comes true.

Now that’s a dangerous power.  What would you do in that situation?

Calvin (Dano) tries to balance real life with fiction, but can he tell who’s writing what?  Is he writing his life or his life writing itself out?

It’s a unique story and one I think is really thought provoking.  It’s told from Calvin’s point of view, but written by Kazan and I find that whole dynamic striking.  Fun fact:  Dano and Kazan are dating in real life, so it’s very likely this idea was a cohesive story thought up by both of them.  Either way, very entertaining!

What films are on your must see list?  Have you caught any of these flicks?  Would you like me to alphabetize your movie collection?  Leave a comment!  I Luh-Huv talking about movies!

18 responses

  1. You mean everything I write could come true? Blimey. Well, that’s the horror and slasher flick genres out then!

    Another odd romantic with some comedy that I like is Truly, Madly, Deeply.


    1. Oh I’ve seen that one but it was years ago. I’ll have to watch it again.

      And if you’re writing does come true, I think it’s a very sound plan that you stay away from serial killer characters. I mean who wants Hannibal as a dinner guest?

  2. I’ve been playing with the idea of watching Pitch Perfect…

    1. Stop playing and do it! It’s amazing!!!

  3. Too funny,we both have posts titled Guilty Pleasures up. Mine is about Ancient
    Aliens, but these look like flicks I should see.

    1. Lol. Aliens and guilty pleasures! I must go see.

  4. These look great, but I MUST see Damsels in Distress. I was SOLD the minute they put up the words “It’s Whom You Educate” with a twinkle on the “m”! *sigh* I’m in love. I’ll check these out.

    And yeah, I adored Muriel’s Wedding.

    1. I think Greta Gerwig’s character in Damsels will totally win you over. She’s great!

      And who doesn’t love Muriel’s Wedding? “Since I met you I haven’t listened to one ABBA song…” Ok we know that’s not true because ABBA rules!!

  5. Jess, to be honest, I haven’t watched a movie in a long time. But could you imagine writing a character that becomes real? Now, that’s cool! 🙂

    1. I knew all my writer friends would love that flick!

  6. Well, you know how much I love Pitch Perfect, but I have to admit that I’ve never heard of the other two. I think Ruby Sparks looks a bit intriguing, personally….

    1. Well commenters… Dawn and I are currently holding auditions for an acapella dance group. We have Julie Glover so far volunteered as soprano. Anyone else want in?!

  7. I haven’t caught any of them but they are now on my list … especially Pitch Perfect!

    1. It’s awesome!!! And you should see The Sessions too. It’s a comedy that Helen Hunt is nominated for Best Supporting Actress. I thought it was a beautiful film.

  8. I’ve not seen any of these, but Ruby Sparks looks kinda interesting, because, well y’know already, I’m a writer…and a huuge recommendation for the band that does the background song from :44 to 1:23….one of my favorite all time bands, the Mae Shi

    1. Cool! I’ll check em out. I’m currently listening to The Tallest Man on Earth. Have you heard of him?

      1. Oh nice, yeah he’s great, I need to see him play one of these days. Kind of reminds me of Dylan and Nick Drake mixed together

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