Safety Not Guaranteed

If you saw a classified ad offering you a chance to time travel, would you check it out?

That’s the premise of the recently released film, Safety Not Guaranteed, directed by newcomer Colin Trevorrow.  Starring Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Jake Johnson (New Girl), and additional newcomer Mark Duplass (The League, The Mindy Project), this film is definitely a new guilty pleasure favorite of mine!

Utterly lovable characters, each with their own agendas and quirks, entwine paths by answering an unusual ad placed in a newspaper.  There’s Jeff (Johnson), the magazine writer who finds the article and uses the story idea to vacay to a town where a lost girlfriend lives.  Hitching along for the ride, are interns Darius (Plaza) and Arnau, who will get more involved then they mean to in the life of Kenneth (Duplass), the man on a mission to go back in time.

What the team isn’t banking on is their lives changing forever.  Jeff’s fantasy isn’t all he thought it would be.  Arnau may not be the rule abiding intern he thinks he is.  And Darius’ world will forever change after she takes the roll of training with Kenneth to prepare for the launch date of their time travel.  Perhaps some things aren’t as impossible as we think they may be.

Add in some secret agents, a covert operation to a laser technology facility, and some martial arts training on the beach, and we’ve got ourselves a whopper of a wonderfilm!

For many of the actors and crew involved, this film was a make it or break it story.  They wanted to make a movie, but they knew it had to be well written and it would involve a lot of growth from everyone in the process.  In my opinion, they did it exceptionally well.

If you had regret, and more specifically regret about the loss of a loved one, would you travel back?  If you thought you could save them?  In this central emotion, Darius and Kenneth connect, and though they might be crazy, they’re going to see it through.

Safety Not Guaranteed.

Have you seen this movie?  What do you think?

Would you time travel if it was possible?  Why would you go back and who would you take with you?  Better yet, what would your classified ad look like?

18 responses

  1. I really dug this movie, Jess, though as my friend Bill pointed out, I wasn’t in love with the ending. I think I would take up time travel if given the chance, though tinkering with events seems risky (based on ever-so-true movies LOL). Perhaps I’d go as a researcher, on the outside looking in. Wanna join me???

    1. Heck yes! Now let’s get started creating our launch site and firing at glass bottles!

  2. This looks great! I can’t wait to see it. I won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have toilet paper- its a rule.

    1. Bahhahaha nice rule, Alica. Reminds me of my trip to South Korea. My friend told me to always carry some kleenex with me since most public bathrooms didn’t have tp. They don’t exactly have a visible public cleaning crew on their streets like you see in our big cities.

  3. I’ve never heard of this movie. And yes, I would totally time travel. Put me on the list! Thanks, Jess.

    1. Sounds like a plan, Julie. Remember to bring your own weapons.

  4. I loved this crazy, quirky movie!

    1. Me too! I want to watch it again right away!

  5. I saw it earlier this month! Loved the characters (especially Darius) and the plot, but the ending, not so much… 😦
    I live near Seattle and went a few times to beaches like the one in the movie (like Ocean Shores). Chilly, windy beaches.
    And I wouldn’t go back in time. Not again.

    1. What did you go back for? Are you sharing?

  6. I have never heard of this before. Time travel, not sure yet.

    1. Are you with Fabio, once was enough? LOL.

      Do see the film! Such a treat!

  7. Will def watch when it comes over here!

    1. I think you’ll love it! Darius’ character is such an outcast you root for her the whole time!

  8. This movie looks good! But NO WAY! I would not go back, because I’d be afraid I’d make things even worse – because that’s what happens in my time travel books LOL!

    1. LOL. There’s a scene where Kenneth tells Darius they’re not allowed to change the future by altering the past – like they can’t tell people to keep their Star Wars figurines inside their boxes because they’ll be worth way more money in the future by doing this. 😀

  9. I loved this movie and I even thought the ending was super cute and I was willing to believe it:-)

    1. Ok, glad I’m not the only one who liked the ending! I did like it. But I can’t talk about it, or it’ll give it away! *bites lip*

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