Interpreting Your Dreams: What Your Drawings Can Teach You

And we’re back to the Guinea Pig Diaries – Sleep Study Month!  Last week we talked about Popular Dream Meanings, and we’re going a step further today with a fun drawing activity.  Our dreams can be symbolic or pure release of our subconscious minds.  But sometimes our dreams have a reoccurring symbol and that could have meaning.

The following exercise is from Sylvia Browne’s Book of Dreams and I found it really fun and interesting.  Here are the directions:

Grab a pen and paper.  Draw these five objects:  a house, the sun, water, a tree, and a snake.

STOP READING!  Finish your picture, then continue on. 

Here’s mine!

Dream Drawing

Now, I have to give the same disclaimer that Sylvia gave in her book, which is that these interpretations of dream symbols are not THE ONLY ones they could mean, but they’re some of the more common.  If you’re interested in learning what your particular dreams mean, the best thing you can do is keep a dream journal where you can record images and symbols that make repeat performances while you sleep!

That said, here’s the fun analysis of your drawing!  And don’t worry if you’re not a good “drawer”.  You can see I’m not!  By the way, that spaceship over the door of the house is supposed to be an outside light.  I like those on houses. 

Ok, check this out!

The House

The house represents you.  How did you embellish your house?  Is there a door?  Windows?  Can people see in?  Does the house seem inviting or more closed off?  Is there a chimney for warmth?  A path to the house?  Is it a big house or a tiny one?  Is it a house to be noticed or more to blend in?

The Sun

The sun represents your father.  How close did you draw the sun to your house?  Is it a glowing sun with rays reaching out or is a simple circle up out of the way?  If it has rays do they stretch out for warmth and generosity or do they seem limited in what they can offer?

The Water

The water represents your mother.  Again, look at its proximity to the house?  Is it nearby or distant?  Is it contained, like a pond or pool or flowing and lively like a river or an ocean?  Is it in the foreground or background of your picture?  Is its size relative to that of the house or does it seem out of proportion?

The Tree

The tree symbolizes your intellect, your relationship with your mind, your awareness.  What size is your tree?  Is it in the foreground or background?  Does it have branches that stretch out and provide shade or does it look shriveled and parched?  Does it offer protection over the house or is it too far away?

The Snake

The snake is your sexuality.  What is its location to your house and tree?  Is the size of your snake relative to the size of the house or does it seem out of proportion?  Does it look healthy or should you take it to the doctor?


I was really shocked how a little drawing like this can pull out some key truths about our lives.  I think that I am most like my father, so it makes sense that the sun is the closest to the house for me.  My mom and I have become much closer over the years so I agree with the flowing river – which in itself, is something I grew up next to and have always found calming.  I pride myself on being very self aware of my words and actions, so I created a more elaborate tree with a tire swing in it.  I’m much more private about my sexuality, so it’s there, appropriate in size and curled up next to the house (at home where it belongs!)  LOL

What do you think?  Are you finding little A-Ha’s in your image?  Don’t stress over the generalization of each object.  Again, if you dream about water a lot, it doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with thinking about your mother.  This is just one interpretation.  But it’s pretty thought-provoking isn’t it? 

Can’t get enough sleep?  I mean blogging about sleep? 

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Sweet Dreams Everyone!


12 responses

  1. What a fun blog! My picture turned out to be CREEPY accurate…except for the snake. I’m kinda worried about the size of my snake… LOL!!

    1. Lol. Oh Myndi. Judging from the pictures of your cute little ones, I’m sure your snake size is just fine.

  2. hehehehe Myndi is worried about the size of her snake…oh so much humor hidden in that…so many high school comments! This is fascinating. Not sure how accurate it is, but fascinating. I don’t have a chimney on my house…I was used to Texas. Who needs a fireplace in Texas?!

    1. See your hearth is already warm down in the heartland!

      Glad you had fun Melinda!

  3. I didn’t actually do this exercise because I cheated and read ahead, but I find it very interesting! I know that in the pictures I used to draw as a kid, my trees were always big and leafy, which I guess is a good sign that my intellect is vast. Heh.

    As for the snake…well….I HOPE I would have drawn a freakin’ python after reading about the meaning!

    1. LMAO. Of course you would draw a python Mark. It would probably be eating your tree! hahaha

  4. What does it mean that my tree is a palm? It’s close to the house, but shade? No way. Also, I considered drawing a small creek for my water, but opted instead to make my house a beach house and draw the ocean instead. And my snake? He’s disproportionate, in the ocean, and heading toward the house. What does that mean?!!! :S

    Love the test, Jess! And my favorite part of your drawing is the tire swing!

    1. LOL. Wow Julie, I don’t know. You should probably see a professional for those answers. hahahaha!

      I love this exercise. It’s so FUNNY and interesting. Palm trees are happy trees, I like that that’s what you drew. As to why you’re snake is in the ocean??? No. Clue. Where. To. Start.

  5. Wow – what an eye opening exercise. Sometimes I don’t like the revelations that come out of it. Just so you know, the snake was very, very far away! 😉

    1. Lol. I don’t think you’re alone in questioning your snake. The first time I did this activity mine was hiding behind the house so what does THAT say?!

  6. Reblogged this on All the Snooze That's Fit to Print and commented:
    This is a fun game to play that will give you a taste of the fun dreamwork can provide. Don’t forget, the only interpretation of your dream that is correct, is the one that gives you new insight or perspective.

  7. Lagituaiva Flinders | Reply

    I drew this excersize when I was 13. My dreams came true. Thankful.

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