I Might Need An Intervention: When Brand Loyalty Becomes a Problem

Hey Friends!  I’m beyond thrilled to welcome my special guilty pleasures guest today for her debut on the Happiness Project!  Please give a warm welcome to Renee Schuls-Jacobson and her guilty obsession with HAIR! 


Since the 8th grade, I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair.  I love being able to hop out of the shower and just towel off and go, but I never feel I really look polished enough when it counts.

Over the years, I have stretched and pulled, given myself deep conditioning treatments and slept in bandanas: each curl pressed flat and curing overnight in V-05 in an attempt to give myself straight, swingy hair: the kind of hair I always saw girls toss across their shoulders and catch in one hand before they laid down on their towels in their bikinis. I wanted Farah Fawcett’s hair. Or the hair from the “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific” commercials.

Instead, I got long, curly hair that morphed into a frizzy pyramid if combed or touched. The rules were clear. Never touch my hair once it dried.

Seriously, sometimes it looks like this!

Seriously, sometimes it looks like this!

I’ve posted pictures of myself on my blog.

Usually, I am wearing a hat.

But occasionally I have shared other photos. Confession: these pix were usually taken immediately after I saw Michael, my hair guy. Because Michael knows how to make my hair behave. But I can only afford to look like a glamour-girl once every nine weeks.

The rest of the time, I’m on my own.

Many years ago I fell in love with a hair care product. You know the good ones? The ones that are on the top shelf? Or at eye-level? Yeah. Well, now drop your eyes about two shelves down.

Now go lower.

My senior year in high school, I discovered paradise in an aerosol can. In 1985, a magical white foam gave my hair manageability. After just two {maybe three} dollops, my hair was perfect. And by perfect, I mean it did not move. Sometimes my hair was crunchy. I didn’t care. It never frizzed again.

A few months back, I noticed my mousse had been out of stock for a while.

Eventually, I got jittery and decided to inquire.

“I don’t think we’re getting that brand anymore,” replied a heavy-set woman at the front desk, her hair knitted into tight braids.

Hurrying home, I parked myself in front of the computer, prepared to conduct my own Internet search.

By then, I was getting low on my stuff.

I found my junk mousse at drugstore.com marked with a red asterisk.

I scrolled down to figure out what that bit of red meant.


I didn’t think it could happen again. They did this to me in the 1970s with “Pink Lilac in Love” fingernail polish. It was the best color in the whole world. Don’t even try to Google it. It won’t come up. It isn’t even on Wikipedia. But I remember when my favorite color disappeared. You know what happened? I stopped wearing nail polish.

Years later, Gabriel Cosmetics discontinued their ZuZu Luxe lipstick in Uber. You guys, I bought the last 10 tubes; that’s how much I loved that stuff. I rationed carefully so as to make sure I had one tube left to use for my son’s bar mitzvah back in June of 2012. I have long since finished that tube and continue to search for the right lip color. I haven’t found it. Not yet.

But we are talking about hair now. How could they discontinue my mousse? I actually made an appeal to the makers of Condition 3-in-1 Maximum Hold Mousse. I begged them. Please, I’ve been using it for 30 years.

Please, don’t screw with my mousse.

I was instructed to purchase as many cans as I could afford.

I ordered 20 cans. And then I ordered 20 more. When my friend came up to visit from Florida, she brought me another 10 cans. Can you imagine? She checked a bag filled with mousse for me, you guys. Because she has a curly-haired daughter, and she understood my plight. She knows I have tried eleventy-three skillion other brands and that nothing else works.

So it’s official: this former clutter consultant is now a hoarder.


About 47 more to go. Is that wrong?

I plan to hold onto my remaining bottles of mousse for as long as possible because I have yet to find an alternative.

And here’s the worst thing. I kill about two cans of this stuff a month. That’s 24 cans a year. I’ve got two years’ worth of product stashed here.

Unless the chemicals inside break down, which I’m told, they might.

It’s looking grim, people.

Eventually, the jig is going to be up.

And then where will I be?

Why do manufacturers do this to us? Make us fall in love with their products and then discontinue them?

What items have you loved and lost? And seriously, if any of you curly-girlies out there have suggestions about what to do about my impending frizz, please let me know.

• • •

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  1. […] over to Jess Witkins’ blog to find out the rest of the story. Be prepared to tell me about products you have loved and […]

  2. Thanks for having me here today, Jess. I can’t wait to hear what products folks have loved and lost. Tell me I’m not alone, people.

    1. Thank YOU, Renee, for joining us today on the Happiness Project! I love your hair photos, both of them!

      As a former Cosmetics and Fragrance Sales Manager, you don’t want to KNOW what I’ve hoarded, loved, and lost! LOL

      1. Didn’t you send it all to me in a big box? 😉

        1. Only the best for my friends!

      2. Oh yea, “they” do it again and again. It drives me bonkers! There are two big bummers that come immediately to mind. L’oreal’s eyebrow pencil with a cap that had a little brow brush. On the other end there was a small sponge with a cap that dipped into color. Everything was right there in one tool! The second bummer item that continues to go missing from one brand to another is a good quality stick foundation. Lancome had it, then Chanel, then Este Lauder, I think. Why keep discontinuing and restarting? I am going insane, I tell you!

        1. Isn’t that the WORST? I’m so sorry about your loss. Have you tried calling L’Oreal? Seriously, sometimes they don’t know how much people love their products, so an email or a tweet can go a long way! Good luck! I feel your pain.

        2. You forgot Clinique. I think that was the foundation stick I was using and is gone now. Lol. Maybeline might still have it though.

  3. Oh, can I identify! I’m clinging to my last tube of Aveda lipstick in Prim Rose, the most perfect shade I’ve been able to find. It’s no longer available, and there’s only 1/4″ sticking up in my tube. I’ve been applying it like a miser, but there will come a day, very soon, when I’ll start digging the last of the color out with a toothpick or a Q-tip. You’re so right – why do manufacturers make us fall in love with beauty products and then yank them from us? Remember Agree and Body on Tap shampoo from the 70s? Faves of mine, long relegated to the ash heap of beauty memory. Good luck with your mousse hoarding, Renee! My hair is coarse and stick straight, so dealing with that is another blog post in itself. 🙂

    1. LOVED Body on Tap! That shizz was made with beer! And Agree? Well, wasn’t that green stuff poison of something? But it smelled sooooo good. Omigosh, I would still buy it today if they didn’t take it off the market. This is the stuff that kills me. They don’t even give us any warning. Hold onto that Prim Rose, my darling. I feel for you. And I ASSUME you’ve already contacted Aveda, right? Of course you have. But you have, yes?

      1. I think there might have been a teensy skull and crossbones discreetly tucked into the corner of the Agree label, but I used it with wanton disregard anyhow. It was on the same order as Prell, a bottle of which my grandma always kept next to her kitchen sink. You’re so right about contacting Aveda – no, I haven’t, and why didn’t I think of that?? Not only did they discontinue Prim Rose, but they also ditched their Self Control stick, which was the only thing that tamed my cowlick, the one that splits my hair in two directions, leaving me looking like a deranged rooster when I wake up in the morning. I think some picketing at my local Aveda salon is definitely in order! 😉

        1. Ooooh! If you haven’t contacted them, call their NY Headquarters! If you haven’t contacted them yet, call the NYC store. They have a cool thing there where they can usually wrastle up a few tubes of something — if it hasn’t been too far gone. I’ve done it myself. You can also whine and complain loudly about how much you LOVED it, and sometimes they can direct you to a similar formulation — or even let you know if they bring back the color. This has ALSO happened to me when there was outrage when they discontinued one of their conditioners. They brought it back, and I got an email! Good luck.

    2. Use the toothpick! You’ll get more product control, and none of it will be wasted smearing into the q-tip. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… 😉

      1. Ooh, good point, Jess! Toothpick is definitely the way to go. Why don’t guys ever have to deal with this? Is motor oil ever discontinued? White tube socks? Levi’s jeans? No!! What’s the deal here??

        1. I use a tiny brush from a Clinique product — that they discontinued years ago! But if you have a tiny lip brush, that works, too! And you’re right. Guys never run out boxer shorts. Or white t-shirts. WHy do they have to mess with our shizz?

        2. Favorite comment right here. Can I get an “Amen” for Deanne! Sing it sista!

  4. Renee: I feel your pain! I have been using a tinted moisturizer by Estee Lauder for probably 10 years, ever since my mom gave me a sample that she got in a gift pack. They have recently stopped making it, and I have yet to find the perfect replacement. I didn’t even know about it in time to stock up – although I couldn’t have afforded to buy much, ’cause it was pretty pricey. I am glad that summer is coming, so my pasty white face will get some natural color, but I am dreading next winter!

    1. Hi Chrystal! I totally understand! I can picture you — using less and less of your moisturizer. You know if you go to the counter, someone will tell you they have something new and improved, but it’s NEVER the same. U’ve always wished there was a way for women to exchange products. Because SOMEONE out there probably has it. And didn’t like it. ANd what wouldn’t you do to trade her something of your for it. Seems like in this cyber-age, we should be able to figure out a way to make this work for us.

      1. I will totally look for your mousse if you will search for Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer tint moisturizer, with spf 15.

        1. Consider it done. I swear, I could actually have it. It’s a possibility. Will look.

    2. I feel your pain. That’s me with concealer. I had a very specific kind that I like, and then it was gone! Of course they made a new one, but suddenly my solid was liquid and the brush head was totally different and didn’t offer spot touch ups like the old one. Grrrrrrr

      We need to take up Renee’s suggestion and start an online make up trade station.

  5. I can’t help you. I am a product killer. If I like it and use it, it is doomed. I have an extensive list that I would be here all day listing, but the most recent are the Clinique lipstick that was used on me for my wedding consult and I LOVED, then shortly after they discontinued it. I bought every one I could find on ebay. I still have 2 left of that stash, I believe. I’m using it sparingly. Also, my creme to powder foundation that I love and now cannot find. Same thing, found on ebay, bought about 12. I have no idea what I will do when they are gone. There is this wonderful bubble bath that I am in love with from Bath & Body works that was discontinued. I found it on Ebay. I will not pay $100 for one bottle of bubble bath. Thanks, no thanks.

    Good luck with your plight, Renzay!! Maybe test out a bunch of different things sparingly until you hit on something you like. Or . . . can your stylish recommend something (preferably something you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford)?

    And I hate to tell you this, but . . . I’ve been using Secret for a few years. I’m sorry.

    1. Misty! You’d better stay away from my conditioner. I’m not even TELLING you what it is. Although, I suspect it’s already on the doomed list. I haven’t been able to find it for weeks.

      If it’s not too much trouble, could please try a new deodorant? 😉 Thanks for following me here.

    2. I do not wish to alarm you, but Clinique is discontinuing all their eye shadows as well. Then coming out with all new ones. You may want to check e-bay some more…

      1. This was an eyeliner. And it was discontinued long ago. But I kept the awesome little tiny brush. I love how you have the inside scoop to all of this. All that time in retail.

  6. My husband avoids sugar, and there were these sore throat lozenges that were perfect for him and tasted decent. When they stopped being carried in the stores, we bought like a case of them online. But eventually, they ran out. We haven’t found a replacement he likes as much. *sigh*

    As for me, if Maybelline ever stops making Great Lash mascara, I will organize a protest. It’s the one cosmetic I’ve used since I was a teenager, and nothing else I’ve tried has surpassed it.

    1. Sorry to hear about your hubby’s throat lozenges. That sucks. I swear, I’m starting to realize the first bad sign is when they stop selling the product you love in stores!

      I use Maybelline, too. Every once in a while, I try to go off-roading. You know….just in case… but I always come back. If that stuff disappears, I’ll be right beside you carrying my sign. They wouldn’t dare. Would they? Oy.

    2. Ladies, Maybeline’s Great Lash is the #1 best selling mascara out there, they’re not going to discontinue that, it’s their bread and butter item, their “known for” item. Sort of like Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew fragrance, only WAAAAAY better.

      1. Thank you, pink-and-green ladies of the world!

        1. And may they never change their packaging either. You know, so I can keep finding it!

  7. I hear you. You do not want to see my hair if I treat it in a way it doesn’t like. (Who let that poodle shove a fork in a light socket?!….Oh wait, it’s just Marcy’s hair.)

    Five years ago, I finally found a stylist who could cut my hair in a way that actually looked good, and she introduced me to a product I loved. It made my hair look full and curly rather than bride of Frankenstein. It was discontinued too. I’ve found a replacement, but it doesn’t work nearly as well 😦 I’ll keep searching. Don’t you give up hope either 😉

    1. Let’s be clear. I am in LURVE with my hair stylist. MIchael is the master! He knows just what to do. ANd he says all the right things. ANd if he didn’t have a wife and twins, I would ask him to marry me so he could do my hair every day. Alas, I’m on the prowl. We might need to discuss this at greater length another time. I’d be interested to know what you’ve tried and LOVED. And tried and HATED. You know, so I can avoid that stuff.

      Also, I wrote this post for Jess a while ago, so I’ve been investigating. I might be able to offer some hope kind of soon.

      Stay tuned. 😉

  8. I can always count on Renee for a laugh. Loved this post! 🙂

    1. Thanks EA. But it’s not funny. 😉

  9. Renee, I feel your pain here. I’ve got naturally curly hair, and I’m on an endless quest to find the perfect hair product (avi pic, straight from the salon and a Keratin treatment). The closest I’ve found to a magic hair product is called Curlisto. It’s pricey, but a combination of the structure lotion and Control II Gel is just about the only thing that has ever tamed my frizz (and on the special occasions that I use it, sometimes I even leave my hair down). I’m so sorry that your brand has been discontinued!!

    1. Curlisto. Can you tell me what is DOES to your hair. Does it make it look wet? Does it make it crunchy? Does it weigh it down? These are not negatives in my mind. I’d just like clarification. Also, how spendy is spendy? When it comes to my hair, I’d rather find the right product and pay whatever I have to than keep slutting around and throwing things away.

      1. It is the only product I’ve ever used that makes it look as good dry as it does wet. It doesn’t leave a crunch (which I don’t usually mind either as long as it stays). I buy it at the place I get my hair done ($25 for each bottle 16oz), and you can order it online as well. Don’t feel the need to read this post I did about it, but the pic at the bottom is a good after photo. http://rich-full-life.com/2011/12/31/a-hair-resolution/. My normal hair texture and appearance without it is 80’s hair band.

        1. I am coming over to look now!

        2. Okay, that is a damn good after picture. And I clicked on it to ENLARGE it. You know, so I could study it. Your hair looks great. I’ve written down the name of the product. Do you have to get it online, or what?

          1. It is seriously magic serum. If you google Curlisto I think you can buy it direct from them, but I just get it at the salon where I get my haircut to avoid the shipping charges. There are a couple of frizz ease before pics scattered on my blog, (the funniest one from sixth grade can be found with the search term introvert) or I can email you one of current scary, product free hair! Hahaha! I think it’s the only product I’ve ever felt like I had to recommend to every person I know with curly hair.

            1. I totally relate! My blog is sprinkled with scary old photographs of my life before mousse. I’ll come search for you!

            2. It’s on my list of products to try. (My husband is going to kill me!) Maybe I can get some of these places to sponsor a post. Ya think?

  10. You are so funny!! That picture with all the cans is PRICELESS! I love that you bought so many. I’m not this way with products but I am with certain hair stylists. I’m all about one . . . and then she moves or whatever. It’s always a crisis.

    1. YESSSS! I may be moving in the next year or so to return to school, and one of my top 3 concerns was: who’s going to cut my hair??? I heart my hair stylist.

    2. Anything that involves hair with me is ALWAYS a crisis. 😉

  11. Hey Renee, as a fellow curly/frizzy head I get it. I have been really happy with curls rock from tigi. It is a creme not a mousse, it has great control. Also, if you want to avoid that infamous “crunch” we frizz control freaks will settle for cuz anything is better than frizz, try using kerastase oleo curl before you use the curls rock. I should warn you that you could probably buy 2 years worth of drugstore mousse for two months of curls rock and kerastase, but it does work well for me and my three girls…oh and did you know we are living in Florida…so, just a little humid to say the least.

    1. Jill, I have the Kerastase right now in my pantry. Do you want it? It does nothing. Seriously. I think I need to bring it back to Sephora because it was jizillion dollars, but a friend SWORE it was going to work wonders for me. She uses it in conjunction with like…3 other products. Whaaaaaat? Each one of my hair follicles is so bitchy. I’m telling you. That Clairol was the ONLY thing that shut them up.

  12. I understand what you are going through. I have had similar experiences with food and drinks that they have discontinued and I have been heartbroken. Right now I love the hair care that my stylist is having me use. i only hope that he continues to carry it for a while. I HATE change!

    1. Nice shout out about food that vanishes! We had a chinese restaurant in my hometown that closed several years ago, and I’ve NEVER found eggrolls that taste as good as they served.

      …Now I’m sad and hungry…

    2. Change is so stressful! And I hate when my grocery store suddenly stops carrying something I love. OMG! There is a HUGE difference between Windex and Glass Plus. Hello! Bring back my Glass Plus! Thanks for following me here, Maire!

  13. oh man do I feel you on this. i’m a curly girl… curly, thick, and lots of silver now, too. for YEARS i’d been using Frizz Ease by John Frieda. a gel. OMG it was the only thing that would work. then, I stopped seeing it a year or so ago. so I had to start trying other things but mostly I just pulled my hair all back into a bun-ish thing. well, because my daughter also comes from my black husband, she has SUPER curly hair. I found an awesome website that’s helped with both of our hair issues: chocolatehairvanillacare dot com. and for the past several months I’ve been using Shea Moisture Curl something (in a bottle) and Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie. I try not to use the smoothie one too often cuz I can feel it any time I touch my head. I use Kinky Curly Custard on my girl and it’s AWESOME.

    1. I am all over this! I’m going to check it out! Thanks for the tip! At this point, I’ll try just about anything!

  14. There was a shampoo that I loved, that loved my hair, that worked, that smelled fine, that was great. It was made by a small Apiary in the UK. One day they stopped making it. Grrrr… I even wrote and remonstrated with them: it fell on deaf ears. (Probably deafened by their bees. Well, I hope so anyway.)

    And more recently I found the ONLY skin cream that stopped the skin on my hands splitting – and, yep, they discontinued it. I tried stocking up and found where they were selling end-line stock of it but the ****ers (fill in your own choice of letters) sold what I purchased to someone else and sent me an ‘out of stock’ email. (I bought that on ebay and if I’d had the sense I’d have taken it to Ebay and had some justice, but it didn’t occur to me til too late).

    Why do these companies do it? It makes no sense to me, either.

    1. I wish I could understand how it pains us to lose our favorite products! Meanwhile, I found a great product for ultra dry skin. I don’t have it on me, and maybe it deserves a post of its own. I can only get it online, too — but it is fantastic! I’ll email you the name, Val. And then I’ll try to remember to write about this stuff. It’s definitely a find.

      1. Thanks, Renée.

  15. Hi Renee, I fell in love with the Vanilla shower gel from the Bodyshop, they discontinued it and ever since I’ve been boycotting them. No other vanilla shower gel smells as good as theirs did. This has been years now, and I am still bothered by it 😉
    As far as your hair goes, try this: http://pleunblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/hairsnot/ It really works wonders for my hair, it behaves in ways I could never imagine. It may work for you too and if it does, you’ll never run out! Good luck and let me know how you go 🙂

    1. It took me a bit to get back to you because I had to go to the dentist and then I HAD to read your post. ARe you telling me this works? How often do you do this? And would it work without the “medicinal sunbathing”? Because I don’t know if you caught this, but I live in Rochester, NY and we almost never have sun. Like ever. We have sun for 3 months a year. Still, would it work? If you think so, I will give this a whirl. And I just so hapen to have flax-seed oil AND and I’m a gringo who can convert to the metric system. 😉

      1. I am saying it works wonders for me, and that I hope it will for you too!
        I use the stuff whenever I feel like it and yes it will work without the sunbath (that is merely meant for the ones with psoriasis).
        Note though that I use the real flax seeds to boil. Boil it until it becomes snotty and then use it as often as you like. After applying it looks like you put in too much wet-gel, but if you hand comb it after it’s dry, you can ‘control’ what effect you prefer… or something, it’s hard to describe. Just do it 😉
        And let me know how you go, I am super curious.
        Good luck!

        1. I’m on it. Can’t wait to try hairsnot!

          1. Hairsnot? Make sure you wash your hands! And I know just the soap you should use…

  16. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine was hoarding the contraceptive sponges. She decided to think carefully before having sex, to determine if a guy was “sponge-worthy” before using her limited supply on him. I hope you don’t have to get to that point. “Is this day really worth nice hair?”

    1. Baaaah hahahaha! Awesome. And deliriously truthful.

    2. I’m already there. I’m like: Is this a shampoo kind of day? Or can I pull if one more day? I’m totally hoarding. Call me Elaine.

      1. Just make sure you bring some when you visit NOLA. Remember how unforgiving the humidity here is. 🙂

        1. Yeah. Sadface. I need to talk to you about that. Like on the phone. That wedding? It’s on a Sunday night? I can’t come in on a Sunday night! My kid has stuff to do on Monday, including a doctor’s appointment. You’ve got to call me. We need a Plan B.

  17. Perhaps you need to pull an Elaine from Seinfeld and decide which days are mousse-worthy? LOL

    1. And I just saw that someone beat me to my thought! Great minds…

      1. Call me, Elaine. Because I’m already there!

  18. I don’t want to rain on your party, but I really don’t understand brand loyalty. If I use the same product all the time, it stops working. If I used the same deodorant I was using 3 years ago, which was fine then, I’d stink. If I were using the same shampoo, I’d have lank locks. And so on. So… maybe change is good….. sometimes…?

    1. You’re like the incredible evolving woman! You must have superpowers!

      I’m like you with face wash. After a few years, my face will rebel against whatever it is I’ve been using.

    2. Margaret! I’ve seen pictures of you! You are a cutey-pie who can rock a pixie hair-do. I don’t have your bone structure. I rely on my mop. Sometimes, I need to hide behind it. That said, I SAID I’m ridiculously brand loyal. This is why all brands need to contact me. If I fall in love with a brand, it is forever. And I will tell the world about it. Colgate, I love you! Kikkoman Soy Sauce? Love you, too. GoGoSqueez? Yummy! Someone, please tell me I’ve been misinformed and that this is all a terrible misunderstanding. 😉

      1. It is. 😉 Toothpaste is toothpaste. Yes, OK, you need a decent soy sauce, and Kikkoman’s fine. But there are others….. Happily, being a true upstanding Englishwoman, I have no idea what GoGoSqueez is. You’re a Marketing Person’s Dream Woman. Aren’t you?

        1. I am. I am every brand’s wet dream. Well, except the one’s that SUCK. Like never buy artificial Ho-Ho’s. Until Hostess is resurrected, I’m out.

          1. Ho-Ho’s? Hostess? Truly, we are “two nations divided by a common language” as George Bernard Shaw is supposed to have said!

            1. Je me regrette. It’s the company that made Twinkies. You know those spongey treats that were supposed to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse? Well, Hostess went out of business. They made a lot of other yummy goodies, too. So I lost my chocolate Ho-Ho’s, too. They looked like mini “Bouche de Noel.” Does that help? 😉

  19. Renee,
    My wife has curlier hair than yours and she swears by Deva products. She sometimes switches to Ouidad for a change to give her hair a break, but she won’t use anything else. When she takes time to gel and dry her hair, it’s bouncy and never crunchy. When she doesn’t have time to dry it, well that’s another story…

    1. Ben: The best part of this post is that you actually KNOW your wife’s hair regime. My husband would have absolutely NO idea what I shlop onto my head and body. He on;y notices if I smell different (read: bad). Thanks for following me over to Jess’s today. It isn’t “eh la bas,” but I’m still writing — after all these years! 😉 I hope you are loving life in Texas. All my buddies are heading your way this weekend for DFWCon. So jealous.

      1. I have developed a mad crush on Ben for knowing his wife’s hair products of choice. My husband is like yours, Renee. And my HAIR is like yours. During a recent bout of experimentation for a product that would allow me to have unfrizzy, uncrunchy curls, I tried Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream, falling for the propaganda pics on the packaging. While it did not perform as advertised in the least, it DID work as a marvelous straightener, turning my Brillo-pad hair soft and silky. Whaaaaaa?

        1. Hi Dyanne: Isn’t Ben a hoot? He’s a former student from when I lived in New Orleans. We kind of stalk each other these days. I’ll bet he is the BEST husband. Meanwhile, so what you are trying to say is that Marc Anthony (as in JLo’s former husband) had a hair care product for women? But it works well as a straightening product? Good to know. Good to know. For a lot of reasons.

          1. It’s also cheap. Yay for cheap.

  20. I feel your pain. For me it was L’Oreal Translucide sheer blush. Fortunately, a tube will last me a year. I was able to buy enough stock that I still have enough to last me another 18-19 years. Have you tried eBay?

    1. Mary, it’s still available. But how many cans should I get? Seriously. People have told me that the product can break down. How much should I get? I don’t want to buy too much and then find out it’s no longer effective. For now, each time I kill six cans, I try to replace with six more. That saidr, I have been diligently looking to replace this produc t and I think I have a contender. I wrote this piece for Jess a while ago. Will report back soon. Meanwhile, I’m sorry to hear about your L’Oreal loss. It pains me to rrad of others who have loved and lost. 😉

  21. Oh my goodness, all the replies. I have given up make-up and hair products like you and Renee talk about. I did have a bar soap (the only one I had found that I tolerated) and bought large quantities. Suddenly I realized the store didn’t have any on the shelf. As I was frantically running out I, too, started searching the internet. To my dismay the bar had been discontinued and there was none to be found. I now have a bar of soap that while I do not react to, do not like the smell of. I continue to search.

    1. I think picking out your soap is a serious thing. It’s how I subconsciously get all my guys friends to wash their hands after they pee: I buy really nice soap. Except now that I’ve quit my job, it’s like: “Oh you’ll use the free hotel soap, and you’ll LIKE it!” LOL

    2. Hi Kathryn: As you can imagine, I, too, am picky about soap. The one I use on my hands is CUCHINA “fruits & passion” scent. I absolutely love it. On my body, that’s a whole other thing. I have sensitive skin, and so I’m actually very careful even when my shampoo runs off so that it doesn’t hit my body. (I am realizing I’m starting to sound crazy!) Anyway, I’m sorry you have lost your soap. I wish I could suggest something. Right now, I’m using something I’m underwhelmed with but that doesn’t cause me to break out. I guess I have to settle on that for now. One crisis at a time. Nice to meet you.

  22. So this is where Miss. Renee was last night instead of tweeting with us #Tribalchix. LOL. I love this. I have uncontrollable hair. It’s not super curly, but it has just enough natural wave to make it super funky if I don’t put anything in it when it’s wet. And I hate putting anything in my hair. So my other option is to blow dry it immediately and straighten it with my Chi. I also hate putting that much heat in my hair. So you see, we have a problem. My hair. If we can buy this in The States, I may try it!

    1. Gives new meaning to the excuse, “I can’t tonight, I’m washing my hair.” LOL

    2. Miss Nay was stuck in the grocery store. We had NO food. None. The family got pretty pissy and decided that no calories was not an option and so I had to shop. I emerged 3 hours later. Okay, I may have run into my former student. And we might have talked for 30 minutes, thus making me late for tweeting. Sorry. I’m glad Reynold & Andrea are gone. Awesome episode! Sorry #tribalchix! I’ll be there next week!

  23. Renee, as a fellow frizz head I feel your pain! I have a couple favs, TresSemme curl care mousse (black can, green lid) or Pantene’s curly hair mousse. The pantene leaves me a bit crunchier than I care to be, but it works on the frizz! Also, buy the curly girl handbook. I got it about 6 months ago and have (mostly) stopped straightening my hair, I don’t hate the curl anymore!

    1. Kim: It’s always so interesting hearing from other curly haired women. EVeryone’s texture is so different. I’ve never tried TresSemme, but I have tried Pantene’s curly hair mousse, and it didn’t do it for me. I really like my curls to look kind of wet, if that makes sense. Or maybe not wet, but I like each curl to appear as an individual curl. That stuff didn’t do it for me. If i brush my hair, it feels like a horse’s tail. Very coarse. Meanwhile WHAT is this Curly Girl Handbook or which you speak? I need to get a copy. Is that what’s it’s called? #AmGoogling

        1. #AmBuying this. STAT. Thank you!

  24. Don’t you judge me, but I lost Frankenberry cereal for about two decades. It just disappeared from the shelves of every store in St. Louis. Then, a couple of years ago, my wife came back from the first day of vacation Walmart shopping in Orange Beach, Alabama with 3 boxes of the stuff!!! YAY!!! Simmer down though…either they changed the cereal or my taste buds betrayed me, because it sucked compared to how I remembered it. Sigh…

    For what it’s worth, you look cute in your black hat.

    1. Isn’t it weird how cereals change on us? My mom bought cinnamon crunch toast a while back and I tried it. Ugh! I could not handle how sweet it was.

    2. No judgment here. I used to eat Lucky Charms EVERY SINGLE day of my life. Until one day, I just stopped. I don’t know what happened. I won’t even tell you the weird things I eat for breakfast these days.

  25. There are advantages to getting old. I know I’m not going to look good anyhow, so I wear my hair shorn and don’t care.

    I’m with you on brand loyalty, though. My wife drives me crazy grocery shopping. If she has a coupon or a price match and can get something a penny cheaper, forget what she bought last time. I keep telling her life would be so much simpler and we’d save so much time in stores if she’d just remember what she bought before and buy the same thing again. Oh, no. Must look for a bargain. I don’t play her game with stuff that’s important to me, though. I don’t care how much cheaper her sandpaper is, I’m going to buy Charmin.

    1. You cannot skimp on TP! No way!

    2. But 2000 squares of Scott tissue costs less than 500 squares of Charmin! Who cares if you are chafed. 😉 I’m glad to know that you men are brand loyal, too.

    3. This reminded me that I am also VERY loyal to Charmin. They used to make a roll that was the equivalent of 3 “regular” rolls. I loved it, because it lasted longer than the “double”, and still fit on the TP holder (unlike their jumbo size that is supposed to = 4 rolls). Can’t find it anymore… have settled for the red package of 36 (= 90!) at Sam’s – the only place I can find that size.

      1. This might be TMI, but I’ve always found that Charmin kinds of shreds and leaves little bits and pieces in places I don’t want bits and pieces. I must be an aggressive wiper. Hmmm.

  26. I can’t think of a product I loved that was discontinued because I’m a health-and-beauty-aids-junkie who loves to try shiny, new items (and of course I fall in love with them until the next best thing comes along). However, my problem always lies in my hair styling tools and the fact that, no matter how much moolah I invest, they inevitably break down and die after about two years. So, no Chi flat irons for me. Sticking to the drug store appliances over here!

    1. Oh! And, Renee, so fun to see you over here at Jess’s place! Two of my faves 🙂

      1. Hi Dawn! I could never justify spending a lot of hair styling tools.


        My neighbor has straightened my hair with her Chi flat iron. *waves hi to Teri* And she did it in 1/4 of the time. It made me consider how much time she saves on her hair, and how much stress I was putting on mine, by going over the same piece over and over again. Basically, I’m good as long as Teri never moves. On that dark day, I’m buying a Chi — or whatever the best flat iron has been invented by then.

        1. I am now off to investigate this chi iron you speak of…

      2. You’re welcome to join me anytime Miss Dawn!

  27. My husband will likely NOT appreciate me sharing this, but whatever…

    He too, has (had) long, curly hair. It was gorgeous and he kept it that way using a certain mousse (Alberto) I laughed so hard when he heard (how he heard this news, I don’t know) that it was being discontinued and bought 10 bottles.

    We still have two left….but Mark is losing his hair rapidly, so it no longer matters.

    Not long ago, I asked if he’d like me to donate the mousse. “No”, he answered sadly. “No, let’s keep them. They boys might need the mousse one day…”

    Shortly thereafter, my oldest, who is seven, began growing out his curly red locks.


    1. Awwww. I think that’s a really sweet story. I hope the mousse stays good while they grow their hair out!

    2. Hahahaha! Oh Liz! You always know just what to say! So funny! Hold onto the mousse for The Reds.

      But what if they love that brand? And then they can’t find it? Aren’t you setting them up?

  28. Chef Stella Praline-flavored peanut butter. I was horrified to discover that she quit the business… Sadly after I’d used up my last container. That stuff was heaven in a plastic tub. I almost cried.

    1. Oh Lawd! As a girl who spent five years in New Orleans, that stuff sounds delicious. Have you tried Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter? It’s never going to be as good, but it’s pretty damn delicious. Just sayin’.

    2. Peanut butter is a serious matter.

  29. Love the photo! My hair frizzes up too but I don’t have curly hair. It just goes poof! I have to use a hair straightener and I don’t wash it every day. But now that it’s getting humid out again, I can already feel my hair getting bigger and bigger. I haven’t found that magic solution yet.

    1. I have often talked to my husband about going back to cosmetology school to become a hair stylist. When he is finished laughing at me, telling me all the reasons I would NOT be good in this particular career, I usually go off to think about how cool it would be to have a niche salon for curlie-girlies. I could have stylists who actually know how to cut curly hair! And I could offer all these products that people have mentioned — maybe even figure out my own special formula. Perhaps one day, when my book is finished, maybe that will be my next endeavor. Which, I’m sure, will lead to more books! LOL!

  30. *climbing back up off the floor for the eleventy-seventh time this morning* Renée, after you publish your novel ( … I’m getting blisters on my fingers from tapping them in anticipation …), I think you have a ready-made book waiting to happen with the comments and your responses in your blog posts. Spewing coffee and laughing out loud moments are guaranteed! I mean … artificial Ho-Hos … who thinks of those?
    Jess, thanks for inviting Renée over here today. You ladies have really got something started!

    1. Patricia! I’m so glad you were here today! And believe me, I’m drumming my fingers about that book, too! I just want it to be the best it can be. Thank you for your kind words.

  31. I totally second the dude’s comment about Deva products. For real! http://www.mydevacurl.com/ Although it’s meant to be used for keeping the curls in, not straightening it. I have been obsessed for 3-4 years now and TOTALLY stock up when we leave the States each time!

    1. Naomi: I know you would never steer me wrong. Between you and Ben and all these other people, I got a lot of good leads on products to try. I’m guessing something is going to work. Thanks for the tip. I’m hoping to see you the next time you’re in United States stacking up on your hair care products!

  32. I am also product loyal and have been disappointed too many times! Latest is a food product: the Cashew Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut Granola Bars. I am allergic to peanuts and was thrilled when I found this bar which had awesome cashews without any dangerous peanuts. So many bars have peanuts or peanut derivatives. So, I actually wrote to the company and commended their ingredient choice and asked them to never, ever change it. They wrote a nice thank you and pledge to keep the peanut-free product as is. A few months ago, I replenished our supply, didn’t EVEN LOOK at the ingredients and started to enjoy this treat. Something felt funny in my mouth and didn’t taste right. I immediately looked at the ingredients and was shocked and appalled at their irresponsible addition of peanut flour. Why? Why would that be a necessary change? Ugh. I’m saving 160 calories and burning even more with my fume!!

    On another note, I hope you find a good replacement Renee. And, thanks for introducing me to Jess’s Happiness Project!

    1. Oh my god, they are so lucky you didn’t get rushed to the ER because of their product! Yikes! That’s scary. I’m glad you were ok. And I’m also very glad you like my blog! Thank you Shari! *waves*

      1. That’s right– it could have been bad! I don’t even think the package said “new formula” or had any indication of it…

    2. Shari! That is soooo weird! I just bought those granola bars! I’d never even seen them before. I’m sooo sorry you lost your beloved granola bars. That’s really lame that they changed their ingredients. I wonder why they did that. Hmmmm. You think peanuts are less expensive or something? I’m just glad you were okay! Sheesh!

      1. What a coincidence! Aren’t they delicious…? I’m not sure why they started using peanut flour– the consistency? And, yes, I think peanuts are added to so many bars because they’re so cheap. Oh well. I’m glad my husband, you and I’m sure many others can enjoy them! Thanks for your empathy!

        1. “This is Dr. Ruth Westheimer. The show is Sexually Speaking and you are on the air.”

          Dr. Ruth, why did they change my granola bars?

          Well, Shari. This is a very good kvestion. It’s because most people like nuts. They do. They like to put nuts in their mouths. Do you like to put nuts in your mouth, Shari?

          Um, I’d die.

          Vell, theeeeeees is a pwoblem, Shari. You understand? You have to learn how to like nuts. 😉

          1. OMG! I freakin LOVE you!

          2. I can’t stop laughing– too funny! I love the kvestion– so clever Renee!

  33. This totally reminds me of a Seinfeld episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfQBKB4s1ks

    You might have to start evaluating if the situation is “mousse worthy” 🙂

    1. Ok, I’m glad you left the link because I hadn’t seen this. BUT, I totally get it! LOL

    2. Hi Larisa! Yes, other commenters suggested that I sound like Elaine Benis. I am definitely evaluating if events are mousse-worthy. 🙂 I’m glad you included the link for Jess.

  34. Oh, man. I hate it when they discontinue your shizz. I wrote a post about my lipstick issues: http://accidentalstepmom.com/2012/08/09/50-shades-of-ruby-vibes/ and do you know, the month after that, they discontinued my other lipstick, my red? I have one tube stockpiled, that’s it. *sigh* Regarding the hair, I’ve become a fan of the Deva Curl line. But I don’t ever make it straight without professional help. There’s a curly girl at work who uses it and makes her hair straight all the time. Messy with minimal frizz is what I’m usually going for. Maybe you can try it when your mousse runs out.

    1. It’s so hard to find the perfect red lipstick. I might cry when mine is gone. We should probably start looking now. It’s like house hunting! hahaha

    2. Hi JM!

      Someone else recommended Deva products a little earlier in this thread. I’ll have to give them a whirl. Meanwhile, I’m sorry to hear about your red lipstick. I remember that post. Do you think it’s our fault? 😉 Like are they trying to teach us a lesson about being flexible and bending so we don’t break, Grasshopper? Because it ain’t working!

  35. I’m not brand loyal. I have bought Aussie hair products for quite a while but it’s habit rather than loyalty. I tend to wear men’s deodorants because I prefer the scents but I change brands all the time. I do have a favourite clothes range (Joe Browns) but I buy other brands as well. I don’t wear make-up all that often so I forget what work best.

    I gave up on my hair years ago. Sort of – I like to change my hair colour (presently it is turquoise) but I gave up trying to get it to anything exciting as far as styling goes. My hair is poker straight and soft like rabbit fur. It cannot be persuaded to have body, texture, lift or any of those desirable qualities they mention in ads. It doesn’t have even one tiny wave in it. I had it permed once in my teens. It looked dreadful for a day and then the hair went back to being straight.

    The only time my hair has any life is when I wake up. I wake up looking like an exotic bird every morning. My hair sticks up all directions but there are no products in the world that can change it from “bird of paradise mating display” into a style. Dunking my head in water works though – it goes right back to lank 🙂

    1. My hair is super straight too. I remember getting a spiral perm in high school which I’m sure looked Ah-mazing with my full straight bangs. Oh yes. Of course it grew out but now every now and then I ‘ll find the craziest little kinky hair sprouting from my head and I’ll think “Still?!”

    2. Penny! You’re turquoise now? Got tired of the pink, eh? I love how you are fearless about changing your hair color. And I rather like thinking of you as an exotic bird! It fits the you I’ve come to know over the years. It’s incredible that it’s been years, isn’t it? Meanwhile, I want to recommend another blog for you: Google Arty Old Bird: Val Erde. She’s on your side of the pond, and I think you’d like each other in real life. Thanks for following me to Jess’s place!

  36. […] I recently wrote about how my favorite hair care product is being discontinued. […]

  37. Rene, what’s the new product you found recently to de-frizz your hair?

    1. Oh, a post is coming about that. And a giveaway! Stay tuned! 🙂

  38. […] Recently, I wrote about how the hair care product I’ve been using for the last 30 years is being discontinued. […]

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