Guilty Pleasures: Flashback Fun

Have you been reading the Movies Teach Us posts on Thoughts Appear? They are hilarious! The author, Thoughtsy, has been inviting her friends over to talk about lessons they learned from watching some of your favorite flicks.

Peg-o-leg talks about Romy and Michelle in What Happens After High School.

She’s a Maineiac blogged about the Breakfast Club with The Breakfast of Champions.

Go Jules Go blogged about Clueless’s Cher and Dion in Somebody Please Get a Clue.

and Misty’s Law blogged about The Princess Bride in As You Wish.

These fabulously funny ladies got me craving all kinds of flashback fun for this week’s guilty pleasure. And I hope they won’t mind me sharing a few of my own fave movies that teach.

Reality Bites

  • It is not ok to steal a candy bar at your job because you think your boss doesn’t pay you enough.
  • Ben Stiller will never be an appropriate love interest.
  • If you have something difficult to tell your parents, try acting it out with your friends first.
  • The answer is pizza.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

  • If you really like a boy, it’s probably not a good idea to ask your model friend to pretend to be you.
  • Pinching the tips of a dog’s ear will calm them down.
  • Intimate phone conversations during bubble baths are the key to a man’s heart.

200 Cigarettes

  • The 90’s was when it was cool to love Courtney Love, and her band Hole, this is no longer true.
  • If you’re going to a party at your cousin’s house, remember to bring the address!
  • New Year’s Eve is magical, even if you smell like dog sh*t.
  • If you are feeling sad and lonely, don’t spend your night watching Love Story.

Bed of Roses

  • When a guy you barely know floods your apartment with sterling roses, it isn’t creepy in the slightest, it’s a grand romantic gesture.
  • When you get a gift a flowers, put a little 7up in the water. It sounds funny, but it works.
  • Scarlet’s Independent Love Song may be one of the best tunes in movie soundtrack history. Made even better by this awesome fan video…


  • When seeking a soulmate, all that’s really important is someone who says ‘God Bless You’ when you sneeze.
  • When making your singles profile tape, invite desired individuals to visit you in [Insert Your Name Here] Country. It’s more exotic.
  • If you really want someone to know how much you care, give them the remote that connects to your garage door opener.

Those are some of my favorite films for life’s educational purposes.

What are some of yours?

29 responses

  1. I love The Truth About Cats and Dogs shout out. Awesome! How about pet tips? “It’s okay to love your pets, just don’t LOVE your pets.” Too funny!
    Hmm? Now I’m going to be looking for life lessons the next time I’m watching Notting Hill, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping, etc. How about The Princess Bride? Do you think there’s any lessons to be learned there? Inconceivable!! 😉


    1. All fantastic films, Jimmy. I think the Princess Bride teaches us the importance of only using words you know the definition of. And that rodents of unusual size do exist.

  2. These are great, Jess! These are all romantic comedies, and I’m wondering if this works for other films. I can’t think of many rom-coms on my top movies list. But how about Raiders of the Lost Ark? 1) The best workout is outrunning a massive stone rolling at you. 2) You’re a cool girl if you can drink more shots than a 300-pound guy. 3) Always carry a whip. 4) Better yet, carry a gun. 5) Make it up as you go.

    1. Love it! And that’s too funny you picked Indy because Joe and I just watched a show on the history channel about real archeologists and the things they share with Indiana Jones. More than one would expect!

  3. I love you. But you knew that already, yes?

    I’m sensing a strong Janeane Garofalo theme going on here as well. She was pretty funny back in the 90s before she got all political, huh?

    ((Oh and psst . . . I’m at Thoughtsy’s today with The Princess Bride. FYI))

    1. I will add that in!

      Yes, I love you too. I also love Janeane Garofalo circa the 90’s. Have you seen The Matchmaker?

      1. Me, too! Loved Janeane in Romy, loved her in Cats & Dogs, loved her in Matchmaker. Now every time she opens her mouth on screen I wanted to throw a shoe through it!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Jess! This is awesome; I do love me some guilty pleasures.

    You make a good point with the roses – how many movies have these grand, romantic gestures, that, when you really think about it, are insanely creepy?

    1. I know right?! Even John Cusack in Say Anything with the boombox scene…still a little stalkery. Just sayin.

  5. I’ve seen Bed of Roses and Singles, but none of the other movies. I know! For shame. I’ll have to try and find them on netflix this weekend now.

    1. But, but . . . Darla!!! Eddie Vedder is IN Reality Bites!!!! Go! Watch! LOVE!!

    2. Oh you will love them. Classic 90’s goodness. Consider it doctor’s orders to stay off that cracking foot of yours and have a movie marathon.

  6. I love Ferris Bueller, of course. He reminds us that friendship is very important and that sometimes you just need to blow off responsibilities for a day of adventure.

    That said, I wouldn’t ever drive anywhere with him. That never ends well.

    I love Thoughtsy’s Series.

    1. Lol. Good lesson. Don’t drive with Ferris. But do go to parades and art museums with him.

  7. Even though I haven’t seen 200 Cigarettes, I agree with the assessment of Hole. Whom I still like, but in secret, as opposed to the 90s, when I shouted it out for the whole world to hear.

    Man, I was annoying then.

    Jaws teaches us that we’re going to need a bigger boat. The Shining teaches us that all work and no play makes us dull. And ET teaches us that Reese’s Pieces are better than M&Ms.

    1. Ohmygod – Reese’s Pieces that look like M & M’s! We just got some of those when we went to see Jurassic Park 3D. A movie that teaches us it’s not ok to play God, and also that all you need to make a dinosaur is a mosquito.

  8. OMG, it’s been forever since I’ve thought about The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Loved that movie. Throwing the sneaker out as a souvenir (not to mention the turtle incident) had me rolling!

    Since I can’t limit myself to just one, I think I may follow your example in a few days (giving me time to marinate on my choices) and link you in when I’m done. 🙂

    1. Sounds fabulous! Can’t wait to hear what you pick!

  9. I. Love. Reality Bites!!! Movie and Soundtrack!!!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! We need to have a movie marathon. It would be epic.

  10. Thanks for reading over at Thoughtsy’s – girl knows how to host a good party.
    I’ve only seen Cats & Dogs out of this list, and you are right on with your tips. In fact, I would add if you want to get a guy, don’t even appear in the same zip code as a gorgeous model.
    Where did you work in Ireland?

    1. I am loving Thoughtsy’s movie party. And I now want to rewatch all the movies you guys are talking about.

  11. Oh gosh, so much fun! One thing I learned from Reality Bites is to use the parent’s credit card to fill up my friend’s gas tanks and then have them give me cash. Sweet. Not that I’m advocating that in any way. Or want my kids to do that. Ever.

    Two of your movies I’ve never heard of, but will have to put in my queue now. I’m off to read the other posts!

    1. You gotta hand it to Winona. That was a sharp plan.

  12. […] my awesome new buddy Jess Witkins did a post called “Guilty Pleasures: Flashback Fun” inspired by Thoughts Appear’s […]

  13. Funny! I didn’t recognize a few of the titles. Must have come out when I was in the midst of baby raising. 🙂

    1. Well put them on your list! These are some fabulously classic films that teach us!

  14. Nice job!

    “New Year’s Eve is magical, even if you smell like dog sh*t.”—I hope I never have to experience this.

    1. LOL. Have you seen that movie? It is one of my faves. Such a freakshow of 90s cast members and a fantastic script! Dave Chapelle is the one who said that line. He plays a cab driver. It’s stellar. You must see it!

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