The Devil Made Me Do It

Today I’m guest blogging at the fabulous Renee Schuls-Jacobson‘s blog as part of her #SoWrong Series. If you haven’t been following along, you can find links to all the past posts by clicking the eyeball below. And trust me, they’re worth a read! TOTALLY MAKE YOUR WEEKEND kind of material here, folks.

Get ready to hear my most embarrassing moment EVER! Before today, only 3 people in the whole world knew what happened at Devil’s Tower that fateful afternoon. And ONLY for Renee, would I dare to share it now. And of course, with all of YOU! Here’s hoping we can still be friends! 😀

The Devil Made Me Do It

13 responses

  1. Oh my. It’s not funny but it’s funny. I’m sooooo sorry.

    1. It’s ok. It’s funny. I realize this NOW.

  2. You are a brave, brave woman! I bow to you as queen of the embarrassingly awkward moment. And I love ya more for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kitt! At least I know I’m not alone!

  3. Hilarious! Only in hindsight can mortifying experiences be humorous.

    1. I promise I’m housebroken Mama G. Really I am!

  4. Oh man. I am so excited (apprehensive?). Clicking over there now.

    1. Read at your own risk. 😀

      1. Hah. It wasn’t so bad…I’ve done worse. =P

  5. Dear, dear Jess, I have been meaning to catch up with you for quite a while. My neurological status is still WTH? only more of WTH? I feel better as of late and all. I loved your story about the Devil’s Tower trip. That’s one I always wanted to take, but not quite the way you went about it. I, like you, have pooped in public and thrown away my underwear. Unfortunately, I was working at the Gastonia Police Department in IT at the time. There weren’t that many women working there. Anyway, I also have nominated you for a couple of blog awards on my blog post today. Please go here for the rules and the blog badge(s) and rules, which are not hard and fast.

    Take the award that is appropriate, or use both accordingly.

    Liebster – for 200 followers or less
    Very Inspiring Blogger Award – for all of the nominees. You are a very inspiring writer and I always enjoy reading your blog and finding out about your travels and adventures. Thank you.

    Mary aka ViolaFury

    June 16, 2013

    1. Awww Thank you Mary! Both for your honesty about your own embarrassing moment and for the blog awards! Thank you!

      Off to read your post!

  6. HIlarious!! Hubby and I plan to visit Devil’s Tower this summer, and I’ll certainly be thinking of you while we’re there! 😉

    1. I’ll just apologize now. I’m sorry.

      Have a good trip!

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