Alternative Song Lyrics About Writing

I am officially making pathetic look cool. Yet again! In addition to my stellar new blog header which took me hours to make – DON’T JUDGE! – I’ve really out-cooled myself here.

Because now I’m singing on Twitter.

True story. I’ve been writing some pretty awesome alternative song lyrics lately. And it all began when I started cheering on Diana Beebe (@DianaBeebeTX). You see, I’ve been partaking in the virtual kool-aid that is twitter wordsprints like #wordmongering and #junowrimo and #1k1h and all that rapid writing has left me pretty batty. And that’s when I start sending out tweets like this…

Then I brought back this little ditty from the 90’s:

@DianaBeebeTX I thought of another song for you! Eh-hem.. Just wanna sit and write do do do do All Day All Night! Just wanna sit AND WRITE!

β€” Jess Witkins (@jesswitkins) June 10, 2013

And then there’s the classic jock jams special:

@DianaBeebeTX Thinking of doing a whole number to: stomp stomp clap, stomp stomp clap – WE WILL WE WILL WRITE MORE! – stomp stomp clap πŸ˜€

β€” Jess Witkins (@jesswitkins) June 13, 2013


Follow me on Twitter and find out… @jesswitkins

Join in! Leave an alternative song lyric! About writing, or anything, really!

Shake your pens! Watch ya self!

Shake your pens! Show me whatchu wanna write!

26 responses

  1. You. Are. Insane.

    And I really like that about you. Carry on . . .

    Oh, and great header! Time well spent.

    1. Misty!!!! You win the prize (shhh…there is no prize) for being the first person to comment on my new header. THANK YOU! It did take time to do so I’m glad you like it!

      And I like you too. I’m glad we’re friends now. πŸ˜€

  2. Blame it on the a, a, a, a, a, a, a, adjective. Sorry, it’s early.

    1. NICE!!! I totally dig it! Good one, Madge!

  3. Awesome header. I love love love it. I have to change mine but I’m much too lazy.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like it. Trying to look more branded for when (eventually) I publish my book. The logline is the same. You know, I showed it to my boyfriend after working on it for hours (yes-I’m not all that tech savvy and I had to crop all the photos first and figure out what ones to use). He looked at it and said, “That’s a really ugly photo.” #headdesk

  4. hehehe.. I could totally do one using Ice Ice Baby but you know what? There’s already a line in the original song that’s so appropriate. It says “Cooking MC’s like a pound of bacon.” You know, be evil to your characters. Muuhahahaha. Time to make bacon bits!

    1. I like you sans editor, Ryan! You’re all unpredictable and COURAGEOUS!!! Keep it up!

      (P.S. It makes the word count, or it gets the Bieber tape…) MUAHAHhaahhahaha

  5. Here’s one I’ll share. It’s a take on what Kris Kristofferson says at the last of “To Beat The Devil”

    “I was born just a storyteller, and I’m bound to die the same,
    But I’ve got to feed the hunger in my soul.
    And if I never earn a nickel, I won’t ever die ashamed
    Cuz I don’t believe no one wants to know.”

    1. Oooh, I like it! *snaps fingers*

      Thanks for including the link, I didn’t know this one. Good song!

  6. You are awesome. Just made my day with this post. I love your little songs and the encouragement that comes with them. Mwah!

    Your new header is gorgeous!

    1. You are my sunshine…my only sunshine…you make me HAPPY when WIPS are crap…you’ll never know dear…how much I love you…please don’t take my Twitter fun away….


      1. Yep, I’ll be singing that one for…forever! Love it!

  7. I love your header, Jess.

    Sadly, some of my pictures from those ages are black and white. Because I’m ancient? Nooooo. But, thank you for asking. Because we only had a Polaroid. Really.

    WOOT! I think I’ll hop on the fast draft Twitter train. Don’t look for me there today. Errands and house prep for weekend showings. ICK!

    You are a semi talented song writer, my friend.

    1. Join us for a word sprint any time, Gloria! The more the merrier!!!

  8. Groovy header. It perfectly sums up the essence of YOU. All that’s missing is a shot of you posing with a geoduck (although the censors would probably have a field day with that one).

    “Yesterday/all my commas seemed so far away/but I fought for them and here they’ll stay/series commas/all the way…”

    Umm, yeah. I don’t know about that one.

    1. OHMYGOD I LOVE IT! Like shouty capitals LOVE IT! How did you know I’m a comma fiend? Is it obvious?

      Mark, This. Is. Brilliant.

  9. Love the header, Jess.

    Dang! I missed those tweets… but you’re so right about how much fun the #wordmongering and other writing groups on Twitter are. I’ve been hooked on doing my writing sprints via Twitter since I met the #row80 #teamsprinty crew. It’s a great community. Thanks for urging more people to try it out, Jess!

    And yeah… we’ve had some fun songs going through too. The Doors “People Are Strange” is one of the more recent ones.

    1. Yes! The ROW crew and TeamSprinty are amazing. I’m thinking of joining up again for the next round!

  10. Jess, this is even COOLER than, Vanilla Ice ice baby… πŸ™‚

    1. *brushes off shoulders* Thank you! Thank you!

  11. First of all…Love the header Jess! It is soo you! Awesomesauce!
    Secondly…Right on Catie! Love those Kris Kristofferson lyrics! Very cool.
    There is singing on Twitter? See, I am not on Twitter much. Look what I am missing! Let me see if I can join in here…Hmm. “We love to write, you know I’m right, it’s such a thrill, da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron. We’ll write and write with all our might and lots of skill, da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron. Oh what a thrill. Yeah, we’ll score a deal. We’ll write and write with no end in sight, it’s so surreal, da doo ron ron ron, da doo ron ron.”
    Okay, that’s two tweets by the way. lol πŸ™‚

    1. Awesome!!! Nice tuneage Karen! Multiple tweets are totally allowed and fair game! I dig your rhymes!

  12. Oh, Jess. If song start changing their lyrics inside my head (cause that never happens now…hahaha) I’m blaming you. But I’ll make sure to Tweet you the words, too. πŸ˜‰

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