Crushes Then and Now (Guys Edition)

Crushes. We all have them. Ever wonder what happened to them down the road?

Me too.

So I took the liberty of compiling a list of some faves – Guy Edition. I’ll host the Ladies Edition on monday! Here’s the categories I grouped them into, but I can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!


The I’ll Stick With the Fairytale Crush

Barret Oliver

The little boy from The Neverending Story. So innocent, so sweet, such a good reader. Then there was Cocoon, followed by Cocoon: The Return, and the role of Dicken in the Hallmark version of The Secret Garden which totally made me crush on him more. I loved this boy. What happened?

The Make Me a Shingle and You Can Have My Number Crush

Joe Lando

It’s no secret I love Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and Sully was a big reason for that. Um, hello?! – A morally driven man who can build you your dream home, survive for weeks in the wildnerness, and respects diversity and honesty. Yes, please.

The High School Crush That Lasted

Mark Paul Gosselaar

Oh, Zach Morris, from Saved by the Bell! Your antics and charming camera smirk still stop my heart. And your grown up roles on shows like Rizzoli and Isles and Franklin and Bash, still prove to make you a hearthrob.

The High School Crush I’m Willing to Walk Away From and Forget Ever Happened

Jason Priestley

Brandon, you seriously should have worn more sunscreen when hanging out in Beverly Hills, 90210. Priestley’s current resume includes mostly TV cameos, so let’s just say I will not be meeting Mr. Priestley at the Peach Pit anytime soon.

The Karate Kid Crush

Ralph Macchio

I’m so glad his Cousin Vinny got the charges dropped so he could grow up to show those bullies a thing or two on the karate floor! 😉

The Boy Your Mother Warned You About Crush

Corey Feldman

One of the original Lost Boys. From The Goonies to Gremlins, Corey was not to be trifled with. Crushing on this guy would not result in a white picket fence! However, he did earn the nickname ‘Mouth’…

The Boy Next Door Crush

James Van Der Beek

If there was anyone I’d allow to crawl into my bedroom window and stay up late watching Spielberg movies with, it’d be Dawson Leery.

The Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Crush

Sidney Poitier

He’s worth upsetting the parents if you ask me. And that voice!

The I Can Make You All Better Crush

Scott Speedman

Ben Covington from Felicity – the boy with the hard knock life who didn’t know you even existed in high school, comes to senses in college and falls in deeply in love with you. *swoon* I must admit though…I choose Noel. Shhh.

The ‘WOH’ Crush

Joey Lawrence

Blossom‘s older brother, Joey. Before there was Friends’ Joey Tribbiani “How you doin’?”, before N’SYNC had Joey Fatone, there was Joey Lawrence, and he had us at “WOH!”

The I’ll Listen to Nasonex Commercials Because They Remind Me of Desperado Crush

Antonio Banderas

I’m a sucker for a sexy voice, what can I say? Whether he’s a gun-wielding, guitar player in Desperado or an animated bee that sells nasal spray, Antonio, you should know “Te amo.”

The Somebody’s Making a Deal With the Devil or Else How Do You Still Look So Good Crush

George Clooney

ER‘s Dr. Doug Ross – You can play doctor on me anytime! Or jack of all trades, Danny Ocean? (Ocean’s Eleven) I could take a gamble on him. 😉

Who did I miss? What hottie (or nottie) crushes are on your list? And don’t spare the gory details! Dish!

32 responses

  1. I respectfully suggest Tom Selleck of “Magnum P.I.” fame… 🙂 🙂

    1. That MUSTACHE!!! How could I have forgotten?!

      1. That chest hair! And that little smiley-wink he gave at the end of the show’s intro, right before they went to the first commercial break? Be still my heart… 🙂

  2. This really dates me, but Rob Lowe. He was a beautiful, beautiful man and a the star of a lot of teen movies before the sex scandal ever hit. And he still looks good, too. But I would no longer say he’s my crush.

    Patrick Swayze. Again, this dates me. He was *it* for a lot of years when I was young. Along with Rob Lowe and C. Thomas Howell, he was in THE OUTSIDERS. Then, there was DIRTY DANCING. Patrick is one crush that I still sort of have even though he’s dead. I thought Patrick was a classy guy who really seemed nice. He grew up in Houston, where I now live. And he could dance!

    Fun topic. 🙂

    1. Oh Catie, I totally agree with you. Rob Lowe in St. Elmo’s Fire!!! The hair, the dangly earring, the saxophone! Did you ever see him in Stroke of Midnight? It starred Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey opposite Lowe. It’s a modern take on the Cinderella story that was done in the … 80’s I think. Pretty cute.

      And Patrick Swayze is awesome. I’m actually really mad at myself now for not including him on the list. There will be a round 2 of this, you can be sure now.

  3. Antonio Banderas is the bee??? I did NOT know that.

    My crushes (I’m a little older, I guess) were Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.

    Isn’t Scott Speedman the guy from Underworld?

    1. Yes, he’s the bee. (I know, right?!)

      David Cassidy is a good one. I will have to put Warren Beatty on my next list as well.

      And Scott Speedman is the guy from the Underworld.

  4. I feel so old, in that I didn’t know half of those guys. Their shows aired while I was too busy watching Blue’s Clues with my toddler. Anyway…

    My first crush was Donny Osmond. And I think I did pretty darn good. He went from “Puppy Love” to Broadway; still looks good; and is a good hubby and father to boot.

    Other crushes through the years included Jason Patric (LOST BOYS); Cary Grant (I watched a lot of old movies in high school/college); and John Cusack (SAY ANYTHING, baby!). And then there are the singers/musicians…but if I go there I’ll be here forever.

    1. I saw Donny Osmond in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He looks like a grown up Cabbage Patch Kid. It’s the dimples, I think.

      And John Cusack is another one I’m kicking myself for forgetting, so he’ll go on the next round as well!

  5. I’d add John Oates (of Hall & Oates). And George Michael, just because. = )

    1. LOL. George Michael. From Arrested Development? Well, after that light saber display, who wouldn’t put him on the list?

      1. Noooo – George Michael of Wham! fame

        As far as I’m concerned George Michael from AD will never get older than 12 so you can’t really do a now and then

        1. Hahahhaha Whoops! Oh that’s too funny. All of it. My bad. But you’re so right.

  6. I feel like I get this post on such a deep level, I can’t really put it into words. Why didn’t I appreciate Sully when I had the chance?

    1. I just bought the Dr. Quinn movies on DVD at Barnes and Noble for $5.00. I feel like it was money very well spent. Very well.

  7. As a guy, not sure if I should be commenting here, but this is a cool post. Love to see how their “looks” evolved. Lots of handsome dudes! Chiseled chins and cheek bones and great hair! Probably my age showing, but I think a lot of them look much better as middle aged men.

    1. Yah, most of them do. But what happened to Barrett Oliver??? I am heartbroken.

  8. I had no idea Jason Priestley was looking so…weathered. The years have not been good to him. Makes me wonder how Luke Perry has fared.

    1. Luke Perry’s forehead now has its own voting precinct. How did we all crush on a man with such a LARGE head?

      1. Because we all the want the bad guy. He was the loner. But without him, it’d just be Beverly Hills 9021, and that doesn’t sound as good does it? Thought not.

    2. Well, Luke Perry was briefly in The Fifth Element, so that makes him 1000x cooler right there. The Fifth Element is where it’s at!

  9. I always liked so many cute boys, but my #1 childhood crush had to be David Silver/Brian Austin Green from the REAL 90210. I still see him today and smile. I can’t help myself.

    1. You are adorable. I miss you.

  10. Crushes aren’t limited to our past. I respectfully submit Morgan Freeman for consideration. C’mon, no one’s cooler than Morgan Freeman.

    1. IT’S THE VOICE!!! And his adorable freckles. I love them. And his old man giggle.

      1. That’s why I study at the Morgan Freeman School of Astrophysics. Sigh.


    Scott Speedman. Yum.

    And yes, Zach Morris is still a very good looking boy.

    I LOVED John Cusack. He is looking a little . . . puffy, now. Sadface.

    Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street. He’s still hot. No shame.

    1. What about Johnny Depp from Cry Baby?! Say you’ve seen it. Say you’ve seen it. Say you’ve seen it. *crosses fingers*

      1. Not only have I SEEN Cry Baby, but I have a story. Get ready . . .

        I MET Johnny Depp when he was filming Cry Baby.

        BOOM. Mind . . . blown.

        It’s a sad story, though. I had a picture taken of me and JD (that’s what all of his friends call him, of course), and my MOTHER opened the back of the camera and exposed the film. So, any documentation of my brush with fame (and my future husband) is forever lost. 😦

        1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????!!!!

          Did you hear that on the east coast? That was the sound of my mind exploding!

  12. Well, because I still stand by one of these crushes…I was crazy in love with Dennis Miller (in his leftist days), Mark Grace (Cubs era), and LL Cool J. I still love LL Cool J.

    1. Oooh LL Cool J! Good call! Good call indeed! He’s worth watching Deep Blue Sea for.

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