7 Links That Will Make You Laugh

If it feels like the pressures of fall are looming – school exams, added work piling up, bowls of Halloween candy eaten months prior to actual Trick-or-Treating…then settle in for a few minutes of laughter links to brighten your week!

Women: Know Your Limits!

My sister sent me the following video as a warning. She knows my love of knowledge and sought to warn me of its dangers.

Favorite part:  “Over-education leads to ugliness, premature aging, and beard growth.”

Jane Austen’s Fight Club

Shared by my friend Piper Bayard, it combines all characters Austen with those of Fight Club. Tea cups will fly!

Favorite part:  “No corsets, no hatpins, and NO crying!”

Craig Cuts His Own Hair

Another favorite I found through my sister. “Craig” is a character created by comedian Kyle Dunnigan, and if you’ve never seen him, I highly recommend you start with Craig’s News as an introduction. But for today’s post, we’re featuring some highly resourceful hair cutting tips!

Favorite part:  The claw.

NFL – Bad Lip Reading

There’s a whole slew of bad lip reading videos out there and fans of The Walking Dead should check out the musical they made! But the NFL mash up is by far one of the funniest!

Favorite part:  “Now! I want cake now!”

Grocery Shopping – A Parent’s Guide with Arturo Trejo

Arturo Trejo is a dad. A dad who likes to film his family and teach them lessons. Enjoy this how to video on successful grocery shopping.

Favorite part: Never shop on an empty stomach.

Best of Sue Sylvester

Even if you’re not a GLEE fan, you’re going to love Cheerios Coach Sue Sylvester and her endless taunting.

Favorite part:  “You’ve just boarded the Sue Sylvester train. Destination…HORROR!”

Flight of the Conchords – Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenocerous

New Zealand comedy and musical duo transforms into their alter egos – rap singers – known as the Rhymenocerous and Hiphopopatamus.

Favorite part:  They call me the hiphopopatamus, my lyrics are bottomless…”

Are you giggling?

Share more of your favorite comedic videos and blog posts in the comments below!

Happy laughing!

20 responses

  1. How did you know I just broke into the bag of Halloween candy last night??? ((Are you watching me, Jess?))

    I’m off to court, so I will have to return and peruse these gems later.

    1. Lol. I know all Misty!!! For my silence, you must SHARE!

      1. Ok, I watched them. I love the first and last. The line, “What? What? What? Be more constructive with your feedback!” just about killed me. So freaking funny!

        Oh, and methinks that announcing my shame on your public blog is not keeping “silent” so nice try. No candy for you!! :p

        1. You win this round, Laws!

  2. Thanks for the much needed giggles! 🙂

    1. Good to start the week out right!

  3. Well, there went my showered and ready to hit the road to Starbucks by 10, Ms. Wilkins.

    LOVED these! My personal favorite? HAD to be “Women Know Your Limits.” The bit at the end illustrating what happens to a woman’s brain with the input of knowledge explains my wonky brain train, why my hair looks like Brian cut it, and demystifies the reason I have nasty, black hairs on my big toes.

    *GASP* I never heard of GLEE. Those clips? Off to check the schedule to see when it’s on.

    Thanks for the Monday morning excuse to piddle-fart laughs.

    1. Lol. Gloria I’ve missed you! That first video is hysterical. “Hard to believe they’re all under 25!”

    2. OMG! I LOVE Glee. Sue Sylvester and Santana both crack me up when they get their mean on. Actually, these days Kitty does pretty well, too. And they’re all so musically talented!

      1. Well, that does it.

        If Jess Witkins AND Kitt Crescendo love GLEE, I know I will, too.

        Sue Sylvester is one of my favorites; has been since she played the role of therapist in Two and a Half Men. Yes, Charlie Sheen is a butt. [keeping it clean for Jess’ sake. Those tender young ears!] But, it was a funny show, and it did expose many of his many, many issues. A drunken womanizer? Must have been easy for him to get in character.

        1. Yah Jane Lynch is a fabulous actress! I love her in all the Christopher Guest movies – Best in Show and A Mighty Wind are my faves.

  4. Oh Jess, he, he, he, what a way to start a Monday. Thanks for the giggles and for keeping me up to date with the latest. 🙂

    1. Glad it perked up your week, Karen! Thanks for stopping over!

  5. You had me at Sue Sylvester…and I’ve really kind of missed the way she and Kurt used to be with each other….it didn’t have the same oomph when she went after Blaine.

    The how to be a lady thing cracked me up, too. Of course, sometimes sex-ed videos from the 50’s can be pretty entertaining, too.

    1. There’s a funny video about proper hygiene that made it into one of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes. They ripped it apart!

      1. Ooh! Will have to look it up. 🙂

  6. Jess! I’m supposed to be writing! That first video had me on the floor! I’m thinking I might get more accomplished if Sue Sylvester dropped by for a while. She means business! Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Yah, I’d probably get my wordcount in if Sue Sylvester was lurking around the corner. LOL

      Then again…I don’t anything about wordcount, but I think kittens are the cutest!!! They’re so soft and furry!

  7. I love the pressures of fall. Mostly because I love fall!

    Here’s a great link for a real business. Funniest “commercial” ever! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI&feature=player_embedded#t=15

    1. oh. my. Why the bear???

      But my favorite part was with Alejandro. “What are you doing now?” “Working!” LOL

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