I Broke the Fan, So Then I Fixed the Fan

I broke our box fan the other day while decorating the house for Halloween.

You see, Halloween is a big deal in our house. It’s our favorite holiday! And I was doing my share of the work, spider-webbing the house…a little too near the box fan…when the end of the web just sort of got SUCKED INTO THE FAN LIKE AN ANGRY MOTORIZED VORTEX OF INOPERABLE TERROR!

I Broke the Fan

So I took the fan apart to see if it was fixable…

Out Damned Web!

After some extreme force…

The fan is not my friend.

I saw the last bit of web to cut out!

I win!

I broke the fan, so then I fixed the fan. And our house now looks like this!

Halloween Collage

Happy Halloween!

Love and Box Fans,


20 responses

  1. You are a fan fixing, take no prisoners, I am woman hear me roar, superstar!! Rock on with your bad self!!

    I love the decor! It is so great how much you and Joe both love Halloween. Now, I wish I lived closer to YOU so I could celebrate at your crib. Happy Hauntings! 😉

    1. Wanna come over for our scary movie marathon?

      Oooh, you would’ve loved the party we had a couple years ago. We made everyone watch Repo Man: The Genetic Opera. Thoughtsy blogged about that movie – it’s gory and hilarious and surprisingly full of great music! LOL

      Then, I made up a game called “Make Your Own Edward Scissorhands” and dumped a collection of kitchen utensils and tape on the counter. Everyone had to make their own “Scissorhands” then be the first to finish a bowl of “brains” we served them. It was pretty funny to watch!

  2. When you get to the third picture, it looks like you are taking a big knife to the fan in a horror movie way and I started cracking up. Upon closer inspection it’s just the cord but I’m going with horror movie knife. It’s Friday. 😉

    1. I was jabbing at the fan with a screwdriver for awhile, so it’s not too farfetched! LOL

      To the scream queens! *clink* Happy friday!

      1. I sensed that… lol and Happy Friday!

  3. Your house looks great! Ours is more harvest-y than horror-y, but there are a few token skeletons scattered about. I think I need to take decorating lessons from you (but keep away from my fans, please).

    1. I. Fixed. It. And don’t you forget it!

      Joe also bought these really creepy vampire faces that are on our doors. They creep ME out and I know they’re there. LOL

  4. Awesome, Jess. I love it when I can fix things. And the house looks great!

    1. I was motivated mostly by not wanting to buy a new one. LOL

      But, thank you!

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  6. My hero! And you’re so damn cute, birthday girl! No wonder Joe adores you, you’re handy, funny, smart and adorable! (there’s more I could say but didn’t want to monopolize the comment section with too many compliments, beside the fact I don’t want you get a big head.) ;D

    1. My only response is this: 😛

  7. I LURVE the picture of you, hair in the wind, triumphant look, but just a tad witchy, too! I was really into the story, evil web and poor, bewitched fan! Have a great Halloween. I would so love to be in your neck of the woods (being from Michigan) for that. Florida is pretty much Halloween year-round. 😀

    1. Oh, sooo true! Florida really IS Halloween all year round.

      1. Thanks! Although, the oddest and one of the coolest Halloweeny-type couples I ever saw was when I was playing with the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players (NYGASP — Viola) in Greenville, SC. The theater was quite small and the orchestra “pit” wasn’t really a pit at all, but on a level with the audience. I sat between the 1st and 2nd violins and touring orchestras are quite small anyway. I look out in the audience, and it looks like Lt. Worf and his date are in the 2nd row!

        They came backstage after the show and the players and the orchestra made much of them. Two perfectly made up cos-play Klingon and Klingonette. They only spoke Klingon and then translated. Truly nerd/geek/Halloween. I was over the moon! But, you just reminded me of the Elvis Presley tour I played on in 1999 in Florida. It will make a great post, Kitt. I’ll let you know. That was another traveling orchestra I played with; true Florida weird AND Elvis?

    2. You can’t beat the fall colors around the bluffs where I live. Beautiful with a hint of spooky!

      1. I miss that; we had “leaf-peepers” in Ann Arbor and all over Michigan. Here, it’s just “weirdo-peepers” I guess. ❤

  8. Woohoo for Halloween! I love your victory pic!

    1. Lol. Thanks Thoughtsy. I feel pretty good about it.

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