55 Things To Do in Fall

Fall is my favorite season of the year. It’s one of the few things that make living in the Northern states worthwhile and putting up with snow – our autumn is completely and utterly GORGEOUS!

Let’s go enjoy it!

55 Things To Do in Fall

1.  Make soup.

2.  Decorate for Halloween

Halloween Collage

3.  Drink apple cider.

4.  Write a poem about the beauty of autumn.

5.  Snuggle under the covers.

6.  Visit a pumpkin patch.

100_23507.  Change over your closets – delight in a new wardrobe.

8. Start reading a really thick book.

9.  Learn to make a great cup of tea.

10.  Deal with having to wear socks again.

11.  Buy fun socks.

12.  Watch monster movies.

Why yes, that is a picture of me attending Jurassic Park 3D while wearing a Dinosaur hat.  Jealous?!

Why yes, that is a picture of me attending Jurassic Park 3D while wearing a Dinosaur hat. Jealous?!

13.  Wear a cozy sweater.

14.  Cheer for Football Season.

15.  Carve pumpkins.

16.  Drink red wine.

17.  Go apple picking.

Apple collage18.  Tune in for your favorite TV show’s fall premiere.

19.  Rake your neighbor’s yard, invite them to jump in the leaf piles with you.

20.  Make and then devour pumpkin bars.

21.  Light a candle or 20.

22.  Take a long, relaxing bath.

23.  Delight in the absurd weather changes that allow for mittens and flip flops at the same time.

24.  Go hiking and enjoy the fall colors.

100_170125.  Spider web your house…at your own risk.

26.  Make leaf rubbings – use them as stationary.

27.  Wear slippers on your day off.

28.  Enjoy a mug of hot cocoa – and as many marshmallows as your heart desires.

29.  Host a Halloween party.

100_057330.  Eat only orange and black foods for a day.

31.  Have a campfire.

32.  Put flannel sheets on your bed.

33.  Watch or read The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Decision Making34.  Attend a live theater performance or concert.

35.  Drink a pumpkin spice latte.

36.  Have a Sunday Funday.

37.  Marathon watch horror movies on AMC’s Fear Fest.

38.  Participate in the wacky holidays.

  • October 11th:  Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day
  • October 12th:  Moment of Frustration Day
  • October 14th:  Be Bald and Free Day
  • October 17th:  Wear Something Gaudy Day
  • October 21st:  Count Your Buttons Day
  • October 21st:  National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
  • October 25th:  Punk for a Day Day
  • October 29th:  National Frankenstein Day
  • October 30th:  National Candy Corn Day
  • October 31st:  Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

39.  Watch your favorite trilogies.

40.  Keep warm with a steamy romance novel.

41.  Hold a pint of beer with fingerless gloves.

42.  Plan your Halloween costume.

Halloween Costumes43.  Write a long letter to a friend.

44.  Plan your Thanksgiving menu.

45.  Try to avoid getting a cold.

46.  Name your pumpkins.

PumpkinsMeet Ezekiel, Clay Matthews, Penelope, Rex,

Constantine, Goliath, and Niles.

Missing:  Paco and Abendego

47.  Experience the bizarre horror musical that is Repo!:  The Genetic Opera.

48.  Buy in-season vegetables. SQUASH!!!

49.  Eat apple pie.


50.  Go for a hayride.

51.  Have a chili cook off.

52.  Visit a haunted house, graveyard, or corn maze.


53.  Hand out candy for Trick or Treat.

54.  Spend time with family.  No social media/phones/computers allowed.

55.  Get Thankful with a gratitude journal.

What are your favorite things about fall season?

38 responses

  1. Love, love, love pumpkin bars, going for a fall walk and hauling sweaters out! I just made a batch of Butternut Squash soup last night – yum! Thanks for making fall even more enjoyable.

    1. Great minds think alike! We made butternut squash soup last night too. I’d never made it before. I think it turned out pretty decent. I need to add more squash next time to thicken it up but I loved the bite of the chipotle peppers blended in. Mmmmm

      And pumpkin bars are a MUST!

  2. Hmmm, that does remind me that it’s been a while since I’ve made chili. May need to remedy that this weekend. Fab list, girlie! I agree with most all of them.

    (What were you going as in the pick of you dressed as a peacock with a wrench?).

    1. Oh, and also? Cider beer. Mmmmmm.

    2. Mrs. Peacock with the wrench in the billiard room…CLUE! A whole bunch of dressed up as characters from the board game and carried our weapons around. We had Miss Scarlett with the candlestick. And Mrs. White with the rope. And Colonel Mustard…with the monacle? LOL. That was an awesome group costume year!

  3. Those are some good ideas. Except for the beer and apples because I’m allergic to wheat and apples. But you forgot the very best thing about the weather getting colder: wearing velour track suits! I can’t wait to bust mine out and to add to my collection. Yay fall! 🙂

    1. Hahahaha how could I be so careless?!

      Velour track suits and a good book – #56.

  4. What a great list – especially the walking amongst the Fall colors. They have been pretty fantastic up here! Enjoy!

    1. Oooh I bet they’re just gorgeous up by you! I wish we were all hiking in Big Bay State Park this month! Beautiful spot.

  5. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love wearing sweaters, leather jacket and boots, fleece and warm PJs with cozy slippers. Walking through fallen leaves on wooded trail surrounded by the gorgeous oranges, reds and rust colored leaves on a sunny afternoon is inspiring. When my kids were young, planning Halloween costumes, decorations and special meals, stories, etc was so much fun. October was always the month I began baking and freezing my 12 different kinds of Christmas cookies. It’s a tradition to watch Hocus Pocus, Monsters Inc, Wizard of Oz, and Ghostbusters with the grandkids. Pumpkin patches abound in my hometown. A hayride, apple and pumpkin picking, making Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Bars, Squash soup, turkey chili and carving pumpkins are all part of the months festivities.
    I love your list, Jess! I’ll have to add fun socks and naming our pumpkins to our list! Have a fab October!

    1. Marcia, I always watch Hocus Pocus and all the Halloweentown movies. 🙂

    2. Our families would totally blend well together! Love all those things. Imagine the awesome costumes we could come up with if we pooled our resources?!

      *sounds of minds being blown*

  6. AARGH!

    Next year, I’ll get to do my very most favorite thing in October. Travel north to The Tap Root of My Wonky Tree (Pennsylvania farm country) to see the fall colors.

    Am I the only one who experienced the magic of fall hayrides in high school? Snuggled under a blanket with my HS Sweetheart. Yeah. A school sanctioned neck fest. Getting horn misty-eyed just thinking about those.

    Scarecrows? LOVED building and dressing scarecrows.

    Autumn in Texas simply doesn’t compare.

    Wonderful list, Jess.

    1. You would be caught necking on a hayride, Gloria! Hahaha

      I love your scandalous stories!

  7. You know, October is the reason I live in Missouri and not in Florida anymore 🙂 I love this – because, once again, you and I have something in common: Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. And Halloween is my favorite holiday (yes, even better than Christmas). I will be coming back here to read these on a regular basis, just to make sure I don’t leave anything out this fall!

    1. I’m convinced if I lived closer to any of you bloggers, I’d never get anything productive done. We’d all just be roaming the bluffs, making leaf rubbings, crafting our Halloween costumes, and drinking pumpkin ale! LOL

      Possibly starting an acapella group. 😉

      OHMYGOD….we should TOTALLY have a halloween movie riff-off!

      1. Yo – seriously? That sounds like it could be fun/cool! Send me some details – I could be up for that….

        1. Lol. How are we coordinating this? It could go down on Facebook maybe.

          1. Facebook is great. I’ll brush up on my scary movie repertoire and will be ready soon!
            Wah ha ha ha ha. Wah ha ha ha ha….

  8. Weird, I was going to mention velour track suits but Emma beat me to the punch. A day late and a dollar short: story of my life.

    I do like the rest of your ideas, though.

    Here’s my impromptu attempt at #4:

    Hello fall, with your leaves and your pumpkins
    City dwellers love you, and also country bumpkins
    Your cider is sweet, your apples are tart
    But your maize and your hay bales really steal my heart
    You’re crisp and you’re cool, you’re brisk and you’re wet
    Out of all four seasons, you’re the best one yet.

    Man. How is it that I’m not a published poet?!?!

    1. AWESOME!!!

      Phenomenal autumn poem, Mark. I commend you.

  9. I loved this list! I need to refer back to it when I’m trying to figure out something I want to do. 🙂

    1. Please do! And add ones you come up with! Fall is the perfect time for a good paranormal read! 😉

  10. I’m gonna buy soft, fuzzy socks instead of fun ones. I’m a comfort girl at heart. 🙂 Love the list!

    1. I think I have enough socks to fill an entire dresser drawer. And the fuzzy ones were all I wanted on after the long days of working retail in the holiday season.

      But I love the nubby looking tweed socks. Cozy with sweaters. Or scrunched up winter socks peeking out of booties and skinny jeans. Love that look too!

  11. Catherine Johnson | Reply

    Great list, Jess. I went in my first corn maze the other day it was fun. It is so weird here alternating between sneakers and flip flops. Enjoy!

    1. My dad left me in a corn maze once. He liked to try to scare us as kids a lot. Glad your experience was less scarring. 🙂

      1. Catherine Johnson | Reply

        Yikes! My dad once scared me by turning the hall light off after I watched something scary. You never forget ay.

  12. Nice! I love fall, and I have no problem dealing with wearing socks again. I also love the feel of a light jacket.

    1. Hmmm I’m anti-socks until winter. Then I have enough to fill a whole dresser drawer full of them! A coworker of mine gave me the tip of changing my socks mid shift while at work. Working retail and being on your feet all day…that was SUCH a great tip.

  13. Yesss. Fall is by far my favorite season! Peppermeister and I need to kick it up a notch in the costume department, though. Especially because Hurricane Sandy robbed us of Halloween last year! (And we had a freak snow storm the year before that…!)

    1. You do need to have Halloween fun this year! But I’m totally laughing about the snow thing. Growing up in Wisconsin, costumes always had to have turtlenecks underneath them and probably a coat too.

  14. This list makes me so happy. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I may not get around ot all of these, but I’m going to see what I can accomplish!

    1. You watched Halloween so you’re getting the important stuff. 😉

  15. Hanging out with family and having a ban on social media and technology is an excellent idea!

    1. Hey Aussa! Thanks for commenting! Love your name!

      Yah sometimes we’re a little too plugged in. It’s good to put in that quality time when we can. I remember my family would all paint pumpkins together. 🙂

      1. I think there should be a basket or something at the door– like a “cell jail” where everyone has to put their devices when they walk in. Granted, I’d probably be suffering just as much as everyone!

        1. Good idea! You try it first! 😉

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