The Ultimate Mix CD Song Contenders

Listening to MusicHey Dudes and Dudettes!

Last week you all shared 57 song suggestions with me! BAM!

Nice work! I had some listening homework to do, but it was fun, and I have a loooooong list of possibilities now.

Today I’m sharing a few favorites and I hope you keep the recommendations coming! I’ve actually got 3 mix cds to make: the Phenomenal Woman Mix (all female dance mix), the Cafe’ Mix (chill, coffee mug in hand mix), and a Dude’s Mix (all male mix cd).

So if you hear something ya like, *raises eyebrows up and down*, don’t keep it a secret!

Three random commenters will win all 3 CDs!

Favorite Phenomenal Woman Contenders:

Love Me Right by Geek Swag ~ From Ginger Calem

Ginger said this is the song that makes her dance no matter what. I couldn’t agree more! And it has a very Sex in the City kind of vibe, I think. Brunch tomorrow, ladies?

Into the Nightlife by Cyndi Lauper ~ From Emma Meade

Definitely a dance song, and a nice throwback to the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Queen!

Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert ~ From Julie Glover

I would describe this song as a 3 part harmony involving the True Blood theme song, Mad Men’s wardrobe, and the Desperate Housewives wig collection. In short, it’s kinda awesome.

It’s Too Late by Wild Belle ~ From Dawn Sticklen

Still a great dance song, but it’s probably played at some french club I can’t get into. Thanks Dawn!

Favorite Cafe’ Mix Contenders:

Say Something by A Great Big World w/ Christina Aguilera ~ From Misty Laws

Sad, poignant, haunting, lovely, honest, heartbreak, hope. This is the kind of thing you’ll play on repeat.

Stop Signs by The Moondoggies ~ From Mark Petruska

This could go on the Dude’s Mix or the Cafe’ Mix. Love his voice. Sounds like something you’d hear in a movie while the main character embarks on a long road trip.

What songs did you love?What else would you recommend?

What’s new with you?

19 responses

  1. I love Cyndi Lauper. Did you see/hear her rendition of “At Last” on Bones? Move over, Etta James!

    “It’s Too Late” and “Say Something” were awesome. Of course, you know I adore that Miranda Lambert song, but I’d never seen the video before! Fun.

    Glad you’ve got so much to choose from! But yeah, 57 songs is a LOT of listening. 😉

    1. Totally worth it cause I heard some great stuff! Yah making that mama’s broken heart video had to be awesome! Glad you got to see it now! Thanks for all the tips!!!

  2. Yay — I’m so glad you like Swag Geeks! Now I’m off to listen to all the other great suggestions here and load up my playlist for my flights tomorrow! 🙂

    1. Oooh good idea! Bon voyage and happy listening! And yes, I’m in love with your song pick.

  3. Oh, man, Jess – what a great group of songs you’ve collected! So glad you liked Wild Belle – they are just too groovy, aren’t they? But, wow, all the other choices are so amazing! Thanks for the intro to some great new tunes!

    1. I had read about Wild Belle this summer and forgot about them. So glad you reminded me!

  4. Well, since I didn’t give you anything for the Dudes Mix, here you go:

    1. Cold December – Matt Costa
    2. Red Lights – Vib Gyor
    3. The Last Pale Light In The West – Ben Nichols
    4. Remains – Matt Pond
    5. The Same Thing – Cass McCombs

    All solo male artists instead of group lead singers.

    1. Sweet! Thanks Mark! I really liked the Moondoggies song you gave before.

      1. I’ve written often of my love for The Moondoggies, and have spoken personally with Kevin Murphy (their singer). Great guy, talented band, virtually every song is amazing. Choosing just one was tough. Be sure to check out “Midnight Owl” and “Annie Turn Out The Lights” from their latest album, as well.

  5. Awesome mix, Jess! I always look for new songs to add to my playlists, and these are just what I need 🙂
    If you ever need some recommendations, here are a few from me:
    * Aretha Franklin “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”
    * Brandi Carlile “Hallelujah”
    * Anberlin “Closer”
    * JD McPherson “Why Lady Why”
    * Our Last Night “A Sun That Never Sets”
    * Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson “Winter Song”

    Have a great weekend. Happy listening!

    1. Good choices! A few singers I’ve used before but some are new! I love Brandi Carlile!

  6. Love me Right got me up off the seat.

    1. Woohoo! Dance your pants off!

  7. Probably not a traditional dance song, but I love Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine. It makes me think of you. Also, I am not a country fan, but that Miranda Lambert video was amazing!

    1. I am an extraordinary machine. How did you know I’m a cyborg?

      And I’m not big into country either but I wanted to wear all Miranda’s clothes.

  8. I don’t know if someone has already suggested The Commodore’s, “Brick House” but if would be CRIMINAL of me NOT to. My ultimate dance tune! 🙂 #brickhousechick #cuzshesabrickhouse #shesmightymighty 🙂

    1. Lol. Thank you for fixing that. There was a lack of funk songs recommended.

  9. Woohoo!! I’m so glad I made the cut. I mean, I know I didn’t win anything (yet . . . wink wink), but I’m glad you liked my suggestion enough to possibly include it. Especially since I’m gonna win those CDs and it will be great to have those awesome songs on there. (I’m I sounding confident or obnoxious? Not quite sure . . .). 😉

    1. Hahaha. Loved the song you suggested. So beautiful. And I like your confidence.

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