What To Wear When Visiting the Tundra

Hey Peeps! I’ve about had it with this -40° weather we’re having.

I must say it’s really put a cramp in my style. I’ve yet to find a pair of gloves that keeps my fingers warm enough, and my car is having an identity crisis. It thinks it’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and has taken to bouncing its path to my work each morning.

This morning I considered using a beach towel to dry off after showering…you know, just to pretend it was summer.


This past Sunday was an adventure as Joe and I traveled to Green Bay for the Packers/49ers game. Though it was a disappointing loss for sure, it was still a good game and we enjoyed being part of the teeth chattering cheering crowd!

Lambeau Field

Hello, Lambeau!



Neither of us had been to Lambeau before, so this was our first NFL game! Holla!

I'm Freeeeeezzzziiiiiing!

I’m Freeeeeezzzziiiiiing!

If you’re planning on attending an outdoor function in single digit weather, here’s what I recommend wearing:

2 pairs of long underwear pants +
1 pair of knee high socks +
1 pair of fuzzy warm socks +
1 pair of tall thick wool socks +
1 pair of jeans +
1 pair of thick fleece pants +
1 pair of snowpants
1 pair of boots +
3 foot warmers =
Bottom Layer

*Note: Try to go shopping for snowpants at the beginning of the cold weather season, otherwise, like me, you’ll end up purchasing a boys pair of snowpants. And let me just say, I’m a bit hippier than an 8 year old boy. Nothing like 5 layers and the outermost one being the smallest to make you feel like a stuffed sausage!

Almost all my layers are on!

Almost all my layers are on!

1 long underwear top +
1 turtleneck +
1 long sleeve Packers shirt +
1 Packers sweatshirt +
1 Columbia puffer jacket +
1 face mask +
1 scarf +
1 nylon lined runners cap +
1 fleece lined yarn hat +
1 pair of fingerless gloves +
1 pair of fuzzy gloves +
1 pair of industrial strength rubber mittens +
2 hand warmers =
Top Layer

Are you cold? I'm not cold!

Are you cold? I’m not cold!

Somewhere during the 2nd half…

This is fun, but I can't feel my limbs.

This is fun, but I can’t feel my limbs.

Yep, Packers fans know how to deal with winter.



Hope you’re staying warm out there!

What are your favorite tips and traditions for staying cozy this season?





23 responses

  1. I can’t believe you braved the frozen tundra and lived to tell about it. Bravo! I was rooting for your Pack. Disappointing loss, indeed. But it looks like you found a way to cheer yourself up AND warm up at the same time. Cheers!!

    1. Yah it was really exciting! I’m glad we went! Very cold, but as Joe kept telling me “blog worthy!”

  2. Fortunately, during our Broncos game in October the only thing we had to deal with was sunshine and 70 degrees. I guess we timed that one perfectly, eh? I’m proud of you for braving the frigid cold to root your team on. That’s the mark of a true fan!

    1. Do you hear that Aaron Rodgers? Clay Matthews? When are we all going out for dinner?!

      1. Good luck with that. But if you do, order geoduck!

        1. No one makes Rodgers or Matthews order geoduck without their consent! Ha!

  3. My plan for staying warm in winter? Living in Southeast Texas.

    Since my Texas footballers had no shot this year, I was happy to root for the Packers. Sorry for their loss, but glad you got to see the game. And I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what are snow pants?

    1. Lol. You are from the south! Snow pants are padded nylon pants you were to keep you warm and waterproof in the cold/snow. Syn: see ski pants. 😀

      1. Ah, ski pants! Got it. 😉 (Not that I own any…)

  4. My tip to stay warm besides moving to a warmer climate state? Don’t leave the house, pile on the blankets, steal body heat from the poor unsuspecting person you share a bed with (if you have such a person).

    1. I practice all of those as often as possible. My boyfriend thinks I live in a certain green blanket.

  5. Congratulations on making it to the Promised Land! But could you put your arms down? … As a Green Bay native, I attended the first Ice Bowl in 1967 at age 20. At 66 and 10 hours away by car, I wimped out on this one, so I both admire and envy you. At the ’67 Ice Bowl, the brandy went down COLD like a well-iced Coke on a summer day. I don’t think those hand and foot warmers had been invented back then. I always swore by plastic bags inside my snow boots. Hope your next trip to Lambeau will not only be warmer, but a chance to enjoy a Packers victory!

    1. Very cool Linda! I bet those drinks were cold! I kept watching everyone’s beer turn into slushies! Lol

      Go Pack!

  6. My tip for staying warm: crank up the furnace and stay inside!

    1. I wish! My fiancé watches our thermostat like a hawk! LOL

  7. My tip is to stay inside. On our coldest day, I told my boss I was working from home. I can’t believe you went to that game. *shivers*

    1. It ended up being really fun. At halftime I switched out all my hand and foot warmers. But by the end of the game, my toes were definitely cold. Felt sooo good to get home and put fleece pajamas on!

  8. What fun memories you and Joe are making!

    I’m done with the cold, too, and it’s balmy here in North Texas compared to what you’re getting. I just got back from Southeast Texas–that humidity is a terrible thing in cold weather. I don’t miss it.

    Just so you know, when I say “cold,” I know I got nothing on the frost-bite frigid that’s going on elsewhere! 😉

    Stay warm, Jess!

    1. Thanks Diana! You too! If the -50 ever travels down your way, I’m your gal for winter wardrobe tips! 😉

  9. You two are a little nutty! You were at the Packers football game? Burrrr! They makem’ hardy in Wisconsin, I’ll say that. And yes, you did look like a stuffed snosage. But at least you had the right gear. Although, at that temperature, what can you wear to keep you from turning into a frozen corpse? I watched that game in the comfort of my SoCal home, thank God! Jess, you have got to come to Cali and thaw out my dear Wana friend! Glad you had a great time! 🙂

    1. I am coming to Cali in July for BlogHer!!! May be planning a road trip with Jenny Hansen. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet more WANA friends!

  10. Very cute! A little more fat on your bones could help you stay warm:)

    1. Well I’m doing a great job of working on that! Lol

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