Are You Working on Your Glamour Muscles?

Joe and I were watching one of our favorite shows, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, when one of the characters mentioned he was working on his “glamour muscles.”

What are glamour muscles?”  I asked.

“They’re muscles that have no purpose other than looks,” Joe explained.

Apparently, this is a thing now. These “make believe muscles” as I’ve come to understand them came up again when Joe was watching a wrestling match on TV. We were watching these wrestlers perform and Joe was telling me how a lot of it is staged or choreographed. I kept thinking, “what’s the point of working out then? Why all the muscles?”

With a “well, duh” expression, Joe brought it back to glamour muscles.*

*Note: Joe is reading over my shoulder and wants all potential wrestlers reading my blog to know he values you and understands you’re stronger than he is. Please don’t punch him.

Later I was watching How I Met Your Mother with my best friend, and they talked about working on their “relationship gut”.

Another phrase I’ve never heard before!

So “relationship gut” is defined as the weight you gain after you’ve spent time in a committed relationship. Sort of a nice way of saying, “you’ve let yourself go.”

Well now, that I can identify with a bit better than glamour muscles! It’s tough to keep the mystery there all the time!

Joe and I were talking about something inappropriate in the potty humor realm and he commented, “You would have never made that joke 2 years ago.” To which I replied, “Well, 2 years ago I pooped my pants in public, so that changed things between us don’tcha think?”

Ah, love.

I love that I’m still learning new things everyday!

So, are you working on your glamour muscles?
Or perhaps fashioning a nice relationship gut?

19 responses

  1. I didn’t know those phrases either. Thanks for the laugh!

    It’s amazing the things we do (or allow ourselves to do) in a comfy relationship. 😀

    1. You’re about to join the WWE aren’t you? DON’T DO IT DIANA!!!

      1. I dunno, Jess… I think I could totally rock one of those outfits and smash a chair on…. oh, wait. I don’t have fabulous glamour muscles. LOL

        1. NO ONE looks good in those outfits! LOL

  2. And here I am working on defining muscles – any which one, please – and working on my leaky gut. Guess I’m not in the know. 🙂

    1. Good for you! Joe and I are actually working on improving our health too. Gotta say it’s proving more difficult as I near 30. I can already see my body doesn’t bounce back like it use to.

  3. Loving this post, Jess. Mathair and I weren’t aware of those phrases either and we’re definitely going to be using the relationship gut. Mathair always taught me that love and romance is someone that’s willing to stick around through the projectile vomits, snotty noses, beer burps, takeout farts, embarrassing family outings, and yes… even pooping your pants in public. So, rock on to you and your man for keeping the flame burning. BTW, my brother watches WWE all the time and some of those guys are like seven feet tall. Tell Joe if he sees one of them bad boys comin’ to haul ass. LOL

    1. Yes he was very worried about the high volume of wrestlers that read my blog. *rolls eyes*

  4. I’ve had a relationship gut all my married years. At least it sounds a little better than ‘getting old and fat’. Glamour muscles I hadn’t heard of either but it makes sense. It’s like models glamorizing themselves for a shoot.
    I love Mathair’s advice to Inion on what to put up with when in a relationship…yeah, all of that stuff and more!

    1. It’s a good list! If you can survive all that and still each other as beautiful, you know you’re in love! 😀

  5. If you think your body isn’t bouncing back like it used to now, give it another 10 years. You won’t be able to look at a maple bacon bar without gaining 5 lbs.

    1. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Did you hear that in Portland? You should have.

  6. Oh how I love Always Sunny…

    I think with this post I might finally have a couple crush on you and Joe (and not just cause he and I share names). There’s a lot to be said for appreciating the hard work of a relationship, and wanting to be with someone who cares about it too. Clearly you’ve got a solid dude there.

    1. Awww. Thanks Joe! Sweet of you to say.

      Hey I’m visiting CA for the first time this year! Got my registration in for BlogHer in July! Wooo! Excited to travel somewhere warm. May even be doing a WANA/writers road trip. I’ll keep ya posted!

      1. Oh fancy you=) That sounds great. I’ve always quietly admired BlogHer…and I saw Tig Notaro is going to be there which is sweet. I’m sure we’ll get a chance to catchup one of these days – I’m pretty dug into work since last April, but that’s how startups work. I will let you guys know for sure if I make it through Chicago/Wisconsin this year (likely that I will).

  7. I definitely fight the relationship gut on a daily basis. It is the devil! I shed that evil bastard a year or two ago only to have him sneak back up on me. EVIL!

    Fun post, Jess. You really made me smile.

    1. Yep I’m working on my relationship gut this year. It crept up on me too! Sneaky stomach!

  8. Funny, it would be very funny if I had not developed a bad relationship with my gut muscle after menopause.

    1. I think you’re a pretty active old lady Sharon! You put Joe and I to shame!

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