The Happiness Project: Now An Educational Blog Series!

Hello Friends!

I know, it’s been awhile. I’ve been a naughty blogger. I didn’t post at all last week cause I was sick with a cold and pretty much had no idea what to write about. I did get some work done on my book though, which is good and bad. Good – because my goal is to be a published, professional writer. But bad – or maybe more accurately sad, because I missed you all and felt guilty for ignoring you in favor of sweatpants, Echinacea, kleenex, and the Harry Potter marathon that was on all day Saturday.

Which leads me to an update. As much as I hate to say it, and I really do, I’ll be cutting my posts back to once a week. I have to focus on edits right now, and I need the extra time to get them done. There’s going to be a lot of this going on…

Life of a WriterI will have some awesome guest bloggers joining me next month so stay tuned for guest posts from animal expert Amy Shojai and mystery writer extraordinaire Kathy Owen – both of whom have new books coming out! Holla!

In procrastinating writing a new blog post, I perused my recent blog stats page to see what amazing search terms led people to my blog.

You know what I learned?

I’m apparently writing an educational blog series!

I mean, people are popping over here to learn all kinds of information. Just in the last 30 days, here’s a list of topics I’ve been their go to source for:

  • Mount Rushmore holes in eyes – um, ok
  • how to do the Peanuts dance – well sure
  • dino erotica – this will not be on next year’s syllabus
  • Barret Oliver
  • what defined the 80’s
  • things to blog about that start with ‘S’ – don’t ask me about the letter ‘E’, I have no idea!
  • do older ouija boards work better – I don’t know, I don’t plan to touch one ever again.
  • wicked musical party supplies – I’m better with Oscar parties.
  • reports of vampire attacks in 2013
  • claimed vampire attacks in 2013
  • covered up vampire attacks
  • vampire attacks – For. Realz.
  • missing your dad who died from positive quotes – I have a question for you, how does one die from the power of affirmation phrases?
  • travel necessities in Korea
  • how long does it take for a tarot reading to come true
  • how many nominations did The Hobbit get

I’m so pleased I could be your reference on so many broad topics. I shall strive to elaborate and educate on many more in 2014.

Now, raise those hands. Who’s got a topic they want to talk about in class?




16 responses

  1. I’ve missed you terribly, and shall continue to do so in the future. But I understand. You are a slave to your book. Keep working on it and get thee to a publishing date already! 😉

    1. Aww thanks Misty! I miss you too!! I wish I was the girl who can do it all and never let anything slide, but I’m not. I’d much rather check in once a week and turn in chapters to beta readers so I can get closer to that publication date.

      But Jules mentioned a Midwestern blogger summit so if that happens, you seriously better be on the first plane! We need to eat sushi and talk about gremlins more. 😀

  2. Good luck with the edits!

    I love your search list. So funny! 😀

    1. Yah I think I’ll submit my resume for substitute teaching now. 😉

  3. It’s always fun to look at the search terms every once in awhile. My blog is apparently populated by foot fetishists, as they are forever coming to me in search of both Pippa Middleton’s and Piper Perabo’s feet. They’d probably have a field day with Misty Laws up there.

    Good luck on the edits, and definitely focus on what you feel is most important in your life these days! Even…sniff…if that is at the expense of us, your loyal readers.

    1. Don’t say that! Not at the expense of my readers! The goal is to give you MORE to read! Just, you know, in book form.

      And watch out Misty!

  4. Wait! What are you editing? Exciting….

    1. Hi Susie! I’m editing my book which is humorous nonfiction. The title is Oops Baby and the longline is: A Midwestern girl finds her place amongst a town of misfits. Her mission: Making pathetic look cool since 1985. 😀

      1. I love it. Very good luck to you and keep us posted!

  5. LMAO! That’s awesome. You wouldn’t believe how many of mine surround sex toys, do it yourself sex toys, home made sex toys, and how to make sex toys. 😡 One Post. One friggin’ post…LOL!

    1. LOL! That’s all it takes!

  6. I am so sorry to hear that you’ve been sick Jess. How miserable. I hope your feeling much better soon! And blogging once a week is totally cool. Sometimes we have to take a step back because we certainly cannot do it all girl, no matter how much we try. Boy to we try. I will look forward to more of your educational series! 🙂

    1. Thanks Karen! I know I’m not alone in making this decision and that helps. Here’s hoping it does lead to more productivity on the WIP!

      Hugs to all my WANA champions!

  7. I never even look at stuff like that, so after reading your post, I checked it out on my own blog. By far the most common search phrases revolve around a Valentine’s post I did about candy heart sayings. Of course, there was the person who landed on my blog looking for “euphemisms for going to the toilet.” Glad I could help on that count!

    Hope you feel great this week! Yay, book! Love the search list.

    1. LOL. I’m really glad you could help that person out. These things are important. Now he or she can “drop the kids off at the pool” safely and comfortably.

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